Sirius' health was fading fast, but he was holding on, more stubborn and determined then ever. Like when Remus was to get married, before the bone marrow transplant was worked out, he had sworn he would be there for it as well. Severus originally planned to have the baby at school, Poppy to deliver, but plans changed. Poppy would still deliver, with Andromeda helping, but at the home on the coast. Sirius was too ill to come to school any more, and though it meant a bus ride as he could not apparate or floo that far, Severus was the one to suggest it. He knew how much it meant to his husband, to have the man there, for him. They left a few days before his due date, but Harry would be brought, when he went into labour. Draco would come as well, and the school was aware they may be gone more then a few days, as likely Sirius would pass away soon after. Honestly Andromeda was surprised he held on as long as he had.

It seemed fitting, on the night before Halloween, Severus went into labour. Harry and Draco were surprised to be drawn out of bed near midnight, Lucius coming for them, but his dads had known he would be upset if he missed the birth. Harry was not only happy for them, but there through it all, including the ultrasound.

Harry was waiting to be let into the room. "I should have known Dad would pick tonight to go into labour."

Lucius raised an eyebrow. "And why is that? It seems more marauder style that he give birth on Halloween."

Draco snorted. "Harry has a date to the dance tonight. He seems this is his dad's covert way of preventing him from going on a date."

Harry didn't think it funny. "Well he just happened to schedule the sonogram on Valentine's Day. I swear he wants to make me a monk."

Poppy appeared in the door. "The dads would like their son to come in."

Harry was ushered into the room, and though he would miss the dance, he was happy to be here. He was the only one, other then Sirius, who knew the sex of the baby well and his dads of course. They had decided to keep it a secret, and he knew the others were jealous when he went into the room. It was three am in the morning, and he was exhausted, but he was so happy. His dad and Papa were in bed, with a small pink bundle in his Papa's arms. The couple had admitted they did not plan to try for a second one, now they had a son and daughter, It had been rough going, and they were happy, knowing they were so blessed to have what they had. Besides their son was fifteen, and in a few years, would marry and have kids.

Harry kissed them both, and happily took his little sister into his arms. She was Severus but for the Lupin nose and amber eyes, and all three of the men in her life were totally in love with her. The door opened, and Sirius was wheeled into the room, extremely weak, and pale.

He looked down at the baby Harry put in his arms. "Born on Halloween, truly the child of a marauder. Seems fitting, the night we lost Lily and James."

Remus looked at his best friend. "I am just grateful you are still with us."

Sirius kissed the baby and handed her to Remus. "I'm at peace finally. I know you and cub are happy, and will be okay, when I am gone."

Harry hugged the man. "I will turn my little sister into a future marauder; make you and my father proud."

Severus grimaced for a moment, but he smiled. "We decided to go with the name choice you suggested for her."

They decided to allow the others in first, to see the new addition, and so they all could hear the name. They had wanted a way to honour Sirius, knowing even if he was alive when she was born, he would soon pass away. It was Sirius who had come up with the name for the new baby, not wanting something like Siria, but a name which would honour them all. Severus had not been sure about allowing the man to name his daughter, but when he heard the idea, he approved.

The Malfoys, Tonks and Poppy came back into the room. They were all so happy to see the pink blanket, they had a feeling the men wanted a little girl. She would be Lady Prince once day, Severus not naming Harry his heir even if he adopted him, since he had two estates of his own.

Lucius smiled when he was asked to be godfather. "You know we would be honoured. What name have you chosen for this little Halloween treat?"

Remus looked at Sirius. "Since he could not act as godfather, we allowed him and our son to do the honours."

Sirius smiled as he introduced the little girl to the world. "This little princess is Catherine Rose Lupin."

Catherine was chosen as a link not only to their son, but both marauders, in their common family member. Catherine Potter had not only been James mother, and Harry's grandmother, but through her father, were cousins with Orion Black. They had considered Eileen for Severus, but chose instead Rose, a flower in honour of Lily who meant the world to both men. Roses also grew at Spinner's end, and Severus revealed they were planted by his Aunt, who like his mother missed the rose gardens at Prince Manor. In a way it honoured both the women who helped raise Severus, and the woman he loved as a sister. He had worried Sirius would pick some Halloween name for the holiday, to match the pranks, but he thought Sirius chose perfect.

Sirius smiled a bit when he heard that. "Well she is an honorary Black, so she is my little Black Cat for Halloween."

Harry missed the dance, but they had a small Halloween celebration at the manor, well mainly to celebrate Cat's birth. Sirius held on for another day, they had already lost two loved ones on Halloween, and they had started to reclaim the holiday. If it was a conscious thought, or just luck, early the morning of November first, when Cat was a day old, Sirius passed away. Harry and Remus, his cousins, Moody, and even Severus were with him when he passed on. There was a lot of sadness, but they were reminded he was at peace. He had come back from the US to make amends, and be with those he loved, when he died. He was surrounded by family and friends, in the home he loved, knowing Harry and Remus were happy and would be okay without him.

They decided not to have a funeral, there was a small official memorial at the graveyard, but a party followed. Harry, who though only fifteen was now Lord Black and officially head of the family, was the one who suggested it. Sirius would not want them to be sad; he'd want them to celebrate his life, so they did. Sirius was laid to rest two days after he died, next to James and Lily, but the boys returned to school a few days, before the memorial party.

Harry looked around when they arrived at Malfoy manor. "Is it wrong to be laughing at a memorial?"

His Papa kissed him. "No cub, you were right, this is exactly the memorial he'd want. The funeral service at the graveyard, was not him."

Narcissa agreed. "He would have laughed to know the minister of magic actually came to it, and been happy your parents finally got their Order of Merlins."

Harry had been presented with three, one for Sirius, and the others for his parents. Many in the wizarding world were shocked when the couple had not been awarded one, they gave a lot to the war, even before they died. It seemed some of the questions came up when Sirius died, and Cornelius had come to the graveyard, and gave Harry all three. It had been meant to be a small funeral, but Cornelius brought media, which they feared. Today was private.

It seemed odd, it was a week past Halloween, but it looked like they were celebrating late. Remus had reminded them Halloween had been a favourite for them, Sirius said Cat being born on it was perfect, it would restore more smiles to his favourite holiday. Today was full of many of his favourite things, including some rides.

Remus shook his head when he saw the Ferris wheel among a few rides. "Sirius is the only grown up I know ever to get sick on one of those."

Harry smiled. "I can't think of a better way to kick off today then that."

Draco went with Harry and the twins onto the first seat. The twins were Blacks of course. "I guess it truly lays with us now to carry on the marauder days."

Fred smiled. "We have a surprise I think is a fitting send off for him, when the sun goes down."

There were wizarding photos of the man every where, and stories were shared all day about him, especially over lunch and dinner. Remus spoke of their pranks in school, or Andromeda of when he turned her hair purple as a kid, or Moody of some stories of auror training. Laughter and jokes filled the event, and no one thought it was out of place, as it was exactly the kind of memory Sirius would want to leave them with. The twins had developed a new product, and when the sun went down, they put on an amazing show of their personal fireworks. Harry more then agreed they were right, it was a fitting send off.

Remus held his son to him and shared a look with Severus who held Cat."Goodbye old friend. The after life will soon be full of laughter, with you and James."

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