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"Did you have a nice day at school, Kyoko?" my mother asked. This was routine. She asked me this every night at dinner. And she would also tell me to come home safe whenever I left for school in the mornings. And I almost always answered the same way every time.

"Yeah, it was fine," I replied.

"Did you see Riku today?"

"I see him everyday mom, along with Muki and Haku and all the others," I replied.

"Is Riku still keeping his hands to himself?"



"What? It's a simple question," he grunted.

"Goodness Kyo, she's only fifteen," mom said.

"I'm right here," I said, waving my hand between the two of them. My dad smirked.

"I'm just teasing... geez," my dad said, getting up from the table and ruffling my orange hair as he walked behind me.

"Cut it out..." I muttered, trying to flatten my hair again.

"Koko, are you finished?" my mother asked, getting up from the table also and offering to take my plate.

"Yeah, I'm finished... and don't call me Koko..." I replied, rising from the table as well. I followed her into the kitchen, getting ready to take my place to help with the dishes, as I did every night.

"We had dinner late tonight Koko, why don't you get ready for bed? I'll help your mother," my dad said. I shrugged. I didn't really care. Anything to get me out of doing dishes.

"Okay," I replied, leaving the kitchen and heading for my room. I changed into my night clothes, and then when to the bathroom to wash my face, brush my teeth, and use to toilet. When I was done, mom and dad were walking down the hall towards their room.

"Off to bed?" dad asked. I opened my mouth to answer, but instead, a yawn came out. "Well, I think that answers it. Come here," he said, opening his arms. I walked into them and hugged him. Hugs were a big deal in my family. As far as I knew, there was no reason for it, that's just the way that it's always been. I let go of my dad, hugged my mom, and then walked off towards my bedroom.

"Good night," my mother said.

"G' night," I muttered, as I shut my bedroom door behind me. I walked to my bed and laid down. All seems kind of cheesy, right? The happy family who has dinner together, the obedient child who does chores without being asked, hugs before bedtime…

Well, I kind of like all that stuff. I like that my parents are still happy together after all these years. Every day at school I hear about someone who's upset over their parents, and I feel sorry for them. I also secretly like all the hugs. Sure, I give my parents grief when they try to sneak one on me in public, but otherwise, it makes me feel secure. And me liking chores? Well, I just like to stay busy. I'm either at school, at the dojo with Shishou, or at home. I like my cheesy, picket fence life. Though, I'll be damned if I ever tell anybody that.

"It's time," said a mysterious figure. All I could see was their black silhouette against a blinding white light, surrounding me everywhere.

"Time for what?" I asked cautiously.

"Did you honestly think you could escape me? You betrayed me, and now it's time for you to pay the price," the voice said. It was god-like, as if it wasn't just coming from this person, but from everywhere. This person outstretched a hand towards me.

"No! Don't touch me!" I yelled, running away from her. But it didn't seem to matter. No matter how fast I ran, the figure only got closer.

"I will outcast you, just as you outcast me, you foolish cat!"


"You shall no longer be loved! You shall be hated, and pitied!"

"No! Get away from me!" I yelled, and continued to run.

"Hatred will consume your soul until you've pushed everyone away from you!" And with that, I felt a sharp pain as a cold, icy finger touched my back.


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