You Know Your Addicted To The Twilight Saga When

You can got almost half of every book or more

You have read every book more than 15 times

You have watched twilight more than 20 times

You went to the midnight screening of twilight and new moon

You saw new moon 4 times or more at the movies

You saw twilight times or more at the movies

You dream about the Cullen's

You what to have a Porche, Volvo or convertible bmw for you first car

You have one whole wall covered in posters that have anything to do with twilight

You my a magazine just because it a picture of one of the actors or actress from the movies

You right fanfics about twilight

You hate the books of Harry potter (I don't mind the movies)

You are reading this

Movie new moon came out you had seen the trailer 100 times (im not kidding I had it on replay)

Your favourite actress is Ashley Green, Kristen Stewart, Nikki Reed and Elizabeth Reaser

Your favorite actor is Taylor Lautner, Robert Patterson, Kellen Klutz, Jackson Rathbone and Peter Facinelli

You say a white rabbit with red eyes is a ravamp

Any more ideas please say them on a review love the most obsessed twilight saga vampire fan ever (when I say ever I mean no one can and wont beat me lovya)