Note: Completely team Switzerland!

Why Bella's and Jacob's relationship would never work.

Scenario number 1.

Jacob: *Scratch scratch!*

Bella: Stop it Jacob! You are not coming into this house with those dirty paw! Go turn into a person! I'm sick of this!

Scenario number 2

Bella: Jacob I'm home! Darn I forgot my keys,

Jacob: Woof woof!

Bella: Jacob open the door!


Bella: stop barking and open the darn door!

Jacob: wooof

Bella: stuff this *walks away*

Scenario 3

Bella: *Trying to walk through house*

Jacob: *running under Bella's feet*

Bella: Stop it! That's it! *grabs collar* Out side! Get! Go on!

Scenario 4

Bella: Argh! We were supposed to go out to dinner tonight! What did you do to your clothes!

Jacob: *running around Bella's feet*

Bella: I can't afford to keep doing this!

Jacob: Woof! *runs around in a circle*

Bella: No! Sit Jacob, sit! Good, now we need to get you dressed *Pulls shirt on*

Jacob: *sits there*

Bella: Oh you don't want to go out for dinner now, Okay I'm done.

Scenario 5

Jacob: *Laying in dog bed chewing on shoe*

Bella: Gosh! Jacob to you have to eat everything! *tries to take away shoe*

Jacob: *growls*

Bella: Don't you get an attitude with me mister!

Scenario 6

Bella: *walking in back yard* See look at this! I cleaned this up 5 minutes ago, there's poop there, and there's poop there. Jacob come clean this up! I'm not cleaning this up, Come on!


Scenario 7

Clair: Give me my toy back!! *Pulls against Jacob*

Bella: Jacob! You can't just take the guest's toy! Jacob! Give it back! Jacob!

Jacob: GRRRR

Scenario 8

Bella: *standing on a cliff* That was the last straw, just a few more steps . . *phone rings* argh! Of all the times to get a phone call. Oh its Jacob. Hello? Oh what you're sorry now Jacob? Oh I bet you wanna make things better. You wanna know something. I'm on a cliff, yeah that's how far you've pushed me. Damn it Jacob can you stop barking for a second!! Turn back into a human Jacob and talk to me! Argh stuff this *jumps*

And that's why they can never be together. :D thanks for reading!