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My World

Ch: 1

Stress, drama, fighting, chaos, cliques, boredom!!! These are just some of the ingredients of a very specific place. Can you guess what it is?...Yup...You guessed it. High school! The main place where so much can go right for you and yet so much disaster and chaos. I mean, you find so many friends there, form your own little clique with those that are closest to you. You also find love at school, though be careful who you end up loving cause it might turn around and bite ya right on the butt, ya know? Talk about embarrassing if you even went so far as to confess to the guy...Not that that's ever happened to me or anything cause it hasn't. Oh and don't get me started on the stress of homework, the fights you get into with the enemies you make, the girls that try to make your life a living hell at school...

A-Anyways, I'm getting a bit off track. My name's Sheon Nai and I'm fifteen years old. Yeah, I know. Such a simple name. Have ya heard Cloud Strife?...Zack Fair? I think you get the picture. But anyways, - again - I'm a student that attends to Midgar High. I was your average student, ya know? Though I admit, I was pretty amazing in martial arts. Even my friend, Tifa Lockheart saw a challenge in me. I mean, who wouldn't see me as a challenge anyways? I'm totally great despite my appearance.

...Ok, I really need to stop hanging around my best friend, Yuffie so much...I'm starting to pick up some of her habits when it comes to the ego and the way I talk sometimes.

Right now though, I'm actually in school listening to our History teacher, Mr. Landro talking about the birth and history of Midgar or something like that...Actually, I'm falling asleep in school. Knowone can really blame me though and hey! Even Yuffie is already down for the count...Though I guess she's a bad example considering who she is, huh?

As I begin to doze off, I hear a sudden loud smack ring out on my desk, causing me to almost jump right out of my skin. However, I did slip and fall right out of my seat, landing on the floor below. Lifting my head up, I was now staring up at a glaring sternly Mr. Landro with my wide amethyst eyes. My scarlet tipped bangs fell halfway over my eyes while the rest of my black hair fell down around my shoulders and halfway down my back in a silky midnight curtain.

"Ms. Nai, if you find the inside of your eyelids to be so much more interesting than my teachings, then perhaps you'd like to make yourself comfortable in detention or even the principal's office? Of course, Ms. Kisaragi would be joining you." I watched as our teacher casted an equally stern look towards Yuffie's direction, who had been jolted awake from the smack of the ruler to the desk.

Climbing up onto my desk and taking a seat in my chair again, I nervously shook my head and blushed faintly from embarrassment since some of the students were snickering. "...Sorry Mr. Landro...We won't fall asleep in your class again." ...At least not today anyways. Before he could open his mouth to say anything more, the bell sounded off for school to end for the day and all I can tell you is that I bolted. You couldn't get me out of that class faster even if you tried, believe me.

Walking along the halls, I noticed the usual. All the different clicks were hanging out at their lockers, talking away about what had happened that day when they weren't around each other. What annoyed me the most were those snobbish, 'kyaaing' girls that fawned over the hottest guys in the school, dated them, acting all high and mighty like they're on top of the food chain and you're below them so they can just walk all over you. Well, let them just try that with me. I'll bite them right on the - "Hey, Sheon! Wait up, will ya?!"

Snapping out of my thoughts at the familiar voice, I halted in my tracks and turned around partway to glance behind me. Upon seeing who my suspicions of it was, I couldn't help but chuckle as I saw Yuffie hurrying towards me, dodging people as she did, and even spouting off a few threats here and there towards those that she almost crashed into. When she finally got to me, she stopped and tried to catch her breath. I managed to hold back a laugh this time at seeing her bent over slightly trying to get her breathing under control. "You didn't have ta run, ya know Yuffs. It's not like I'd continue walking even after you called out ta me."

Catching her breath, she straightened up to her full height, revealing that I was a few inches shorter than her, - seeing as I was only five feet - and grinned at me. "Do you have any plans Sheon? Cloudy, Tifs, and the rest of the gang were gonna hang out over at the Record Store since they have some new CDs out. We were thinking of also going to Cloudy's place afterwards, just to watch movies, play games, and all, ya know? So? You wanna? I know you do Sheon cause you can't resist the awesomeness that is the Great Ninja Yuffie!"

Now that,...I couldn't help but laugh at. She did have a slight point though. No matter how tired I was or how horrible my day went, I could never say 'no' to my best friend. It's been like this since preschool. After a moment of leaving her waiting impatiently for my answer, I finally give it to her. "Alright, alright. I'll go with you guys, but I'm not paying for anymore CDs for you Yuffie." I ended up laughing again at her pouting and whining, but then almost immediately, she cheered back up and started dragging me along through the halls, taking me outside into the brightness that was the spring sun and clear blue skies.

However, when we got outside, a flash of silver caught the corners of my eyes and I suddenly halted, causing Yuffie to reel back, almost falling onto the ground if she hadn't caught her balance in time. She glanced back at me, asking me what was up, but when I didn't answer her, she blinked and followed my gaze towards the street at the end of the school grounds. Sitting there on a black motorcycle, was possibly the most gorgeous guy I had ever seen in my life. More so than Cloud Strife or Vincent Valentine.

His silver hair fell neatly around his face, halting just barely above his shoulders, with his long bangs falling over, concealing the right side of his face. I guess he ended up getting the feeling that someone was watching him cause he had turned his head and glanced in our direction. I couldn't tell from this distance, what color his eyes were, but even though one side of his face was hidden, I could still tell how beautiful he was. It wasn't until he smirked in an almost cocky, ego-like manner that I brought myself out of my daze and found myself blushing slightly.

I had been about to take a step forward to actually go over and talk to him, but I stopped any sudden movement as a girl that was about seventeen ran over to him, her blond hair falling around her in curls. Elena. Just the thought of her made me see red as I watched her throw her arms around his neck and kiss him rather sexually on the lips. I could've sworn the girl used her tongue! When she broke the kiss, she glanced over at me and gave me that single look that basically had me taking every bit of self control I had in me not to just storm over and really knock that look right off that pretty face of hers. It was a look that clearly said 'he'd never choose a girl like you when he's got me'.

Watching them leave on his motorcycle after getting one last glance from the unknown boy, I finally glanced back towards Yuffie whose eyebrows were knitted in annoyance. She didn't like the 'priss queen' either. In fact, knowone in our group did. Just one of the things we had in common. "Come on Yuffs. We better get our tails to the Record Store before our friends scold us for making them wait." I had tried my hand at making a joke so that the two of us could get our minds off of what had just went on and it worked too cause Yuffie snapped out of it and grinned, nodding her head.

As we headed off though, my mind kept drifting off to that mysterious silver haired boy that left with Elena. I guessed that he was the priss queen's boyfriend by how she kissed him and all, but I still couldn't help but blush at that cocky smile he sent my way or the way he looked. I later found out from my friends that his name was Kadaj and he was eighteen years old. He had graduated the year before. Leviathan, even the name sounded mysterious and it just made me all the more curious and drawn to him.

As much as I hated to admit it, I instantly liked him even though I don't personally know him. Talk about bad luck on my part since he's already taken. Well, not like that's gonna stop me; too stubborn to give in so easily just cause I had hit a wall that's blocking my path...Just means I'll have to crush it...And I'll enjoy every minute of it too.

Welcome to my world.

To be Continued: ?

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