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Ch: 8

"Has there been any signs of her waking up?"

"No, not yet. Those boys truly did a number on her. She hasn't woken up since she arrived three days ago."

...Voices...I can hear voices in the darkness...Who are they?...One familiar though.

"...Those bastards that did this to her...They were finally found and captured yesterday afternoon...They've been placed in prison now since they're of legal age."


I finally see a shred of light up ahead in all this darkness and as I finally walk through it, my vision is flooded with bright light and white walls. Groaning softly in pain from it all, I squint my eyes as I try ta get adjusted to the light that surrounded me now. Once I had, I weakly take in my surroundings until my gaze finally landed on a man in a white lab coat and finally Kadaj...So it had been him that I heard, but...

Where am I?

My stirring must've gotten their attention cause their gazes had directed themselves onto me and in an instant Kadaj was at my side, holding my hand. Now that I got a good look at him, those eyes that I loved so much held a mix of emotions; sadness, worry, guilt but most importantly relief...Had I really worried him that much?

"You're awake...You're finally awake...I'm so glad Sheon." Kadaj smiled in relief and surprisingly enough, happiness, as he spoke these words. It made me feel bad that I had worried him so much, the same time...I was so happy that he cared about me this much.

As I watched him carefully, I finally parted my lips ta speak my thoughts that were rushing through my head...Ta finally also tell him how I really felt about him, but instead, something entirely different came out of my mouth. "Um...I'm hungry...Can I have some food since I'm awake now?"

Talk about embarrassing.

However, Kadaj didn't seem upset about what I said. Instead, he actually laughed a bit...Though of course, he laughed even more as I blushed in embarrassment when my stomach suddenly growled at me. What a way ta start things off after waking up after being out for apparently three days since that's what the doctor said. Despite my embarrassment though, it felt nice and such a relief ta hear Kadaj's laugh again.

It wasn't until later in the afternoon that I was finally released from the hospital. As I was let out though and taken away by Kadaj, I realized that tonight was the night of the school dance already...Man, time really flew when you're out cold. Snapping out of these thoughts, I glance up at the silver haired teen walking next ta me while I'm using crutches that the doctors had given me ta help me walk since apparently that fall I took when I landed wrong had broken my ankle.

When I had looked up at him though, I found that he was already staring down at me. The look in his eyes made me realize that he seemed ta know what I was thinking and the next words he spoke ta me with only proved my thoughts correct.

"Sheon...Would you go to the dance with me?"

Hearing Kadaj of all guys ask me this even though he had graduated last year, made me near about lose my footing and trip over my own crutches. Quickly regaining my balance again, I could only dumbly nod my head, unable ta trust myself with speaking...Not that I'd beable ta anyways after hearing that of all things.

That was honestly the single best moment of my life.

Night though, came all too slowly for me. Rather annoying really cause I was feeling so anxious, excited, and nervous as hell all at the same time. I mean, this was my first time agreeing ta going ta a school dance, always thinking that they were stupid and a waste of time...And it was with Kadaj Remnant. I thought I was gonna die!

I was soon dragged out of my thoughts as I heard a knock at the door downstairs, only to hear my big brother, Zack answer it and hear Kadaj's voice. Well, goes nothing. Grabbing my crutches I rest them under my arms and carefully made my way down the stairs while in a silver blue dress that blended and morphed in color two-thirds of the way down the dress to a pure silver at the bottom, which the dress halted around my ankles, revealing one midnight blue high heel shoe and sadly the cast, much ta my dismay. The sleeves on the dress fit smoothly halfway down my arms, only ta suddenly flare out in an almost kimono-like fashion, halting halfway over my hands.

I had ta admit though...I looked pretty damn good in the dress even though I hated wearing them.

Both Zack and Kadaj seemed speechless when they saw me come down, but while my idiot brother seemed ta remain slack jawed, Kadaj had snapped out of it and walked over ta me as he took my left hand and kissed the top of it. "...You look lovely Sheon...You will surely be the most beautiful young lady at the dance."

Annnd there went my ability ta speak again. This guy obviously enjoyed making me feel like putty under his gaze and overall sexy charm...But that was just one of the reasons why I found myself falling for him all the more.

"Shall we be going now?...The limo is waiting outside for us...And I had taken the liberty of picking up your friends of course."

Stepping outside of the house, I could only stare in amazement at the sight of the limo, but my shock and awe soon turned into chuckles of laughter as Yuffie had stood up inside the limo and was halfway out of the sunroof as she had a bright smile on her features and was waving her arms in the air like a maniac. "Hey, hey! Hurry up ya two pokeys! The dance won't wait for us forever even though only the best appear late and all!"

Sometimes it really pays off ta have her as my best friend...It really does.

As we arrive at the school, we head inside and straight ta the gym where the dance was being held. I had ta admit that the school did a pretty good job with everything. While taking everything in, I suddenly see Yuffie grab the wrist of her date and drag him out onto the dance floor. I honestly couldn't help but laugh as I watched the long black haired teen flush with slight embarrassment as he tried ta keep up with his girlfriend, but despite how he acted a lot of the time,...I knew that Vincent loved my best friend with everything he had.

Watching as Tifa had lead her own date and serious crush, Cloud out onto the dance floor as well, I began ta shift a bit nervously. It made me wonder just how I was gonna dance when I was in crutches. The thought left my mind though as Kadaj carefully lead me out onto the dance floor as well and gently began ta sway with me ta the beat of the slow music that was now going on; gliding me around as if I didn't even have the crutches on me...Who knew that he could dance so incredibly?

As we continued to dance though, Kadaj leaned his head down and rested the side of his face against my own, causing my heartbeat to increase in speed and even skip a beat here and there as I felt his warm breath gently beating against my skin, sending chills down my spine. Out of everything that he had done thus far though in this single moment in time, including holding me closely against him while we still danced, it was what he spoke that made my breath hitch and my heart flutter.

"I love you Sheon...Will you do me the honor of becoming my girlfriend?"

A few seconds of silence seemed ta pass as I could no longer hear the music in the background or see the people around us. Ta me, all I could see, hear, and feel was Kadaj as tears welled up in the corners of my eyes. Pulling back just enough so that I could see his face, all I saw in those green serpentine eyes of his was love and sincerity...He had really meant it. At realizing this, the tears finally fell down my cheeks as my eyes softened and a smile crossed onto my lips.


It was then, that in the instant I spoke my answer that Kadaj closed the distance between us and pressed his lips ta mine in a sweet, yet passionate and loving kiss.

Looks like I got my happy ending after all. my world.


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