It Starts With A Tremble

It all starts with a tremble. The ground shakes. Then there is silence. Confusion. (What was that?)

She narrows her eyes and stares straight ahead. The room remains still as she sits and breathes and tries to stay as unmoving as the room. (Is it over? Or has it just begun?)

The world releases a metaphorical breath and all seems normal again. She waits. Nothing happens. She has no choice but to go about her day and hope it is over. Same goes for.. Tyler? She peers into his room. Where is he?

Her fingers dial numbers automatically and she lifts her phone to her ear.

"Yeah mum?"

"Yeah, you're in big trouble. No, huge! I'm not kidding."

"Yeah, I know."

And just as quickly as the Earth settled, chaos strikes again. It's not a gentle rumble this time. The room shakes and a framed photo falls off its shelf. The chandelier rocks from side to side and then darkness covers the house. It doesn't make sense.

Words leave her mouth, desperate and scared despite her training. He's out there. Tyler is out there. (What the hell is going on?) The ground stills once more. Pocketing her keys, she rushes to find him.

When she sees the ship hovering above her, the fact that it is not over, hits her hard. Whatever the ship is and whatever has just happened is only the beginning. They haven't seen anything yet.