After some long consideration and embarrassing hours spent rereading the story, I've decided to rewrite it. I barely made it past the first chapter before I actually decided to do it, too. I've just bee putting it off for so long and... well, it's like fractions. They suck, and I hate them. Either that or math. Math sucks too.

Anyways, I won't be taking down the chapters yet. More like, when I feel up to it, they'll get replaced with something that isn't a complete train wreck full of the dead corpses of butchered words and phrases. Honestly, I felt like doing this before a couple of months ago but eh, I figured it be good to see how far I've come from... that first chapter. Yech.

My beta included, of course.

High School is nothing like how they portray it in tv, not that I ever watch much of that anymore. So when I get time, I'll replace the disaster of the first chapter with the new one. As of now, this one story of mine has gotten nearly 10,000 hits, a fact that I am very proud of. Thanks to everybody that actually read it, but its going down now. Nothing else to really say here. Yup.

And please, if you review, use an account. Critique is very appreciated but it means nothing when I can't inquire to the criticizer about their critique so that they can see if they'll critique on something else that needs to been criticized if you know what I'm saying.

And now for the line I haven't used since I started this story over a year ago,

Yours truly,

Public Valentine.

Oh I am so changing my name.