"Revy!" Rock called from the doorway of their home.

"Be down in a minute!" She replied from their bedroom.

Rock had just finished tucking the twins into their car seats when he peaked back into the house. Revy descended the staircase with the assistance of crutches like a pro. While 8 months had passed, Revy fought harder than ever to get herself out of that chair. As soon as she received her physical therapy regimen, she exercised the muscles in her legs everyday until she nearly passed out from the pain. Now here she was, her left leg was cleared for full use one month ahead of schedule and today was the day she would receive the verdict on her right.

Rock's eyes followed her as she descended the stairs. She wore a much more socially acceptable get up of a tight pair of jeans with a tight but complete black tank top. Her hair was tied back as usual and as she walked towards him, he hadn't even realized how complete lost in her he was. Now just a few inches away from him, she asked, "Rock?"

"Huh?" He replied as he snapped out of it.

"You okay Rock?"

He smiled warmly, "Yeah, I just can't believe how lucky I am."

Revy returned the smile and gave him a kiss before replying, "Bullshit. I'm the one who's lucky."


An hour later, Revy sat back on a table in her doctor's office. The doctor carefully manipulated her leg, constantly questioning if his movements caused her any pain; sometimes they did, sometimes they didn't. Remarkably, she was very quiet throughout the exam and didn't even utter a single profanity. In fact the only sound to come out of her was laughter as the doctor ran an instrument across the bottom of her foot.

The doctor let her leg go and she carefully lowered it, "Well Rebecca…"

Here it was. The next words out of his mouth would determine whether or not her life would return to normal now, or in another month.

"…everything looks great. The pain you're experiencing is normal for an injury of this type and isn't a result of the injury, but of the healing process. Muscle damage is unfortunately very difficult to repair. While I'm going to suggest you avoid even using a cane--"

While the doctor had many more doctorly things to say, Revy nearly tackled the doctor as she wrapped her arms around him, "Oh thank you doc!"

The old man's eyes widened and he let out a deep groan as she squeezed him, "Rebecca…can't breathe…"

She quickly realized she was practically assaulting the doctor and pulled away, "Sorry. What were you saying?"

The doctor fixed his lab coat and replied, "While I don't believe a cane is necessary, I will ask that you take it easy until you've gotten your strength back. The most efficient way to heal the muscles is to use them as you know how. Flinching and limping are natural, but will delay the process."

"Can I at least get pain meds?" Revy asked.

"At this point your body's acclimated to the prescription and I'd have to order a dosage I'm not comfortable recommending. Instead, I'm going to insist on the oldest remedy in the book," The doctor replied.

"And that is?" Revy asked curiously.

The doctor smiled, "Hard alcohol. Don't shoot your liver in a day; just try to take the edge off."

Revy's smile was immeasurable, "Doc, you've made my day…" She carefully slid from the table, finally putting her weight on both feet for the first time in months. The doctor quickly tried to help her but was a bit too slow. She felt the pain he mentioned, but was too excited to let it slow her down, "…are we done here?"

The doctor smiled, "Go on kid; get out of here and enjoy your legs."

Rock sat in the lobby of the doctor's office with the twins in a stroller beside him. A part of him was planning for the worst just so he wouldn't be disappointed if she received bad news. The last thing he expected was the sight that had fallen on him. The door to the patient rooms cracked open, his eyes following it as though it moved in slow motion. Within seconds, Revy walked around the door and towards him.

His mouth fell agape at the sight of his wife walking towards him. He could see she was fending off pain with every step but that didn't matter; she was walking. No crutch, walker, or cane, just her own two legs.

She stood in front of him and looked down on him with a smile on her face, "Hey you."

"Hey…" Rock replied, "…are you…"

She smiled as she quietly interrupted him, "I'm walking on it aren't I?"

He stood from his seat, wrapped his arms around her and brought their smiles to meet.

They pulled apart after a kiss that seemed to span days. She looked down to the stroller and took in the sight of her children. Finally, she could be their mother again.

"You know Revy?"

"Yeah Rock?" She asked with a smile.

"I think we were both wrong." Rock replied bringing her to look at him inquisitively, "We are the lucky ones."

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