"Arthur!" the little colony cried rushing up to his guardian who sat by the fire place with a cup of tea in his hand while he looked straight ahead thinking hard, when he saw the young child run to him he turned towards him to see that the boy stood in front of his legs.

"Hello Al" Arthur chuckled, placing the cup on the tiny plate in his hand and put it on the table in front of him, Alfred looked at him curiously with wide eyes making Arthur feel uncomfortable in his chair, he knew that look well, and it could only mean one thing…

He had a question.

And it wasn't the normal questions a child his age asked either, they were mostly about the war that was going on, but at one point that frog named Francis had been chatting to him and putting dirty thoughts into his innocent head, because that following night Alfred crawled into bed with him and asked "What's a homosexual?" Arthur had almost had a heart attack.

Now when France came to visit Arthur knew better then to leave Alfred alone with him...

"Arthur…I have something to ask you…" Alfred began, climbing into the older mans lap, Arthur went tense for a moment hoping for once it was a normal question.

"…Alright Alfred, What is it?" Arthur took a deep breath waiting for what was to come, Alfred grinned his sun shine smile.

"What's sex?" Alfred asked now looking very curious, Arthur stopped, he could have swore his heart stopped and jumped up into his throat, it was lucky he was sat down other wise he would have fainted from the shock.

"WHAT?! WHO TOLD YOU ABOUT THAT?!" Arthur screamed at him (in a manly way of course) while Alfred blinked at him.

"I saw the word on one of your magazines in your library, the one with all the pretty girls!" Alfred grinned from ear to ear.

So from the day on Arthur was sure to hide his magazines in a place Alfred couldn't find them…


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