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"Alfred. Why do you even want to know what…" His voice trailed off, he narrowed his eyes at the innocent colony that went on grinning at him, Arthur groaned and rubbed his temples, he should have seen this coming. He knew it was going to happen one day…he had just hoped it wouldn't be this soon.

"Sex?" he asked, making the older man splutter and start to go bright red.

"D-DON'T SAY IT SO CASUALLY!" He yelled double face palming, taking the colour of a tomato.

"Why, god why do you hate me so much?" Arthur thought, he really needed to think of something to distract Alfred so he didn't have to explain to him just what sex was, he was far to young …but right now Arthur's brain was still in the after shock stage where it wouldn't work correctly.

"Igggggy please tell me!" Oh god now he was begging…Arthur looked down at him looking at his pouting expression making him sigh.

"A-Alfred…your to young to know.." He leaned back in his chair while the little boy stood up in his lap and glared at him.

"I'm not little, Iggy!, I'm a big boy! And I'm going to be a strong nation just like you!" he argued, England blinked and groaned, this child….so stubborn and difficult.

"Still. Your too bloody young for Christ sakes…" he mumbled trying his best not to loose his temper. Still this had been his fault this time so he couldn't really blame France for any of this…which was pretty odd…because everything was normally the frogs fault.

"Please!" he whined, getting ready to climb down his guardians legs.

"Or I'll go ask Uncle France!" He cried out, Arthur was sure the little shit was doing this to blackmail him, Alfred wasn't stupid. Even he knew what France was like. Arthur grabbed his arm quickly and shoved him back into his lap.

"DON'T YOU EVEN THINK ABOUT IT!" he shrieked, Alfred looked up at him and grinned again.

"So…does this mean your going to tell me what Sex is?" he asked excited.

"…Very Well…"

"Yay! I knew you would give in, Iggy!"

"Shut up, you little bugger"

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