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This is just a little song fic about the best tokyo mew mew pairing. (IMO). Enjoy! =)

It was a cool winter night in Tokyo.
It was friday so everyone was out on a date or just hanging out with their girlfriends and boyfriends.
But this wasn't the case for a certain pink mew.
Her boyfriend Auyoma Masaya, just one week ago, moved to America and Ichigo missed him.
Yes, she missed him, BUT someone else was on her mind; Kisshu.
He was the only thing on her mind since Masaya left.
Maybe she was starting to realize they were meant to be?

"Oh, Kisshu..." Ichigo whispered to no one in particular.
She was in her backyard staring at the stars. She felt so lonely without him.
She even forgot about Auyoma-what's-his-face.

Little did she know, a certain green haired alien was watching her.

Ichigo started strumming her guitar,(which she recently started learning how to play) and humming a tune.

Kisshu watched her with amusement. 'She's so beautiful in the moonlight.' Kisshu thought with a smirk.

Then Ichigo started singing;

"When you walked away from me,
And said your last goodbye,
I never thought that six months on You'd still be in my life,"

Kisshu raised an eyebrow and flew a little closer to her.

"I have tried to forget,
Get you out of my head.
But the memories won't fade I can run I can hide from this feeling inside,
But the pain won't go away,"

Ichigo sighed quietly then started singing again.

"Cause every time I hear your name the world stops for a moment.
Baby with a single word I can see your face again.
Cause every time I hear your name the world stops for a moment.
And I'm taken back to what we had.
Every time I hear your name..."

Kisshu smiled widely at his Kaneko-chan's singing. 'She has a beautiful voice too...'

"Now I'm sure you've found a girl,
to fill my empty space.
But I'm stuck with the love that we shared that time just can't erase."

Ichigo sang, starting to get teary eyed.

Kisshu frowned at this. "No one can replce you Kaneko-chan."
Kisshu said outloud without thinking.

'What was that?' Ichigo thought then looked up.
Her eyes grew wide in shock. "Kisshu?!"

Kisshu looked shocked also.
"U-um, Hi Kaneko-chan..." Kisshu trailed off.

Ichigo blushed slightly in embarassment. "How long...h-have you been listening?"
Ichigo asked the handsome alien.

Kisshu smirked. "Long enough." He answered then flew down to her level.

Ichigo nearly cried at the sight of him.
"K-kisshu... i can't believe it's you." Ichigo whispered in shock.

Kisshu walked closer to her and wiped away a tear on her cheek.
"Miss me, kaneko-chan?" Kisshu asked in a low whisper.

Ichigo only nodded in response.

Kisshu smirked then leaned in to kiss her,
but Ichigo beat him to it.
She leaned in and kissed him. His eyes opened wide in shock.

'She's...kissing me?' He thought. He then returned the kiss.
After about a minute they pulled away, both blushing.

"Wanna hear the rest of the song?" Ichigo asked shyly.

Kisshu nodded.

Ichigo started singing again;

"I can run I can hide from this feeling inside but the pain won't go away.
Cause every time I hear your name the world stops for a moment.
Baby with a single word I can see your face again,
Cause every time I hear your name The world stops for a moment And I'm taken back to what we had Every time I hear your name..

And I'm taken back to what we had, Kisshu.
Every time I hear your name."

Kisshu smiled then kissed Ichigo on the cheek.
"I love you, Ichigo." Kisshu whispered.

Ichigo blushed again. "I love you too, Kisshu..."

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