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"Edward..... EDWARD" I hissed "Wake up, please. I don't feel well"

Edward stirred and moaned, then rolled over putting the pillow over his head gaining him an elbow to the ribs.

He sat up, looked at the clock which said 5.28am and groaned.

''Bella, honey what are you doing?''

He looked at me and his eyes suddenly got wide.

''Are you alright?'' He shouted

I nodded my head and smiled weakly at him as he scrubbed his eyes with the heels of his hands. I really didn't feel too good but I didn't want him to see me panicking.

He sprinted out of bed and into the bathroom leaving me sat on the bed thinking. He rushed back out and threw some clothes on. His hair was its usual unruly messy self. I loved it like that, he was so damn cute and he didn't even know it. Ok well he did and he was smug but it was times like this when he had just woken up that I thought he was so completely sexy.

I had fallen asleep last night aware something wasn't right but I pushed it to the back of my mind and let Edward caress my back. Every single night without fail he would kiss me and tell me how much he loved me.

''Right ok.. Don't panic'' He chanted to himself.

It wasn't him that should have been panicking right now. It was me. Ohh this was not gonna be fun.

* * * *

The last 5 years had been glorious. Edward and myself had moved out of my father's home and into a place of our own in Port Angeles. It was a modest 3 bedroomed apartment close to the centre of town and close enough for everyone to visit.

We had been living together now for 4 years and while we did argue sometimes it was still blissful. We argued over silly things like him leaving his socks on the bathroom floor and putting empty milk cartons back in the fridge but the majority of the time we got on really well.

My father was now also living in Port Angeles closer to his work, there was no need for him to be living in such a huge house all by himself now everyone had moved out. Rose and Emmett had moved to Seattle as Rose had been promoted and gotten a new job.

Alice and Jasper had decided to go travelling for a year around the world. I was insanely jealous but I liked the comfort of my own bed and staying in hostels and hotels all round the world was not my idea of being comfy. They called all the time and sent us pictures in emails of all the places they had visited.

Angela and Jake had gotten engaged after about 5 months of being together and he had moved to London to be near her, they had just moved back to Forks a few months previously. I was over the moon at the prospect of her living so close to us, she had become such a massive part of my life and having her near was so fantastic.

My dad was going to sell the house but couldn't bare to part with something that meant to much to my mom so Angela and Jake had agreed to move in, and when they came home Jasper and Alice were moving back in there too. The house was big enough that we could have all stayed there but I really wanted a place of my own with Edward.

Not long after Rose and Emmett's wedding Esme was diagnosed with Cancer. As you can imagine everyone was devastated. Edward was a wreck and so was Carlisle despite putting on a brave face.

I had considered Esme my mother as my own had died when I was so young and the prospect of losing her was dreadful. Edward took it the hardest which was only understandable. He spent so many nights crying into my neck. It wasn't fair. She had been having tests for a few months before but didn't want to worry anyone incase it turned out to be nothing. But a biopsy a few weeks previously had confirmed she had cancer of the womb.

Esme was told she would have to have a hysterectomy to get rid of all the cancerous cells and as you can imagine she was devastated. The doctors had informed her that it was the most effective way to get rid of all the cancer and she agreed. She was informed that she would need radiotherapy after the surgery to make sure the cancer stayed away. Despite having such a horrible illness and being so poorly she kept the smile on her face, she was always so positive and I really did admire her for that. She was so much stronger than people gave her credit for. She was so much stronger than me.

The operation was a complete sucess and 2 long years later she was given the all clear. We were all over the moon, it was such a horrible time for everyone. We celebrated by going on a 4 week cruise of the Mediterranean. Seeing her out there laughing and smiling was such a beautiful feeling. We had come so very close to losing her, it terrified me to be perfectly honest.

Edward and I had become rather unstable after the diagnosis, I knew it was only because he was worried but he had shut me out and that hurt me. I wanted nothing more than to be there to comfort him but he would rather be on his own.

He had started working with my father in his office and spent alot of his time there instead of being home with me. And when he was home he would sit in the living room watching football and drinking beer, he barely came to bed, if he did I was already asleep and he would be gone by the time I woke up. It completely broke my heart to see him doing this to himself.. to us. Especially after all we had been through. I was losing him and it was slowly killing me.

It took me packing my bags and going back to my dads to make him realise how much of an idiot he had been. I told him that all I wanted to do was be there for him and hold him when he needed me. I could see how much this was hurting him, I knew he was facing the prospect of losing his mother which scared the shit out of him but in the process he was hurting me too. I knew he was suffering but I hated it when he pushed me away and we ended up making up... pretty much all around the house.

* * * * *

Edward ran around our bedroom shouting out random things to himself while putting on his trousers. He stopped and looked at me concern in his eyes.

''Are you ok?'' He asked me. I was fine, considering.

''I'm ok sweetie. I need to get dressed'' I slowly stood and pulled on my sweats, a t shirt and a pair of slip on trainer things.

I made my way down to the kitchen and poured myself some orange juice. The dishes were still in the sink from last night I could clear up later. I didn't care right now about the mess. We had had a really spicy chicken dish which would probably account for why I felt so rough now. Edward loved it, I had spent a good few hours cooking but half way through I started feeling funny and decided to leave the rest and go lie down.

I could still hear Edward running around the bedroom in a flap. The people downstairs were gonna have a fit if we woke them up this early in the morning. They were a wonderful family and had gone out of their way to welcome us when we moved here and I felt terrible about them being woken up.

I looked around feeling nostalgic and smiled. The picture that was once in my bedroom of Jess and myself was now in the dining room on the wall, it took pride of place. I would talk to it and sometimes found myself just staring at it.

* * *

Edward had taken me out for my birthday about 3 years ago to a fun fair. I loved things like that so he had taken me to one that was in Port Angeles. He then took me to a really cute Italian restaurant, bought me a rose and told me how much he loved me. He had been acting really strangly all day, I knew he was up to something, I had seen that look in his eye before, But I had no idea what he had up his sleeve.

We had the most stunning meal, I had lasagna and garlic bread but Edward just pushed his food around his plate.I asked him what was wrong and he had told me nothing and smiled at me. Not the smile I was used to seeing, this was a far away distant kinda smile. One that told me that even though he was here, he wasn't quite here. If that makes sense?

After about 10 minutes the waiter came and took our plates away. I was starting to get concerned and paranoid. Was Edward about to break up with me? Surely he wouldn't do that to me on my birthday? He was acting completely out of sorts it was scaring me.

He took my hand in his and kissed it calming me somewhat but I still couldn't shake the uneasy feeling I had in my chest.

Edward scooted his chair closer to mine and told me he loved me. Even now after all this time hearing that still sent shivers down my spine and made me break out in goose bumps. I loved him more than I could ever imagine, my heart literally would feel like it was about to burst out of my chest whenever he was near me, touching me or even speaking to me. Even now his voice made me melt.

He told me he couldn't imagine life without me and then dropped to his knee producing the most stunning ring I had ever seen.

Oh my fucking god He's proposing to me?

People around us had gone quiet which made me even more nervous. I'll never forget what he said to me.

'Bella Swan, you are the love of my life. You make me so happy, I don't ever want to be without you. Would you do me the honour of becoming my wife?'

He had the most intense look in his eyes, he looked terrified yet so determined at the same time. I loved that despite everything we had been through he was still unsure of how I would react to him asking me to marry him.

I had started crying at this point, I was still staring at the ring when I blurted out 'Yes' with no hesitation. The people in the restaurant started applauded us and Edward put the ring on my finger. It was stunning. It was white gold with a beautiful diamond in the middle. It wasn't too big but not too small, it was just perfect. Like Edward. I smiled all the way home, we rang everyone to tell them and surprise surprise they already knew.

Edward had been planning this for months according to Rose. He had gone to Emmett to ask for advice about how to do it. Emmett had suggested sticking the ring in my food to find it but Edward thought knowing my luck I would end up choking on it and end up in the ER all night. Despite the years I still was accident prone.

Never the less I was amazed. I was getting married to the man of my dreams.

I didn't want a lavish wedding, I just wanted something small and personal with the people I loved the most and Edward agreed, as long as we were together that was all that mattered.

* * * *

We rushed into the elevator and down to the car, I had insisted I was fine and we didn't need to rush but Edward was adamant we had to hurry, I just rolled my eyes and moved faster for his sake.

''Edward I'm hungry'' I grumbled.

''Now?'' He asked.

''Yes. now'' I demanded.

''But baby they are expecting us'' He said not taking his eyes off the road.

''I know, but I really need bacon. Please? I promise it wont take long''

He chuckled at me, he had gotten used to me demanding things at random times of the day.

I smiled at him, he really was the most gorgeous man on the planet.

He pulled into the only cafe we knew that would be open at this time of the day and he jumped out. He knew exactly what I wanted.

Since living in London I really loved bacon and ketchup sandwhiches. Just the thought of them made my mouth water and it had to be really crispy bacon too. I was starving. I hadn't eaten much of last nights dinner. It had taken me ages to make too. I had made spicy chicken with pesto and chilli's and bow tie pasta. It was nice but it really made my stomach hurt. I didn't sleep much last night either. I was back and foreward to the toilet. I had woken Edward to tell him I wasn't feeling very well at about 2am. He had gotten up and got me some pepto bismol and a glass of water but I felt worse as the hours wore on.

I was convinced I was dying of food poisining or something,but since Edward had eaten the same thing and was fine it couldn't have been so it had to be something else.

Edward returned with my sandwhich which I pretty much snatched off him and stuffed down my throat, My god did I have an appetite. I would be the size of a house if I carried on like this but Edward had told me it didn't matter what I looked like he would still love him, which made me both beam and cry at the same time.

''Better?'' he asked motioning towards the empty wrapper that was in my hand.

''Much better thank you, I really needed that''

''I can see that, you almost took off your fingers while chewing on that'' He laughed at me.

''You keep laughing buddy, you wont be laughing later'' I warned him with a smile on my face.

He carried on driving, it had started drizzling and the sun was coming up. It was almost 7am by this point. Edward was smiling to himself while reaching over and rubbing my leg. I was smiling too, I was unbelievably happy and terrified at the same time.

I called Rose and Alice to let her know where we were heading and after almost deafening me down the phone with their squealing they said they would meet us there.

* * * * * *

Mine and Edwards wedding was just like we wanted it, small and personal. My dad gave me away and told me I looked stunning. I had worn a strapless white satin gown that was tight around my breast and hips and then had a wider skirt. It had white sequins along the breast and the material gathered around my waist making it appear smaller than I was and then down the left side the sequins continued. I had worn my hair up and had a few stray strands curled down my face and neck, I wore a beautiful silver, diamond encrusted tiara and matching neckless given to me by Carlisle and Esme. I had insisted that it was too much but they were adamant that nothing was too much for their favourite daughter in law which made me burst with pride.

I had Angela, Alice and Rose as my bridesmaids. They wore pretty turqiouse colored knee length dresses which matched the guys's tuxedos.

The boys wore dark grey suits with white waistcoats that had swirls in them to match the colour of the girls' dresses. Their ties were also the same colour, as were the hankerchiefs that stuck out of their pockets. Everyone matched, it was beautiful.

We had a small ceremony in Port Angels in a place called the Cutting Garden. It was tranquil and quant and perfect for us. It was Edward that had come across this place while he was looking online for somewhere. He had seen it, fallen in love with it and booked a date there and then. I was so surprised that he had taken the initiative to do that himself but it was just stunning so I totally understood why he liked it.

The day was perfect. It was just what I had always wanted. I was now Mrs Bella Cullen. It had taken me so long to get used to being called that but I loved it.

Edward had taken me to Mauritius for our honeymoon, I had never been anywhere so damn incredible before. I thought Jamaica was amazing, I had never expected to be somewhere so close to heaven before. The beach... what we saw of it was stunning. I got to know the hotel room VERY well over the next 10 days. I was so in love and so happy I thought I might die from smiling so much.

* * * * *

I closed my eyes waiting for the pain to die down. That chicken was seriously bad that was for sure. I told Edward to pull over quickly, I opened the door and threw up onto the concrete clutching my stomach in panic in his eyes was evident, he just wanted to get me to the hospital as fast as possible but I knew if I had thrown up in his car I would never hear the end of it. He was still completely in love with his car. I pulled myself up and wiped my face with a wet wipe from the dashboard.

"Baby you OK?" Edward asked me. I just nodded as I rested my head against the back of the seat. I was not OK, I knew that but I didn't really want to worry him any more than necessary

Edward carried on driving and 15 minutes later we arrived at the hospital, he wanted to have a doctor look over me to make sure all was ok.

Being pregnant did not agree with me. I hated being so fat and needy all the time. I was so hormonal and snapped at Edward for the slightest little thing. He just took it in his stride and rolled his eyes at me which usually ended up with me throwing a cushion or a shoe at him.

I had morning sickness from hell, I never understood why it was called morning sickness, I was sick morning noon and night and then it started again the next day. Eggs made me vomit and the smell of coffee made me nauseous. And dont even get me started on the heartburn and having to pee every 3 seconds. Pregnancy was evil, designed to test women to their limits. I hated being so completely out of control.

I was given a scan and had heart the babies heart beat so I knew he was ok. I was in quite alot of pain so the doctors wanted to be thorough with me.

Finding out I was pregnant had been a huge shock. Yes we were married but we hadn't talked about having kids or not. It had just been thrust upon us. I was working with Alice and Angela in a boutique that Alice had opened in Port Angeles and was loving every minute of it. I always knew Alice would do something with fashion, she was addicted to it.

But on the plus side I got to sample her clothing so it was worth being her guinea pig. I had been feeling really rough and was cranky and Angela suggested I do a pregnancy test. I laughed at her at first and told her it was not necessary but I did one none the less. I was horrified at first when the test came back positive. I was convinced it was broken and made Alice go buy me a new one. That too came back positive. I spent the rest of the day in a daze.

I remember driving to Edward at work and bursting into his office. He looked so shocked to see me.I burst into tears and told him I was pregnant. He just stood there gaping at me before grabbing me, spinning me around and kissing me.

''That's wonderful news Bella'' He said. ''Why are you crying?''

''I dont know'' I sobbed into his chest. I didn't know whether to be happy or scared but as the months wore on the more excited I became.

Edward fussed over me to the point of me wanting to beat him up, I was pregnant not an invalid. I just wanted to be left alone. I was more than capable of cooking dinner without him constantly watching over me.

We had decided not to find out the sex of the baby, I wanted to be surprised. I had thought of a few boy names but none so far for a girl. Despite not knowing I kept calling the baby a 'he'. It was natural, I must have been having a boy. I think thats why I automatically started looking for baby boy names and not girl ones. When looking at baby clothes I would head straight to the boys section and coo over them and not the girls.

I had asked Edward if he had a preferance but he just told me as long as the baby was healthy he would be more than happy either way.

Edward, Emmett and Jasper had painted our spare room and turned it into a nursery for the baby. Edward was so so happy, he would constantly touch my tummy and talk to the baby. He was there at all the appointments, he was really a god send even if he did get on my nerves sometimes. He even bought me one of those foetal heart monitors so he could hear the babies heart beat too. It was so sweet to see him act like this. He really was the happiest I had ever seen him.

The midwife appeared and did an internal which was kinda painful, I hated being invaded like that it was so crude even if it was necessary. I felt terrible now, imagine what it would feel like when I was in labour. I had watched all the tv shows to prepare myself and to be honest it looked horrendous.

I was hooked up to a huge machine to monitor the babies heart beat. He sounded healthy, I couldn't wait to meet him. Edward had stepped out of the room to let the midwife perform the internal which kinda made me giggle, its not like he hadn't seen it all before.

''Well, It looks like your about 5cm dilated Mrs Cullen'' The midwife informed me.

''What? What does that mean?'' I asked her panicking.

''That means, your baby will be here soon'' she smiled at me and patted me on the arm.

''No, that's not right. It's too early. He's not due for another another 2 weeks.'' I protested.

''Sweetie its alright, the baby will be fine. He's obviously just ready to come out and meet you''

''BUT IM NOT READY'' I screeched at her.

Edward heard me shouting and burst through the door.

''What's wrong?" He asked panicking.

''Nothing at all'' The midwife informed him. ''Your baby is on his way''

''What? Really?'' He sounded so cheerful. I'm glad someone was happy.

''I want the drugs. Not the weak ones either. I want the good stuff'' I shouted out.

The midwife just smiled at me and told me she would come back with them in a little while.

I wasn't even having contractions yet, but I wanted to be pumped up when they did come. I had seen the shows. I knew how this went and I was not about to be screaming the place down when they started.

The midwife whose name was Jane checked the machine and told me my contractions were mild and only coming 6 minutes apart but as my waters had broken at home in bed they were going to keep me here until I gave birth.

She told me in a few hours if the contractions didn't come thicker and faster they would give me something to speed them up.

I lay back and closed my eyes. Was I really ready to have a baby? I knew logically I had no choice as he was well on his way but was I really ready for this?

Edward rubbed my forehead and kissed me, I opened my eyes and gazed at him.

''Hi'' He said.

''Hi yourself'' I smiled back at him.

''Are you alright sweetie?'' He asked me while rubbing my head.

''I'm good. We're having a baby'' I smiled at him as a tear slid down my cheek.

''We sure are. Do you need anything?''

''Can you please call my dad and everyone else?'' I asked him sleepily. I hadnt slept well last night so It was catching up on me now.

''OK baby, you just sleep'' Edward kissed me again and left the room.

I fell asleep rather quickly after that and dreamed of Edward and our bronze haired little boy.

I woke up to pain ripping through my stomach. For a split second I forgot where I was. I was alone in the room, the clock on the wall in front of me said it was 5.25pm.

We had been in the hospital for about 8 hours now and I still didn't have my baby. I wondered where Edward and my dad were, the pain had subsided but my back was aching like I wasn't hooked up to the machines anymore so I was able to move around. I was so uncomfortable lying down like this so I dragged my heavy arse up and out of the bed. I needed some fresh air it was hot in here so I went over to the window and opened it.

Pain ripped through me again and I screamed out clutching onto the window frame for support.

Holy fucking shit, the baby was trying to kill me.

I knew I should have demanded harder about those drugs. I began panting like they did in those tv shows but it did nothing for me. It was meant to be helping me and all it did was piss me off. Where the fuck was Edward and that midwife with the morphine?

The pain finally wore off and I hurried over to the door. well actually I more like waddled. I grabbed my dressing gown and put it on over my night dress that they made me wear earlier after I found out I was in labour. I flung it open and looked down the hall. No sign of Edward.

I wandered down it and found the relatives room. Inside Alice, Angela, my brothers, Rose and the Cullens were.

''Bella?'' Alice gasped when she saw me. ''What are you doing? You should be lying down''

''It hurts when I lie down'' I sobbed. ''Where's Edward?''

''He's gone to the car to get your bag, he wont be long sweetie'' Esme said while putting her arms around my shoulder and rubbing my arm.

I could feel my stomach tightening. Oh no, another contraction.

I started crying again and grabbed onto Esme who was telling me to breathe. What's with the damn breathing shit? It didnt work. I needed drugs.

The pain in my back and stomach was excruiating. I needed Edward.

Just then he burst through the door looking rather worried with my dad in toe.

''Bella, sweetie'' He gasped.

He put his arm around my incredibly huge stomach and guided me back to my room once the pain had subsided.

The midwife came back and checked me again, she told me I was now about 7cm dilated and gave me something for the pain. I had begged for morphine but she just chuckled at me and told me it wasn't that bad.

Oh, I beg to differ nurse lady!!

Edward was wiping my forehead with a damp cloth telling me I was doing really well and how proud of me he was. I would have loved to share his enthusiasm but I was so tired and in so much pain it was unbearable.

I started on the gas and air which really did take the edge off the pain. Edward was there the entire time, he never left my side which made me feel terrible for calling him all the names under the sun and blaming him for this.

I think I shouted out that he was having the snip as soon as we were home too. Whoops.

At 11.30pm that night I was finally fully dilated and ready to push. If I thought the contractions were bad I was severely mistaken. The pushing part was unbearable, the burning I felt was so bad I thought it would never end. I knew I would forget the pain once I held my little boy in my arms but at this moment in time I couldn't think about anything except the pain.

I screamed and shouted and told Edward we were getting divorced for all the pain he was causing me. And finally at 12.45am after an hour and 15 minutes of pushing our baby was born.

He was cleaned and placed on my stomach screaming blue murder. Only he wasn't a he, he was a she. My mothers intuition was seriously off.

She had a head of bronze hair and the tiniest fingers I had ever seen. She was wrapped in a blanket and I couldn't stop gazing at her. I had a daugher.. we had a daughter. Edward was smiling through his tears. She was the most beautiful baby I had ever laid eyes on.. and she was all mine. She was looking around the room, she had my eyes. A sob ripped through me as I gazed at her, I was just completely amazed that we had created such perfection.

"Hi" I whispered to her as I kissed her perfect little head.

Edward lent down and kissed my forehead.

''You did it Bella, I'm so proud of you.'' I lifted our baby up and passed her to Edward. Seeing him standing there with our child in his arms was quite possibly one of the most touching moments I had ever witnessed.

The midwife informed everyone else that I had had the baby and they slowly started piling into the room.

Lots of cooing took place and one by one they held her. There was not a dry eye in the room.

Edward bent down and kissed me hard on the lips.

''Thank you for making me the happiest man in the world Bella'' He kissed me again. I just smiled at him, I was so tired but this was one of the best moments of my life. I know they say you forget the pain and its very true, looking at my newborn daughter I could hardly remember any of it. All I saw was her.

''So have you thought of a name yet guys?" Carlisle asked while holding his first grandchild.

Edward looked at me and smiled. He had told me a few weeks ago he had thought of a girls name and told me he wanted it to be a surprise but I had just brushed it off still convinced we were having a boy.

''Guys, please meet Jessica Esme Cullen''

I was completely shocked and in awe. My head snapped up and our eyes met. He just nodded his head and smiled at me. What a beautiful dedication to my best friend. I grabbed him and kissed him hard on the lips.

''Thank you'' I smiled up at him.

''Your more than welcome. You don't mind about her middle name?''

''No, I think its perfect. Look at how happy your mom is''.

Esme was crying and kissing her grand daughter, she looked completely in her element.

I lay there in the hospital bed taking in my surroundings, I had not only married the man of my dreams but I now had the most beautiful daughter ever. I had the best friends a girl could ever ask for and a family that loved me so much it hurt. I smiled as I saw everyone interacting with each other. This was how life was meant to be, it was perfect.

I promised that Jessica would never be forgotten and by Edward doing this, she would live on in our daughter forever.

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