AUTHOR'S NOTES: I had this little drabble of an idea about the episode 'Jet-Lag'.


NCIS: What Happens in Paris…

He wasn't surprised by the look in Tony's eyes. Nor the look in Ziva's. He'd seen that look in Jenny's eyes so often that for a moment it was like flashing back in time.

"We'll always have Paris, Jen," Jethro Gibbs said with a smile.

"Paris never happened, Jethro," Jenny replied, sadly. "You know that. It was a job. Nothing more."

But something happened back then and Gibbs could see clearly that something had happened between Tony and Ziva.

But they hadn't slept together, Gibbs was sure of that much. And yet there was an intimacy that was undeniable. He knew that much.


For the first time in a long time, Gibbs wasn't afraid to go to sleep. He wasn't afraid to dream.

As he drifted off into drug-induce slumber on his couch, the pain in his shoulder reduced to a dull ache, Gibbs saw Paris and sitting in a café was Jenny. They hugged and kissed and said 'I love you's for what seemed like a lifetime.

But as they pulled away, Gibbs saw that it wasn't Jenny he was holding in his arms.

It was Shannon.

And they were no longer in Paris but standing on the beach, looking out at a magnificent sunset.


When Gibbs woke, he was surprised to see DiNozzo in the living room, holding a cup of coffee. "DiNozzo," Gibbs said as he stood.

"You got a minute, boss?" Tony asked, quietly.

Gibbs took the coffee cup and took a long swig, grimacing when he tasted sugar. "What's up?" He asked, handing the coffee back to Tony .

"Ziva and I didn't sleep together, boss," Tony said simply when Gibbs looked at him. "We slept in the same bed—well, we didn't sleep much. We talked. Almost all night." Seeing the questioning look on Gibbs' face, he added, "You and Jenny had Paris, Gibbs. Ziva and I…"

Gibbs smiled at Tony and said, "If you'd have asked Jenny, she'd have told you that we didn't have Paris, either, Tony."