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I cracked open my eyes to find myself shrouded in complete darkness, unaware of my surroundings.

Where am I?

I could definitely feel that I was in a bed, that was for sure. I took my arms out from underneath and placed them on top of the cool blanket. A thick, fluffy comforter was laid over on top of me.

I was just about to sit up when a deep male voice groaned and a large arm wrapped around my waist, preventing me from moving.

Holy shit!

The arm was heavy and barely allowed me to breath. When I tried to wiggle free, a large leg was thrown across my thighs. I was officially stuck.

I tried to rack my brain of how I got into the bed in the first place. It didn't take too long for me to remember. I had gone out to a club in Seattle and met a nice guy standing by the bar. This one had definitely been the easiest ever.

What was his name?




He had just gotten out of a four year relationship with a woman who had been cheating on him. His friends had convinced him to go out but he didn't want to.

I could spot them a mile away: shy,vulnerable, lonely--serious relationship types.

When I had met Mike, he seemed taken aback that someone like me would talk to someone like him. After all, I wasn't exactly the ugly duckling ... anymore.

I had done my usual drill: convinced him I was a nice enough girl, listened to his problems, talked about common interests, got into his heart, and then eventually, his bed. Then it was - "Adios!"

It was a certified plan.

It usually took me several weeks to actually win them over so completely that they trusted me, considering that most of them were either painfully shy or heartbroken.

This one though, Mike, the instant we met, he was ready to call me his girlfriend. By the end of the night, he was pretty much declaring his love for me, all the while practically crying over his former girlfriend, Jessica. I almost felt bad for taking advantage of his vulnerability.


He had been a little hesitant about taking me home, but because I had promised to meet his parents, he agreed.

He was too easy! To be honest, it almost wasn't worth it.

He had been an okay lay. Well, that was an overstatement. His bedroom skills were way below par. I had been on top the entire time while he had just laid there and watched. And he came in literally three minutes, which he apologized for. At least he had had the decency to go down on me.

I shifted my legs a little, trying to twist my way out of his tight grasp. His face was so close to my head that I could smell the cheap cologne he probably got at Target or something.

I managed to slowly inch my upper body towards the far side of the bed. His heavy arm was starting to drag itself off my waist with my movement, but his legs still had a death grip on my lower body.

When his arm was completely off of me, I twisted my body and placed my hands on the ground next to the bed.

Oh, the things I do just for a lay.

I gently slid my legs out from under his leg in a very awkward move. My sides started to hurt from being so twisted.

Finally off the bed, my knees landed on the ground. I crawled a little trying to find my clothes. When I felt the leg of a chair with a silky dress laid out on it, I stood up.

The bed sheets started to rustle, and I froze. "Mmm, Bella ..." I heard Mike moan.


When I felt it was safe to move again, I slid on the dress I had worn to the club, picked up my heels, as well as my purse, and then tip toed toward the door. I had to feel my way across the walls to find it.

When I reached it, I turned the knob and the door cracked open, emitting an eerie squeak.

The bed sheets started to rustle again.

Just as quickly as it started, it stopped. I allowed myself to open it more, thanking God that there was no more squeaking from the bedroom door.

I slipped out, and let out a big breath that I had been unknowingly holding. I mentally celebrated as I, ever so gently, closed the door behind me.


I suddenly realized that I wasn't wearing any underwear. My eyes went wide, remembering that I had thrown them somewhere on the ground.

Eh, he can keep them. They'll be like a memento.

I snickered to myself as I walked out the front door of his apartment. I had almost become an expert at escaping in the middle of the night. That was when they were most unaware. My body's clock almost worked around it.

This had been my life for the past several years: a different guy every month - minus my most recent conquest, Mike.

Apart from my romantic life-light on the romance-I had two fantastic best friends; Alice and Rosalie. They were pretty much the rock in my life. They were not only my best friends, but they were also my business partners. The three of us, fairly recently, went into business. We pooled our money and opened up a trendy nightclub called, "Touch&Go". Of course, we had a lot of financial help from Rosalie's rich father who she practically had wrapped around her finger.

My phone started to vibrate in my purse. I opened my bag and moved random items around till I came into contact with a metal device. When I found my phone, I opened it and brought it up to my ear.

"Hello?" I said, forgetting to check the caller I.D.

"Where are you?" a strong feminine voice whispered on the other end of the phone.

I instantly recognized Rosalie's unmistakable voice.

"Why are we whispering?" I whispered back, walking down the street away from Mike's apartment building.

"I figured you were doing a hit-and-run with that guy you left with," she replied in a normal volume.

"Yeah, just barely escaped," I said, no longer whispering either.

"Scale?" she asked.

"Five," I answered, without hesitation.

"Ouch..." She chuckled. "Did you have to pick him up while on the job?"

I hesitated for a moment, wondering what the right answer would be. "No...?"

"Bella! We were supposed to be scoping out the competition across the street from our club."

Just as our new night club had gone up, another new club opened right across the street from ours without any warning. Their club, Satyr, had opened merely 3 weeks after ours. They were starting to steal our customers too! We had spent so much time researching which part of Seattle would be the best location for our club, as there are many clubs already in the city. We didn't want competition, even though clubs do well being in areas where other clubs are gathered. It was decided that we wanted to have fun and work our way into being popular through good old fashioned promotion and word of mouth. Then, naturally, Satyr had to show up and split our growing customers in half.

Satyr had already been open for two weeks and Rosalie had been desperately wanting to go over there to see what the big fuss was, but we never got time between dealing with our own venue. Our own club had been having a slow night when Rosalie and I opted for checking it out. As soon as we got there, we were stunned. The owners of the place had spent an aberrant amount of money on the layout and look of the club, giving it a Euro-style blue ambiance with flashy lights and large television screens hanging from the ceiling.

When we got there, Rosalie and I split up, checking out what was going on. Some time in the evening I got distracted. Namely by Mike...

"My bad," I said, with a bit of remorse in my tone.

I walked onto the nearest main road, looking for a cab.

"Well, I was doing my job. I found out the deal on the owners," she said.

"Oh?" Curiosity was getting the better of me.

"They're two young guys, trust fund babies, who were probably bored and decided to throw some money into creating something to entertain them," she explained, annoyance lining her tone. "I heard that they mainly promote their club to women, probably so they can screw them. They sounded like sleazeballs to me. I mean, what kind of a name is 'Satyr' anyway?"

"Satyrs are male deities from Greek Mythology. They're usually depicted in art as strong and burly. Of course, if they really meant the shortened version of satyriasis, then yes, they are definitely sleazeballs." I chucked, wondering if that really was the meaning of their club's name.

She didn't speak for a couple seconds. "I don't know what you just said, but they still sound like douches..."

I rolled my eyes. I spotted a taxi parked outside a hotel at a taxi rank and walked toward it. I stepped into the available cab and told the taxi man where to go.

"You're coming back here?" she asked.

"That's the plan," I added, with a bit of a punch to my tone.

"You're not going to try to find two guys in one night, are you?"

I laughed. "Rose, I'm not a machine."

"I don't know... sometimes I think you are," she said warily.

I furrowed my eyebrows. "What's that supposed to mean?"

"Nothing..." she trailed off, changing the subject. "Anyway, Alice is here now too. We're having drinks over by the bar. We'll look out for you."

Was she implying that I had no emotions when it came to the guys I had been with? Sure, I had never really fallen in love with any of them, and sure, I probably left them heartbroken, but that didn't mean I didn't feel something when I did it.

In fact, I probably felt too much. I could never seem to escape the pain and embarrassment of my past.

Back in high school, I had been this shy, naive, sexually unaware girl. All the girls around me were light years ahead while I was still sitting around listening to sappy boy bands and picturing love, marriage, and kids.

In particular, love, marriage, and kids with one person.

Edward Cullen.

He was, as my former self would say, "the epitome of man". He was lean and athletic with green eyes and messy bronze hair that made you want to run a hand through it. Edward and I had had a lot of the same classes together throughout the four years of our high school life, yet he never seemed to know I existed. Yet, of course, he knew every other girl in the female school population existed. He knew them more personally then I would've preferred.

Every month he'd have some new girl on his arm. His "flavor of the month", as we'd all say. Sometimes, they wouldn't even be in our own grade. Even though I desperately liked him, I knew I didn't want to be his flavor of the month.

I wanted to be his only flavor.

Out of shyness, I never got the nerve to talk to him apart from times when we had to speak for classes. At the end of our senior year though, I had gotten so fed up with him never noticing me that I drunkenly offered myself to him at a party. And what did he do?

He rejected me.

Edward Cullen never rejected anyone. Yet, there I was, giving myself to him, and he said no.

I'll admit, I was drunk and it was in a bathroom, but it had still ruined everything I believed in.

After that, I made a vow not to let any man take over me emotionally again.

I would be the one in control.

"Alright, see ya," I said to Rosalie, then hung up.

When I arrived at our club, I went inside to find Alice and Rosalie sitting in the VIP section. The section was divided into little sitting areas along the wall with sheer curtains surrounding it. They had the curtain drawn, but I could still see that it was them.

I opened the curtain and closed it behind me.

Both looked amazing, as usual. Alice was wearing a strapless beige dress while Rose was also wearing a strapless dress that had zebra print all over.

Alice looked up at me with her legs crossed and a Piña Colada in one hand. "There you are..." She seemed to be taking in my appearance. "Well, you look like you had an interesting time." She smiled coyly.

"Eh..." That was all I had to say in reply before as I sat down in our little corner on the russet brown couch next to Alice.

Alice reached up with her free hand and smoothed down my hair that was still probably a mess. "Want some of my drink?" she offered.

I looked over at Rosalie who was watching us both while drinking whiskey straight up on the rocks. "Actually, I think I'd prefer some of Rose's."

Rosalie chuckled and then handed her drink over to me, which I took a sip of and handed back. "That bad, huh?" Rose asked.

I sighed and leaned against the back of the seat, crossing my legs. "Business doing okay?"

"As good as we can on a Thursday night," Alice said, leaning back.

We sat in comfortable silence until Rosalie started to fidget around a lot. "Holy... shit," she said in amazement.

We both looked at her curiously.

With her left hand she pointed out toward the bar. The curtain was in the way, but we could still make out what was happening. We looked to see two tall men talking with one of our bartenders. One man was quite large in a muscular way with curly dark hair, from what I could make out. The other man had his back turned but looked lean, yet fit.

Nice ass...

I guessed she was pointing at one of the guys, but I wasn't sure which one.

"The big guy, right there," she said, still pointing at them. "I'm gonna go talk to him."

Both Alice and I fell into silent astonishment as our mouths fell open.

Rosalie never went up to a guy. They always went to her. Plus, she felt it was desperate if a girl went up to a guy in a bar. So, for her to actually make the first move was really out of her element.

"Are you joking?" I asked, still stunned.

She stood up. "Why? Should I not do it?" she asked, looking worried.

Alice chimed in, "I think we're just surprised is all..."

"Let us know how it goes," I said to Rose.

She nodded and smiled. Then she walked over to the curtain, drawing it back a little, giving us a clear view of the bar. As she did, I saw the man, previously with his back to us, finally turn around.

Oh...my God.

"Stop!" I yelled.

Rosalie instantly froze. "What? What is it?" she blurted out.

Standing at the bar, elbow up on the ledge and talking to some random, tall amazon woman, was the very man I had let rule my teenage-hood, the very man who haunted yet shaped my life even after high school.

My heart started to beat faster, threatening to crash out of my chest. I felt small beads of sweat dampen the back of my neck.

Oh no, Bella. Don't do this. Please, don't do this.

The sheer vision of him caused me to revert back to my old awkward, scared self. I didn't feel in control of my emotions anymore.

"Bella... you okay? You look like you're about to throw up."

At the sound of my name, I snapped back into myself again, all hints of my old self scattering away into the coffin I'd sealed long ago. "Yep, I'm good."

I got up and walked over to where Rosalie was standing and continued, "Don't be too obvious, but see the guy standing next to the guy you were about to go talk to?"

Alice got up and walked over to us to look with Rosalie.

"Yeah, who's that?" Rosalie inquired.

"Remember I told you guys about that guy in high school who I had a massive crush on?" I said, shutting the curtain again.

"The only dickhead to ever turn you down?" Alice asked in disbelief.

"That'd be the one..." I clarified.

"What the hell is he doing here? And why is he all chummy with my cute guy?" she asked angrily. "Want me to get Felix to kick him out?"

Felix, our club's bouncer, had already successfully kicked out several crazy people in the few weeks we'd been open. We were, ultimately, very thankful we hired him.

Part of me wanted my past obsession gone from my sight, but the other part of me, the naughty side, wanted to have a little fun.

I couldn't deny that I had daydreamed over the years about what it would be like to get him back. To humiliate him the way he did me. To satisfy my bottomless need for acceptance.

And here he was, giving me this chance on a shiny silver platter with my name carved all over, without even knowing it.

An idea suddenly popped into my head. "I have a better idea."

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