Valentine's Day

Pamela Beesly sat at her desk, staring down at her computer mouse. Why hadn't Roy sent anything? They had said they wouldn't spend much money on one another, but he could have at least sent a card or something. But, there had been nothing for her.

It's not like she was sorry for herself or mad at Roy even. She was just disappointed in the fact that she was engaged, and still felt like a lonesome 10th grader waiting for her boyfriend to finally tell his friends they were dating.

Jim was watching her; she could feel his eyes on her face, searching for just one single sparkling tear roaming slowly down her face. Just one was all he needed to see in order to have an excuse to go over and make her laugh.

She loved Jim, she really did. He was her best friend, of course she did. It was just that she wasn't sure she wanted him to see her as vulnerable as she was. Roy was her fiancé and still treated her like a little sister instead. She knew that if she let Jim come over here, he would get mad at Roy, and probably confront him about it, which would just lead to a fight between her and Roy. On Valentine's Day, that was the last thing she wanted at the moment.

She looked up to see Jim standing, his cell phone in his hand. He made a motion with his hand, telling her that he would be in outside making a phone call. She nodded, smiling up at him. As soon as he was out the door, he pulled his phone out and punched in the number of a florist's store in downtown Scranton that he had memorized, in anticipation, the night before.

Pam sat at her desk, connecting calls and waiting for Jim to return. She wondered, as she greeted callers, who it was he was calling. He was probably calling a friend or something. Or maybe he was calling his parents, wishing them a happy Valentine's Day.

Jim walked back into the main office while Pam was connecting a call to Kevin's extension. He looked over at her and smiled as he sat back down at his desk. She looked at him inquisitively. He shrugged and turned around watching Dwight, who was currently staring at his desk with wide eyes.

About 20 minutes later, a man carrying a vase of roses came into the office, asking Pam to sign for them. She sighed, thinking they must be more flowers for Phyllis. Once the man had left, she checked the name tag on the vase. Surprisingly, they were for her. Her eyes grew excited and she pulled the card out of the flowers.

"Dear Pam,

I'm sorry that Roy hasn't sent you anything. Don't be too hard on him when you see him later. He probably didn't mean anything by it.

So, here you go. Roses are your favorite, so I decided to send these to you. I hope you like them.

Engaged or not, will you be my Valentine?

Your friend,


Pam looked down at the card, reading it all the way through twice before she opened up the employee e-mail on her computer. She started a new message to Jim, smiling widely as she began to type.


They're beautiful. I love them. You've made my Valentine's Day great.

Of course I'll be your Valentine.

With love,


"So, Jim sent me flowers," Pam told the camera as she sat in the conference room later that day. "It was really sweet. They were beautiful."

Jim sat in the conference room looking at the camera, a huge smile on his face as he thought about his day. He looked down at the ground, sitting there silently for a few minutes, still smiling. Then he looked at the camera again, his smile wider than before.

There you go. I hope it wasn't too cheesy in your taste. This story was set in the episode(I can't recall the name) where Phyllis receives all those flowers from Bob, yet Pam doesn't get squat from her 'loving' fiancé, Roy.

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone!