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The rain was pouring down as I looked down upon the dirty ground.

I blocked everything out the harsh sobs coming from around me, my mother and my father clinging to each other, the minister speaking the words I had been dreading all week.

There was only one person that I needed right now and he was gone, he broke his promise, I felt a tear in my eye and my heart shatter a little more in my chest at the realisation.

I felt the familiar tingle on the back of my neck signaling to me that someone was watching me. I looked up into the woods across from me and saw a pale figure standing in the shadows, I leaned a little closer to get a better look when…

"Isabella, the ceremony is over, come along dear we are having a little reception at the Griffin's, we need to get moving" said my mother with a shake of my arm.

I sighed and looked away from the woods to my mother. My mother was 32 but didn't look a day over 20, she was beautiful, same curly brown hair as me and same deep brown chocloate eyes rimmed with red from crying the same eyes as me and my brot…. I stopped that thought before the pain came hurtling back.

My mother wasn't a very important person in society she was a seamstress and my father was an officer we weren't rich but we weren't poor we were what people call middle class. I sighed again.

"In a moment mother, I just need to say goodbye"

"RENNE!!" my father called with a wave of his hands signalling that they were now leaving, my mother looked back at me indecision clear on her face. I knew what she was worried about leaving a young girl like me all alone on an evening was not a very good idea, but I had to do this….

"It'll be alright mother, I'll meet you at the Griffin's in a half hour I promise" I pleaded

My mother must have heard the desperation in my voice as she reluctantly agreed.

"Alright" she sighed defeated " But promise me you will be carefull it will be twilight soon and you know it is not safe to stay out too late" she said

"I promise mother, I love you" I replied

" As I do you my sweet Isabella" she finished and gave me one of her classic motherly hugs before she started briskly walking after my father.

The rain was beginning to lighten now as I turned my attention back to the grounds. Everyone had left to go to the Griffin's house so I was by myself.

I walked slowly over to the stone and looked down upon the writing.

My breathing came in quick short puffs and my eyes clogged up with the tears I had yet to shed. My heart felt like it was being ripped in two. I knelt down beside the flowers and the dirt and some part of my brain reminded me that I was probably going to get a shouting at from my mother for getting one of my best dresses dirty, but at the moment I didn't care.

" Hey" I whispered quietly stroking the hard concrete.

"I'm gonna miss you" I sobbed my painful cries turned to anger as I gripped the decaying dirt between my fingers.

"you promised" I whispered my voice stedily growing with anger….

"YOU PROMISED YOU WOULD NEVER LEAVE ME!!!" I cried out ltting all the fustration that has been building up over the past week out on the ground beneath me.

After about ten minutes of hysterical crying and demolishing the area I gave up and my body just sagged forward.

"I love you, brother…forever" I whispered before standing up and brushing the dirt of my dress and wiping the remaining tears from my eyes.


I turned around as I heard the twig snap and came face to face with the person who was stood in the woods earlier.

It was a woman with straight black raven hair. Her face was pale and perfect her clothes were high class and she held herself in an arrogant manner, but it was not the clothes or her hair or the predatory smirk that froze me in place, it was the ruby red eyes glistening back at me with danger that terrified me.

I automacially took a step back and her smirk widened.

"Hello" she spoke in a bell-like voice "My name is Maria and I want you to help me" she said

I knew straight away in my mind that I should run and get out of there but some part of me told me that it was no use and a waste of time, so I stayed rooted to the spot as she slithered forward.

She walked across the empty grounds and in no time at all she was a foots step away from me.

" You know" she whispered conspiratorilly to me " you are a very beautiful girl…"

She picked up a strand of my hair and twisted it round her fingers, it took all of my will power to not flinch.

She lifted my hair to her nose and sniffed and sighed in ecsatacy.

"…. And you smell absolutely mouthwatering!"

She widened her smile and showed off all of her sharp, inhumane teeth. I couldn't stop myself from letting out a little squeak. She smiled down at me.

"Don't worry young one, it won't hurt....for that long" she replied grinning.

At an impossible speed she bent down and sunk her teeth into my neck, I had no time to move and as soon as I felt the blood leaving my veins I knew I was a goner.

She dropped me after a minute and wiped her mouth, she then leant down next to me…..

"Come on my child" she crooned "We have places to go and people to meet" Maria then proceeded to pick me up bridle style and run off into the woods in a flash of speed.

I could feel the burning creeping from my toes to me head becoming increasingly painful, black spots started to cover my vision, but I lifted my head one last time to catch a glimpse of the headstone…..


Jasper Hale


Beloved son and treasured brother

May his spirit live on

I love you brother my mind whispered before the darkness took me……