She waited patiently while he got ready. They're supposed to be going to the movies, something she never expected him to ask her to do. They had a deal: no public outings. It was supposed to stay behind closed doors. Her best friends still didn't know the true reason behind the ever-present smile on her face.

But when he suggested they get out of his room for a change, she surprised herself by jumping at the idea. She further surprised herself when he walked out of the bathroom and she forgot to breathe.

He looked amazing as usual, but something about the way he was standing told her that he wanted, he needed her approval. She gave the smallest of nods, a gesture only he would be able to recognize, and smiled. He walked towards her slowly, a smirk creeping onto his face, and pulled her into his arms.

"It's just a movie. What are you so afraid of," he asked. She looked up at him and the words spilled from her lips before she could stop them.

"Losing you." He just smiled warmly and shook his head.

"Haven't you figured it out by now? That's never gonna happen." It was her turn to shake her head, her voice shaking with it.

"How can you know that?" He continued to smile as he gently stroked her hair, all the while staring into her deep brown eyes.

"Berry, you know everything about me. Every secret I have, every embarrassing and stupid thing I've ever done, and you're still here. And I know all the little crazy-ass things that make your brain tick the way it does. I know every dream you have, and not just the ones dealing with Broadway. And I know that every one of them is gonna happen for you because you're crazy enough to make it work. Do you really think that I would spend all my free time with someone, wishing I could be with them when I didn't have free time, just to run the risk of letting them slip away? I'm not gonna lose you, which means you can't lose me. That's how I can know that." And just as Noah's words began to really sink in but before she had the chance to respond, he dipped his head to hers, capturing her lips in a kiss.