I do not own Life With Derek. But I do right fan fictions about it.

Ghosts came in and out of the store. That was a normal part of Melinda Gordon's life. But this time was different. The girl that walked in that day was not like a ghost. Melinda definitely couldn't tell. It bothered Melinda. The girl opened the door. She had long brown hair.

"Hello may I help you?" Melinda said looking up from her computer.

"I donno I was told to come here."

Melinda looked at her long and hard. Something was off. She realized now that this girl was not quite all there. "Who ….?"

"He needs your help." the girl(ghost?) said cutting her off

"Who does?"

"I cant get through to them. None of them remember. They have to remember. He is the key."

"Remember what?"

The girl reached for her and a scene flashed. They were in a room.

The girl(ghost?) stood with a shaggy looking young man. They were both leaning over the counter.

"You did really good today Casey. It was the best valedictorian speech ever." the boy said

"Thanks I think."

"So off to college we go?"

"Yep off to hot girls and parties for you huh?"

"No I was thinking of turning over a new leaf. ..Casey I love you."

"I know you do."

Reality returned. The girl(ghost?) was glossy eyed. And crying?

"What don't they remember?" Melinda asked again.

"Help Derek remember. it's the only way."

"Where is Derek?"

"Your computer knows." the girl(ghost?) disappeared.

Melinda walked over to the computer. On an open document file held an address.