Josie looked over at her husband again. "Z, tell me why we are going to a place called Grandview?"

"An old friend i went to college with named Eli really needs my help with something. Besides its good to get away from work for a week."

"I heard something about a worm whole. Z you know I try to leave all that in my past."

"He was just curious, honey. Just think of this as a little vacation from life."

"Zachary, I think of life as a vacation from what I have seen. And if my feelings are right, we are about done with this little vacation."

"You are over reacting. Hey look there is Eli."

Beside Eli stood a pretty young lady. She wore a smile but could tell there was something a little different about her.

"Eli, this is my wife Josie. And who is this lovely young lady?"

"This is a friend of mine. Noel this is Melinda Gordon. Melinda this is Professor Noel Zachary."

"What did you need help with, Eli?"

"Well you see... Melinda you want to take over?"

"Noel, I have a gift... I can see ghosts."

Josie laughed. "See I told you our little vacation was over."

"Please continue and call me Z."