Summary: What if the Six Paths Sage's father was still alive, what if he was in the leaf village? What if he had made a deal with Kami and gained eternal youth and life? What if he was far stronger than even his son with his Rin'negan? What if Naruto was a memeber of his clan? Young Tsunade, Young Sannin, Senju Naruto, Rin'negan Naruto AU, OOC, OCs

Chapter 1: The true shinobi God

Naruto was being beaten once again by the villagers. He refused to cry as they beat him worse calling him 'faker' and 'monster'. They beat him unconscious. He had his family: his mother, brother, and sister1...but unfortunately the villagers always found a way to get him while his mom and sister were doing missions and stuff, his mother was the head of their clan: the Senju and his sister was a Genin. He was 8 and was planning to enter the academy this year.

Suddenly a young man with long black hair that had silver streaks in it appeared in front of the blonde protecting him. He looked to be 15 years old but was in fact over 5'000.

The young man stood a healthy 5'4 and wore civilian clothes from old times in Konoha. But what frightened the civilian's were his eyes, they were a metallic purple with five ripple-like rings in each...the very first Dojutsu: The legendary and feared Rin'negan.

He spoke, "What do you think you're doing to this poor kid?!"

A pink-haired woman in the crowd spoke up, "This boy has taken lots of innocent lives!" Her daughter looked surprised to hear that.

The dual hair colored boy raised an eyebrow, "Oh really? I've never heard of this child killing anyone."

Soon a tall busty blonde woman with chocolate eyes appeared in a water swirl and then she saw Naruto and instantly used a burst of speed to teleport over. Her hair was long and went down to her waist in waves.

She wore a blue shirt with black pants, over them she wore a white cape-like jacket similar to the 4th Hokage's except it had flower designs instead of flames and had the kanji for medicine on the back.

She screamed, "Naruto!!" She instantly picked him up, "Who hurt you?! Tell me! Who hurt you?! Please tell mommy who did this!"

She then noticed the boy with the Rin'negan and asked a demanding tone, "Brat if you want to live tell me who hurt him!"

The boy smirked and pointed to the now frightened crowd, "I believe they did it."

The woman turned her angry gaze on them, "So you hurt my son?" She then spoke, "Do you know who I am?!"

An idiot in the crowd yelled out, "An ugly hag who birthed a demon brat?" Several people gaped at him because the woman was far from ugly she was gorgeous!

The woman now was really angry, "I am Mizuhime2 Senju! Daughter of the 1st Hokage: Hashirama Senju! Niece of the 2nd Hokage: Tobirama Senju! But most importantly mother of this boy and the girl you know as Tsunade!"

She glared darkly at them, "You will pay for what you've done!"

She then placed her hands in one seal, "Water Style: Water Dragon Jutsu!" A massive dragon made of water formed in front of her and charged the frightened crowd.

The black haired boy grinned and went through a handseal, "Let me help, Fire Style: Fire Dragon Jutsu!" A another dragon this one made of flames formed then charged at the crowd on the other side. Then the boy went through another handseal, "Shinra Tensei!" He then added more momentum to the dragon's charging speed...

One more thing added...He used a wind technique, "Wind style: Devastation!" He thrust out his hands and shot a massive blast of wind at his fire dragon...the intensity of the flames increased..then the two dragons struck at the same time creating a mighty burst of steam....all the civilians were dead except for the pink haired woman..she had chakra burns all over and was shakingwith fear...

Mizuhime then appeared in front of her and slapped the younger woman across the face hard making sure to drag her red-colored nails across her face. That slap was chakra-charged...

The pink haired woman now had permanent scratches on her face and was sent through the wall. The woman's daughter a young girl with the same pink hair whimpered as she watched her mother get beaten by this strange and powerful kunoichi.

Mizuhime then lifted one foot and stomped on the ground creating a powerful tremor, webs of cracks surrounded the civilians.

The people were severely frightened. The men in the crowd in fact soiled and wet themselves...

Mizuhime smirked and spoke, "You didn't think Tsunade just got her skills from her father now did you?" They all knew despite the girl's age she was already showing signs of inheriting her mother's superhuman strength.

Mizuhime turned to the long haired boy, "Thank you for protecting my son..."

The boy grinned, "Sure thing I'm may not know me but I'm the father of the boy who grew up to become the Six Paths Sage."

Mizuhime was stunned, "You're older than me!"

The boy chuckled, "Yup...I may look 15 but I have over five thousand years of experience."

Mizuhime asked, "So how are you still so young in appearance?"

Kitsuke smiled, "Well I made a deal with Kami-sama when I had turned thirty and fell ill. If I would kill four people that had been cheating death3 then she would revert me back to my prime and once I hit my twenties my aging slows to basically a crawl.

Mizuhime was amazed, "Wow..." She then stared at the boy and blushed, "He's so strong and cute! But why am I blushing?! He's much older than me despite his appearance. Well Minato-kun would want me to move on...maybe it is time to move on."

She then asked in a shy tone, "Kitsuke-kun would you like to come and live with me and my children?"

Kitsuke grinned, "Sure thing...hime!" He then thought, "She lost her husband and her son suffers because of what he did to save them all...maybe I can give her the comfort she needs."

Mizuhime then blushed darker at the use of the princess meaning in her name.

But then an Anbu appeared and spoke, "Lady Mizuhime the council wishes to see you for a meeting about this boy and the de-"

Mizuhime grabbed the poor Anbu by the throat, "If you wish to keep your head do not call my son by that name!"

Tsunade Senju the kunoichi of the year right now appeared she had pale blond hair tied in a ponytail, brown eyes, and she wore a white shirt with red shorts. With her was hers and Naruto's younger brother Nawaki he and Naruto looked so much alike that the only differences were hair and eye color, likes, and personalities. Naruto was kind and calm while Nawaki was slightly too energetic. Naruto was 8, Nawaki is 6, Tsunade is 10.

Nawaki spoke, "Mom what is it?"

Mizuhime spoke, "Tsunade, Nawaki take your brother and head home I'll be there shortly."

Tsunade spoke, "Those old farts on the council again right mom?"

Mizuhime smiled, "Yes they still hate your brother because of what your father did to save us."

Tsunade and Nawaki knew that their brother wasn't the Nine-Tails but it seems the rest of the village still couldn't let go of the past.

Nawaki grinned, "Go get them mom!" The two Senju children then left taking their brother home.

Kitsuke spoke, "So those were your other children?"

Mizuhime nods, "Yes the girl is my oldest...Tsunade. The other boy is my youngest Nawaki and of course Naruto is my middle child."

she then spoke, "Those bastards on the council have been trying to kill Naruto ever since he was cursed as-"

Kitsuke spoke for her, "A Jinchuriki right?" He noticed her look and smirked, "Please my son became the first Jinchuriki in history when he defeated the ten-tailed beast: the Juubi."

Mizuhime was surprised she had heard the legend of that creature from someone who claimed to have actually seen the epic battle between the Six Path Sage and the monster. Actually he was a descendant of a person who witnessed that first great battle.

Kitsuke and Mizuhime then left heading for the council chambers. Soon they easily made it and went in....They soon faced the 'honorable' council of the hidden leaf village. Which was made up of the civilians and clan heads of Leaf.

Next time: council meetings, truths revealed, proposals.

1-Nawaki and Tsunade were born in these more modern times rather than old times and are the other two children of the 4th Hokage.

2-Mizuhime means water princess and water is her main element...she has the same prodigious abilities with Water jutsu that her uncle Tobirama had.

3-Those people who Kitsuke killed made Orochimaru, Madara, Pein/Nagato, Hidan, and Kakuzu look like rookie Genin.