Edward POV

I was bored out of my mind as I sat at the bar watching all these mindless people waste their money on trying to get rich quick.

I can't believe I let my two idiot brothers rope me into this trip to Vegas. I can't for the life of me understand why they thought that a gambling trip would help me get over the hurt anger and rage I was feeling.

Even though it had been 2 months since I had walked in on Tanya my fiance at the time fucking my business partner in my bed.

I should have listened to Alice my sister-in-law when she told me Tanya was bad news. I was stubborn though and had to do things my own way even when certain things were starting to add up.

What I mean by certain things is all the times James would call in to say he was running late. It would just happen to be the same times that Tanya would be off work and she would disappear and couldn't be reached on her cell.

I should have known something was up when she started to guard that damn phone like it was made of gold. Not to mention the look of fright that would come over her face when she thought I was going to pick it up and answer it. Instead though I continued to let things ride and now here I am alone and drowning my sorrows in Jack Daniels and Coke.

Bella POV

Damn the bastard to hell! I can't believe I was stupid enough to trust Mike to keep our trip strictly business.

I need a drink, hell I need several drinks and so here I am pissed as hell and sitting at a bar in the middle of a damn casino in Las Vegas. I swear if murder wasn't illegal, I'd kill the stupid fucker.

It's not like I haven't told him many times that I am not interested in hopping into bed with him. Fuck! just the very thought of it turns my stomach.

Edward POV

I was ordering another drink and thinking about ditching Emmett and Jasper to return to my room when the most amazingly beautiful woman suddenly perched herself on the barstool next to me.

I have never seen another woman so captivatingly beautiful in my life. Her long dark hair and big doe eyes are enough to bring any man to his knees. Her creamy skin and petite frame are nothing short of perfection.

I can't help but stare at her as she sits beside me with what looks like anger and frustration on her face.

Before I can even think of saying anything to her a blonde haired, pasty skinned guy approaches her.

He walked up and grabbed her by the elbow almost pulling her off the chair before asking," Bella, what the fuck is your problem? Why the hell did you just leave like that?"

I had never seen such fire and fury coming from such a small built woman since Jasper pissed Alice off the time he forgot it was Valentine's Day the year after they got married.

I felt sorry for my brother after witnessing the ball of fury Alice was and the groveling he had to do to get forgiveness. I will admit though he has never forgotten another important date.

" I'll tell you what the fuck my problem is, Mike. Although I am not sure it will do any good to tell you again. I told you I would come on this business trip to help you and the company out as long as you had it clear in your mind that this was strictly a business trip. What is it going to take to get you to realize I do NOT want to fuck you?", Bella screamed in his face.

" You were serious about that? I thought you were just saying that so we wouldn't get in trouble and so the other girls in the office wouldn't get jealous.", Mike explained with an incredulous look on his face.

Bella stood up and put her finger on his chest and poked him every time she spoke," Get this through your head, I have never, nor do I now, and never in the future will I agree to go to bed with you, Mike. If you want to fire me then go ahead, but for the last and final time BACK THE FUCK OFF!"

She took a deep breath and gave him a mighty shove as if to prove her point even more. Mike lost his balance and fell on his ass and everyone that saw it burst our laughing. Bella sat down again muttering under her breath and raised her fist to hit the bar. Mike just sat for a moment stunned and looking up at her then he got up and shook it off as he walked away.

Bella raised her fist and was about to bring it down hard on the bar. I reached out to stop her and she looked at me as if I had to heads. I smiled and released her hand placing it gently on the bar.

" I'm sorry, I know I should mind my own business but I couldn't just stand by and watch you about to injure yourself.", I told her.

I saw her fury lessen as she smiled in return although she was still very pissed off.

" Thank you, I guess that wouldn't be the wisest decision. That idiot just makes me so fucking furious.", she said.

" No thanks necessary, I am just sorry to see a woman as beautiful as you so upset. I couldn't help but hear what you two were arguing about and being that I am a lawyer, I can tell you that you have every right to sue him for sexual harassment.", I told her.

" I am hoping I finally got it through his head and it won't come to that, but thank you again...I'm sorry but I don't think I caught your name.", Bella said with a slight smile.

I stuck out my hand to her which she took and Introduced myself. " It's nice to meet you, Edward. My name is Bella.", she said as we shook hands.

I couldn't resist the urge to place a kiss on her knuckles and look into her deep brown eyes before replying," The pleasure is all mine Bella."

Bella POV

I could feel the tingling sensation moving through my body from Edward's kiss. I couldn't stop the feeling of being drawn to him for some reason.

His emerald green eyes held and captivated me as we locked gazes. My mind was reeling with images of Edward placing his kisses on many other parts of my body.

My pulse rate sped up and I know it was impossible for Edward not to have noticed. I couldn't stop the blush that spread across my cheeks as he smiled again.

I had never in my life been so attracted to another man as I was to Edward. The images kept coming and were getting more graphic as he and I sat talking.

Edward had such a strong pull on me that I barely noticed that we had left the bar and come up to his room.

It was his statement that really brought it to my attention that I was in fact in his room alone and ready to let my body be ravaged by a near perfect stranger.

" Bella, I want you to know that I am not normally the type of man who sleeps with random women but I can't help being incredibly attracted to you."

" I know. It's okay, Edward, I don't normally do this either but like you I can't help myself either.", I told him.

Edward POV

I had a gut feeling that Bella was in fact a very special woman. One I could definitely see myself with long term. I wasn't sure if I was ready to go into another serious relationship either. Yet, I felt like if I let her walk away I would be making a very foolish mistake.

As much as I found myself attracted to and wanting to bed her, I had to stop. I didn't want to just use her as a means to an end for only my pleasure. I wanted to take my time getting to know her as a person, as a woman.