Title: What's the Catch?

Author: Nicluv1787

Fandom: Ouran High school Host club
Rating: pg-13

Prompt: Catch
Character: Haruhi and Kyouya
Word count: 243

Summary: Haruhi makes a deal with Kyouya

A/N: Written for livejournal contest community fanfic_bakeoff, a multi fandom community that requires all entries to be 100-300 words long.

Haruhi looked up from the contract in her hand, to Kyouya with an expression of schooled indifference. "So if I sign this you'll cut my debt in half?" Haruhi said with a quirk of her brow, this wasn't like Kyouya to make an easy way out for her.

"Of course," Kyouya replied with a courteous tilt of his head.

Haruhi looked down to study the document, running through the clauses and amendments, who knew it would be so tricky to pay off her debt to the club.

She'd worked her way through a lot but sometimes the task seemed insurmountable.

"There's no catch?" she said bluntly.

"Why would you think that?" Kyouya said with an all too innocent smile.

"Because nothing comes free with you," Haruhi said plainly.

Kyouya simply shrugged his shoulders, "It's your choice,"

Haruhi turned from Kyouya once more and laid the document on the table.

"It's just some old clothes what harm could it do?" She muttered more to herself than Kyouya. She signed hastily, and Kyouya scooped the document from her grasp.

"Excellent, our guests will pay heavily to have some of your intimate, items."

"I still don't understand why anyone would want my underwear," Haruhi said baffled.

"It's all about supply and demand," Kyouya replied, "and your underwear sales will cut your debt in half."

"I knew there was a catch," Haruhi grumbled under her breath as Kyouya sauntered off with a basket full of auctionable items.