Title: Two Parts

Author: Nicluv1787

Fandom: Blood
Rating: K

Prompt: Catch
Character: Haji & Saya
Word count: 243

Summary: Saya wants to know who Haji is to her.

A/N: This is set just after Haji comes into Saya's life again and she's just rejoined the red-Shield. Also this was Written for livejournal contest community fanfic_bakeoff, a mutli fandom community, where all entries are between 100-300 words.

The blood lust wore off and Saya's conscious self took control, weakened from her frenzied state she stumbled nearly falling. Strong arms envoloped her before she came anywhere near the ground. Haji looked down at her, his face stoic with the slightest turn down of his lips and a small furrow of his brow that revealed his concern. A stranger wouldn't have noticed but for some reason Saya did. She barely knew this man who's strong arms enveloped her, his heart beating in her ear in perfect time with her own, as if they were two parts of one whole.

His touch lingered briefly as he stood her upright. Saya could feel a slight blush gracing her cheeks.

"Thank you Haji," She said politely.

"Of Course, Saya," The way he said her name made the hairs on the back of her neck rise, and her pulse race, who was this mysterious man and why did he make her feel this way?

There wasn't much time to dwell on it as the others ran over effectively dragging her away from Haji. As Kai led her away, shocked at the blood that covered her, Saya chanced another glance over her shoulder in Haji's direction. 'Who is he?'

"I'm here to protect you Saya," He replied, as if he could read her thoughts.

The strangest part was, his words comforted her, because for some strange reason she knew he would. And she was glad for it.