Title: Summoning

Author: Nicluv1787

Fandom: The Last Unicorn
Rating: Pg- 13

Prompt: Catch
Character: King Haggard, the Red Bull
Word count: 296

Summary: King Haggard makes an exchange for his heart's desire

A/N: Written for livejournal contest community fanfic_bakeoff, a mutli fandom community, where all entries are between 100-300 words.

King Haggard rubbed his hands together methodically, studying the intricate pattern of circles and triangles before him. Four candles were placed at each direction, north, east, south, west. In the center of the circles the sacrifice, a prized bull, his throat slit and drained of blood.

It hadn't been easy to find the spell to summon the red bull, after years of searching he'd found a wizard who'd perform the evil summoning. It didn't matter to Haggard, since his first sight of a unicorn he could think of nothing else. Nothing brought him the pleasure that brief glimpse had.

Here he stood. A dark cloaked figure invoked the incantation that would summon the bull. Fire rose from the center, lighting his features and sending long shadows behind the wizard. A deafening roar erupted from beneath the flames. Then a glowing red bull emerged, black flinted feet clicking on the stone of the chamber.

"Who has summoned me?" He demanded in a rumbling voice.

"It is I, King Haggard," Haggard said stepping forward, he felt no fear.

"You, a man, summoned me, the great red bull?"

"Yes I wish to make a deal with you?"

"And what deal would that be?" the bull said with a snort, a white billowing cloud of smoke drifted around his face making him look even more imposing.

"In exchange for my soul you will catch every last unicorn for me,"

The red bull tamped his foot impatiently, "It is done," With a turn of the heel the bull fled the chamber. In the same instant Haggard crumpled to the floor, his soul ripped from him. It had begun, there was no turning back now, but it did not matter he wouldn't be happy until he had them all, every last one.