First chapter of Little Game.

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"NO! DIE!"

"Guys! Keep it down over there."

Ah, yes. Another ordinary day at the school library.

The library was the only place my friends and I could go to without being disturbed. We would get our passes signed to come to the library during our study halls and lunch periods so we could hang out and talk about things such as our wacky dreams, food, and most of all, Death Note.


Hang on, I'll get to that in a minute.

There were only three of us in the little group. We didn't have a lot of books in our library, and we didn't really care. So, we stayed as far away from the bookcases as possible. Away from curious eavesdroppers and just plain crazy people. We sat in a little corner towards the entrance of the library, on these really comfy chairs that formed into a circle. A small, low table was placed in the middle. a.k.a.: The footrest.

I glanced lazily at Marichka, one of my fellow Death Note obsessors. She was in her "gaming mode," and was furiously kicking the air with her DS in hand-no doubt about it. She was playing Kingdom Hearts. I've never played it before, let alone knew what it was, and I didn't care. The only thing I was concerned about at the moment was not getting hit with her raging feet. But of course, I was too lazy to even think about moving if her foot came my way.

"NO! I shall kill you!"

"Guys!" The librarian scolded.

Marichka wore Death Note T-shirts and dark colored clothing most of the time, and had a small, Death Note strap bag to her side. Her hair was dark brown and cut like Light Yagami's, and wore thick, dark-rimmed square glasses. Judging by everything that she was wearing, a Death Note passerby would look at her as a Kira supporter, as she was. The look of pure concentration was written on her face, which was normal for my strange friend. It was quite amusing watching her; curled up in a ball on a soft chair, kicking the air with no shoes on, screaming "die," and a panic-like determination emanating from her facial expression. Marichka's personality was pretty confusing. She didn't really have one that stood out. Her hobby was just plain obsession. I've only seen her get excited over her idols and television shows or movies that she loved. In all, her personality had its own category, despite the smartass vibe that she gave off.

Getting bored with watching Marichka's virtual fight-to-the-finish, my eyes floated to Meagan in hopes of some entertainment. She was listening to her Ipod, probably on full blast, and eating an apple. Her hair was always pulled up in a ponytail, and was a brownish-gold color. You couldn't really see the shine because of the five to seven layers of gel she puts in everyday, but you can still see the gold tint at the end of her short, curly hair. Meagan was the smartass of the group. She always wore blue jeans and random shirts that had comments such as "bite me," and things related to her favorite band, Disturbed. Her eyes constantly held a mischievous glint in them. She was always looking for entertainment, and would prefer to sit and watch events than to actually take part in them, mostly because it required effort.

Then there was me, Amanda. I had long, dark-brown hair that went down to my waist, and I was often referred to as a hippie because of it. Some call me bipolar because I'm sometimes bouncy, happy, and musical-the next minute I'm zoning out, looking very upset, when really I feel nothing-lifeless. I wore loose-fitting, comfortable clothes. I was constantly wearing my blue jacket and I always wore jeans. Unlike my other two friends, I was an L supporter. I solely believed that killing people was wrong, regardless of what they've done. I didn't feel too strongly on the subject, unlike Marichka, so I sided with the justice that had been set up for us.

"Die, damn it!"

Since Meagan was listening to her Ipod and Marichka was in her "gaming mode," I brought out my Sudoku book and began solving one of the hardest puzzles. It was annoying how those little numbers always tricked me into thinking they went in different places, but surprisingly the one I picked took me about fifteen minutes to solve.

I closed my book and stuffed it in my backpack, utterly bored with myself. I grabbed my eraser and threw it at Meagan's head. "Hey, Ryuk." Meagan put her Ipod on pause and looked up in hearing her nickname. "Did we have any French homework?"

She shook her head. "No," she replied lazily.

My right eye twitched, usually a sign of impatience. I didn't even have homework to work on to pass the time. "I'm so bored! Isn't there anything to do around this place?"

"Why don't you start dancing? That'll give us a good laugh."

I narrowed my eyes at Meagan, who laughed in turn. Suddenly seeming to have an idea, she turned her head towards Marichka. She outstretched her finger and brought it forward, poking Marichka's arm. "Poke." Marichka didn't react, and continued to play her DS game.

"I can't wait till the end of the day. Your house has to better than this pathetic excuse for a school..."

Meagan stared at me and a low, rough, growl-like laugh slightly shook her body. "My house is the last place to go for entertainment. It gets pretty boring around there."

"You're always bored," it was Marichka that had replied, this time. I was surprised she was even paying attention to our small conversation.

Shortly after, the bell rang and we were off to our next classes. The school day seemed to go pretty fast, thankfully, and no homework weighed down on my shoulders. Marichka and I boarded Meagan's bus. It was a Friday and we were gonna hang at her place for a while before we had to go home to our deranged, out-of-place families. Meagan took an apple from her backpack and started munching on it, listening to her Ipod. Marichka took out her DS and started playing Kingdom Hearts. I took out my Sudoku puzzles and began solving. Must be de javu.

As the time flew by, we were finally at Meagan's house, roaming around her bedroom, thinking of ways to cure our boredom. Nobody felt like talking. We've all had a pretty dull day so there was nothing to talk about. The room was a light blue and it was covered with models of dragons, stuffed animals, and a bunch of random objects.

Marichka suddenly sat up from Meagan's bed and stared out the window, her eyes scanning the downtown area. It was winter. Everything was white with snow and blinding. Her eyes traveled to the ground and her eyebrows suddenly furrowed in confusion, apparently trying to make something out. "Hey, I'll be right back."

"Mk," Meagan replied in a 'why should I care' tone. She wasn't the least bit interested in where she was going, unlike me who glanced after Marichka eagerly as she left.

I resisted the urge to look out the window and scan for myself. It's none of my business. Maybe she's just hungry or something. On the other hand, if she goes outside, she'll get frostbite. Haha…

After a few minutes, a squeal could be heard from outside. I raced to the window and looked down, only to find that no one was there. Was that Marichka?

Just then, she burst through the door, jumping up and down. She was talking so fast I could barely understand her. I managed to make out only a few words: "Death Note...real….amazing…...Kira…..excited….book…LOOK!" Marichka finished with the biggest smile I've ever seen on her face. Meagan raised an eyebrow at Marichka, but was still faintly curious.

I looked at what she was holding. A black notebook with white words that read 'Death Note.'

"You can't be serious," I said, finally comprehending the situation. "Where'd you find that?"

"Outside in the snow!" she replied with a jump.

I raised my eyebrow at her antics. "Seriously, what's the big deal about it, anyway?"

"There's actually a Death Note out there that doesn't have regular print in it!"

"What are you talking about?"

"Look! 'Lind L. Taylor' isn't scrawled across the page like those animecon ones."

I examined the notebook closely. I've never been to an animecon myself, but I've seen the souvenirs she brought back. "Hey, that's pretty cool…"

"There's writing in it, too," Marichka flipped the page to let Meagan and I see the writing on the page.


"Yes, Amanda, that's what a Death Note is supposed to have in it," Marichka replied sarcastically.

"Hang on a second, where exactly was that outside?"

"Meagan's front yard."

"Well it's probably not yours. Someone may have dropped it."

"It was in the middle of the yard with no footprints leading to it, so if someone did manage to 'drop' it, they obviously dropped it on purpose."

I began staring Marichka down as did she and a mental battle ensued.

I broke it when I smirked. "K. Keep it. Whatever floats your boat, Light." At the sound of her nickname, Marichka's smile got bigger, if that was even possible.

"Here, let me see," Meagan held out a hand as the Death Note was placed in it. She leafed through the pages curiously.

"If only it was real…" Marichka dreamt with glazed eyes.

"Oh, please. Like that could ever happen here," I rolled my eyes.

Marichka sighed. "I know, but I can dream, can't I?"

There was silence. Then, "Hey, Light…show me where you found the notebook. I wanna see it for myself."

Marichka's head perked up and she smiled, grabbing my arm and dragging me out the door.

"Ew! We're going outside! At least let me put on a jacket!" I yelled.

"Suck it up! We're going outside!" Meagan's dad was on a computer playing video games with a headset on, so he didn't notice Marichka tugging me along and Meagan in pursuit. I struggled to get my shoes on while on my (Marichka's) way out. Marichka already had her shoes on and Meagan seemed to slip hers on in an instant.

My kidnapper pulled me eagerly out the front door and into the snow. I shivered from the sudden cold. The snow was about a foot deep, and I was desperately hoping that she wouldn't drag me through it. She suddenly stopped once we were at the bottom of the porch steps and whipped her head to the right. Between the street and Meagan's porch, there was a small grassy area about 4 feet wide and since it was winter, the grass was under a foot of snow – not much a front yard, really.

Marichka pointed with her index finger at the perfect square imprinted in the snow. "That's where I found it."

There were footsteps imprinted in the snow as well, and I realized that they were Marichka's when she found the Death Note. I carefully approached the square and examined it closely.

"There are no other footprints leading to it besides mine, so someone probably threw it over. But…"

We looked over at Marichka, who was deep in thought.

"But what?" I prodded.

"I thought I saw it fall from the sky…"

I instantly rolled my eyes. "Here we go…"

"No, I'm serious. A black blur fell from the sky."

"It could've been a crow," Meagan suggested. "There are a lot of crows in Pennsylvania, ya know."

I gave Marichka a suspicious look. The square indent only looked to be about a fourth of a foot deep – so someone obviously either pushed it down (why they would do that is beyond me) to make a heavy indent, or it fell from a great height. "Hey, Kira. Let me see that." I raised my hand, indicating for Marichka to give me the Death Note. She hesitated, unsure of what I was about to do. Then, she reluctantly placed it into my hand. I stood from my crouch, outstretched my arms with the notebook at eye level, and dropped it straight down in front of me. I then picked it up and examined the indent that it had left.

"Why'd you do that?" Marichka's exclaimed with a shocked expression. She probably thought I was abusing the notebook.

I pointed towards the new indent I had made. "I raised that notebook to about five feet-"

Meagan coughed loudly, clearly indicating that the measurement I had said was wrong and that I was short. I wasn't all that short really, but she liked to tease me about it.

"Five feet, a rough estimate, and dropped it. It left a half-an-inch indent in the snow. If that other one-" I pointed towards the original space where the notebook had fallen. "-is only three inches deep, then…" I started to do quick measurements in my head, saying the important bits of information out loud. "Three…two…six…thirty. That notebook was dropped from at least thirty feet. Definitely more because of the pressure put on the snow and how thin this book is, and the top of the snow hardened. That would be over twice or three times the amount of thirty. We'll go with three. That's ninety feet at least." I turned to Meagan. "And I'm sure that's way taller than your house."

"An airplane," Meagan shrugged as if the answer was obvious.

"What kind of idiot would open up a plane window, which is impossible, to throw out a Death Note that you can buy at an animecon?"

"Yeah, and even if a plane was to drop its cargo, there would be more stuff around this area and we would've heard an airplane go by. Not to mention that an airplane wouldn't drop cargo that's not in boxes and not over inhabited areas."

Marichka took the Death Note from me and hugged it to her chest, protecting it from any more harm on the still soggy cover.

"Plus, it's impossible to drop that from twenty-five feet – a rough estimate from your roof to the ground - and leave that deep of an indent. This notebook obviously fell from a great height. It wasn't from an airplane and no one dropped it from your roof." I put my index finger to my chin, trying to remember the measurement I had made before.

Marichka saved me from extra thinking. "You said something about it being dropped over ninety feet."

"I'm pretty sure Galileo's rule plays some part in this problem, but I'm just going to disregard that since I'm not too sure. So based on this evidence…"

"A shinigami dropped it?" Meagan suggested.

"I don't believe that!" Amanda declared as she crossed her arms. "There's got to be a logical explanation for all of this. Come back to reality, you guys."

"So it's real?" Marichka bounced up and down excitedly, completely ignoring me. Regardless of what I said, the chances of that notebook being the real deal were too high. Marichka laughed at me. "Haha! You just did all that math only to find out I was right!" Meagan smiled with amusement and my crossed arms stiffened, pouting and narrowing my eyes. Marichka laughed harder at my expression.

Meagan stepped closer to me and gave me what was supposed to be a comforting hug. "It's ok, Near. We still love you." I wasn't in the mood for hugs, so I stiffened and waited until Meagan was done 'cheering me up.'

"Ok, Ryuk. Sharing isn't always caring…" Apparently, Meagan didn't take notice to the hint and squeezed really tight. Like, really tight. One of her famous Meagan Hugs. As expected. I managed to get away from her grasp after she had loosened it, gasping for breath. At that moment I again realized how cold it was outside.

"We should get back inside. It's freezing out here." Marichka had said. For a second, it seemed like she had read my mind. I smoothed my foot over some snow and filled in both of the squares, so as not to raise any questions and to ease my own paranoia.

In a matter of minutes we were up in Meagan's room, all of us staring at the notebook of death curiously.

"What now?" Meagan asked. Marichka and I had the same question in mind. Well, I did anyway.

"We should try it."

My eyes widened as I turned to stare at Marichka.

"No way!" I hissed. Marichka had a gleam in her eye. It was way too similar to Light's in the manga and anime.

"Come on, Near. Just like they said in the series: 'There's something about the notebook that makes you want to try it out just once.'" Marichka finished with a smile.

"That's because they wanted to see if it was real. There's an extremely high chance that it's real. We can't use it!" I scolded her. Marichka didn't seem affected.

"Of course we can! All we need is a name and a face…" Marichka held her chin in her hand as she began to think.

"No! We can't kill someone! It's a crime! Against the law! A no-no!" I yelled and waved my arms around frantically to emphasize the importance of my statement. Marichka either didn't hear me, or ignored me. I guessed the latter.

"I can think of tons of names right now…I'll have to get my fake Death Note later and simply copy and paste!"

"Stop! No one is going to die from that book!"

"No. I should avoid killing people I know."

"You should avoid killing people, period!" I turned to Meagan and pointed a finger at Marichka. "Do you approve of this?"

Meagan shrugged. "Don't ask me what's right or wrong. I don't want to take part in any of this." With that statement she stood and walked to an empty space on her wall next to her bed that I hadn't noticed before and leaned against it, hands in her pockets.

I turned to Marichka, only to realize she wasn't there.

She was at Meagan's laptop on the other side of the room, typing something into Google Search. I raced to her side as she started writing something in the notebook. "NO!"

But it was too late.

Marichka leaned back on the side of the bed and smiled triumphantly. "Now, we wait."

My eyes widened as I looked at the screen.

Paul G. Newman

He looked beaten up and angry in his photo. A scar was above his right eye and his face was covered with dirt, as if he had just come out of a brawl. He had been arrested for beating up someone in an alleyway, and was vandalizing shops around a town for quite some time.

As cruel as this sounds, the death of this person didn't concern me. I only wanted the notebook.

My eyes flashed to the Death Note and my hand quickly reached out to grab it, but Marichka was faster. She snatched up the Death Note and ran to the other side of the room with a crazy smile on her face. "There's no way you're getting this!"

I knew that once a name was written, a death couldn't be avoided.

This isn't happening!

After chasing Marichka around the room and my efforts had proved fruitless, I gave up and sat down. For some reason, I gave up after forty seconds, mainly because I exceeded my limit at thirty. Even though the rules say that the death can't be avoided, it was worth a shot.

For all we know, it's not real! It could still be a prank! I thought hopefully. It would be really bad if Marichka had a real Death Note.

Meagan turned to Marichka, unfazed by what she had just witnessed. "So, how're you gonna find out about his death?"

Marichka raised an eyebrow. She then shrugged. "I'll find it somewhere. The news or the internet or something."

"So that means we have to wait?" I cried, still gasping for breath after the chase.

"Yep," The malicious glint in Marichka's eyes disappeared and her crazy smile turned into a normal one. "So what do you guys wanna do now?"

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