Introduction to Another Cup of Macchiato

Story Summary: Gui Gui's plan to free Wang Zi doesn't work out quite as she planned. If fact, her whole life isn't quite what it seem to be. This will be very Gui Gui (鬼鬼) centered.

Author's Note: I recently watched "Brown Sugar Macchiato" (黑糖瑪奇朵) and thought it was extremely mindlessly cute. The ending sucked royally though. I really didn't appreciate having the series cut off so abruptly like that, it was lame.

Another piece that confused me was the sudden inclusion of the cancer story in the Gui Gui (鬼鬼) and Wang Zi (王子) saga. As someone that's lost loved ones to the disease, I thought it was in poor taste and spoon shoved down our throats. Totally could have done without it. That being said, I thought the pairing was adorable (one of the few that was believable and worth watching really) and really would have liked to have seen more. So I'm writing my own story to continue on where I thought the plot veered off – no cancer story. This will be Gui Gui (鬼鬼) centric story so turn away now if you're not a fan. I don't want to hear complaints later. And I'll also be adding a little lot of drama to it with additional subplots for Gui Gui (鬼鬼). (Can you tell I'm a fan?)

Note: I'll insert scenes from the drama as I see fit. I'm assuming if you're reading this you've already seen "Brown Sugar Macchiato" (黑糖瑪奇朵) and I don't have to explain it. If you haven't seen it, it's on YouTube somewhere I'm sure. It's a short drama, only 13 or so episodes so you'll be done in a week if you really want to. Wikipedia it if you don't want to watch the drama and still want to read the story.

Yes, I'll also be adding other characters.

Also, while the majority of the story will be in English, I've decided to stick a little Chinese in here and there to clarify some of the dialogue. (The Chinese will always be in parenthesis after the English.) There will never be Chinese without its English equivalent and it will only be in dialogue. Sometimes certain expressions make more sense in Chinese… at least I hope. If it gets too confusing, I'll stop. But all names will have its Chinese equivalent behind because the English just looks wrong to me.

Timeline: Starting at the end of Episode 9 of "Brown Sugar Macchiato" (黑糖瑪奇朵). Assume everything before it to be true.

Main Cast:

Gui Gui (鬼鬼)
Wang Zi (王子)
Lu Ting Wei (陸廷威)

Secondary Cast:

Hey Girls (黑Girl)
Ya Tou (丫頭)
Tong Tong (彤彤)
Da Ya (大牙)
Mei Mei
Xiao Xun (小薰)
Xiao Jie (筱捷)
Xiao Man (小蠻)
Ke En (可恩)

Lollipop (棒棒堂)
Ao Quan (敖犬)
Xiao Yu (小煜)
Xiao Jie (小傑)
Wei Lian (威廉)
A-Wei (阿緯)

Li Quan (李銓)

Xiao Ma (小馬)

Ah Ben (阿本)

Liu Rong Jia (劉容嘉)

Huang Hong Sheng (黃鴻升), aka Xiao Gui (小鬼)

*Cast is subject to change at any second… depending on this author's mood and whether or not her muse will cooperate. Will update accordingly.

** Also the cast will never include Aaron Yan of Fahrenheit. (Let's not spoil my fantasy by mixing two fan favorite couples.)