Chapter 20 – A Date With A Prince

"I can't believe your moving so fast," Xiao Jie (筱捷) commented to Gui Gui (鬼鬼) as she packed up her bag and got ready to go home. "I'm going to miss going to your apartment building and bugging the lady down stairs."

"When is the official move?" Tong Tong (彤彤) asked from her seat across the way.

"This weekend," Gui Gui (鬼鬼) said happily as she carefully packed her ghost topped pencil, a gift from Wang Zi (王子) that had mysteriously appeared two days ago. She had been so happy she totally spaced out in class – much to Wang Zi's (王子) amusement. "My brother and his friend is coming to help supervise that movers."

"Oh my god," Apple gushed, "Your brother is so cool."

"And beautiful," Xiao Man (小蠻) couldn't help but add in awe. "I went by the club house the other day..." she sighed dreamily.

"He's nice too," Xiao Jie (筱捷) said with a grin. "He helped me up the other day when I fell on the stairs."

"Why are you always falling on the stairs?" Xiao Jie (小傑) asked, making his way to his eldest brother's desk. Ao Quan (敖犬) was currently trying to coax his girlfriend into going to the mall with him – but she didn't seem inclined to be agreeable.

"I can't help it," Xiao Jie (筱捷) pouted.

Xiao Jie (小傑) shook his head in pity. A more graceless girl he has yet to meet.

"I'm hot," Tong Tong (彤彤) complained, "Let's go get some ice."

"Oh… I love ice," Mei Mei agreed with a nod as she picked up her book bag. "Let's go!"

"I'm didn't bring any cash with me," Apple groaned with exaggerated anguish.

"I'll lend you some," Da Ya (大牙) sighed, rolling her eyes. Apple was constantly without cash these days.

"Can I come too?" Ao Quan (敖犬) asked eagerly, wanting to spend some time with his girlfriend… even if it meant putting up with the annoying Tong Tong (彤彤).

"Well…" Da Ya (大牙) hesitated, looking at the others for some kind of response. She didn't want her relationship to be the cause of resentment among the sisters.

Xiao Xun (小薰) picked up her bag and came closer to the group gathering, "Sure why not? Maybe we can get the owner to give us a group discount." She looked at the rest of the class, "Anyone else coming?"

"I'm coming," Xiao Yu (小煜) was quick to answer, trying to look causal but failing.

Mei Mei looked happy for a moment until she followed his eyes to Xiao Yu's (小煜) reason for joining the excursion. Her face didn't quite fall, but it was close enough.

"Me too," Ya Tou (丫頭) said grinning. She hadn't been out with the sisters in a while. Up keeping the house has been taking up most of her afternoons.

"Then I'm coming too!" A-Wei (阿緯) jumped over a desk to join them. If Ya Tou (丫頭) was going, he was definitely going.

Xiao Jie (筱捷) turned to Xiao Jie (小傑) and asked sweetly, "Are you coming?"

Xiao Jie (小傑) shrugged and inadvertently disappointed Xiao Jie (筱捷).

"You're coming," Xiao Yu (小煜) said to his brother with a look that was meant to convey bad things if he contradicted him.

Smiling a little weakly, Xiao Jie (小傑) nodded. "I guess I am." His third brother can be as vicious as their eldest brother at times.

Xiao Jie (筱捷) beamed.

Xiao Man (小蠻) turned to Ah Ben (阿本) and the other guys in the class. "We should make it a whole class thing. Let's all go!"

"Yes, yes," Tong Tong (彤彤) nodded her head enthusiastically, looking at a troubled Xiao Ma (小馬). He seemed to be hesitating. "Come on, Xiao Ma (小馬)," she urged. "As the class monitor, you should definitely go."

"Yeah, Xiao Ma (小馬)," the others all nodded.

Looking a little confused and somewhat uncomfortable, Xiao Ma (小馬) hesitated.

"Come on, Xiao Ma (小馬)," Wei Lian (威廉) slung an arm around their class monitor's shoulder. "Let me buy you some ice, thank you for helping us the other day." He grinned happily, "Hey maybe senior classmate Rong Jia (容嘉學姐) will join us," he said enthusiastically, looking at Mei Mei.

Mei Mei only rolled her eyes and vowed to tell her cousin… if for nothing else than to warn her. "Come on, Xiao Ma (小馬)," she urged for Tong Tong's (彤彤) sake. Her friend was positively crazy about the guy.

"Well…" Xiao Ma (小馬) looked uncertain.

"We should go," Li Quan (李銓) said with a smile that was wide and happy. "Let's make some good memories together," and slung a heavy arm around Xiao Ma's (小馬) shoulder.

Reluctantly, Xiao Ma (小馬) nodded in agreement and the rest of the class cheered and scrambled to get their stuff.

Wang Zi (王子) watched as everyone threw out suggestions and ideas as to where to go, cheering and booing ideas they were against, all the while heading towards the door. He waited a beat and grabbed Xiao Yu's (小煜) arm before his brother could leave. Leaning closer, "Make my excuses for the group later, okay?"

Xiao Yu (小煜) raised a brow in question but Wang Zi (王子) shook his head subtly and tilted his chin toward a happy, chatty Gui Gui (鬼鬼). Lifting a finger to his lips, he gave his brother a conspiratorial look. Xiao Yu (小煜) grinned and gave a quick nod in acknowledgment and approval. Waving to the other brothers, "Come on, let's get going."

Picking up her book bag, Gui Gui (鬼鬼) let Xiao Jie (筱捷) pass her first and then prepare to follow, hoping she would get to walk with Wang Zi (王子), who usually lagged behind the other boys. When she passed him in the aisle, he took her by the wrist and held her back a pace. Smiling at her, Wang Zi (王子) motioned for her to let the others pass first and linked his fingers through hers in an intimate manner that had her blushing with happiness.

Delighted by this unexpected act, she silently allowed him to guide her from the classroom but was then puzzled when he headed in an entirely different direction as the rest of the class. Glancing over her shoulder, she caught sight of a smirking Xiao Yu (小煜). "Um… Wang Zi (王子)?"

"Yes?" rounding a corner in a hurry. He did not want the rest of the class to notice them not following.

"Um… the others… they went that way," pointing behind them.

"Yes, I saw," and was suddenly glad that Xiao Yu (小煜) had talked him into driving to school today – mostly because Xiao Yu (小煜) was feeling too lazy to walk. It was going to make their getaway that much faster.

"But… but… why are we going the other way then?" she asked, straining to look over her shoulders but did not resisting the hand that was pulling her along.

"Because we're not going to get ice with the class," he informed her as they came within sight of his car.

"We're not?" she looked at him wide eyed. "Where are we going then?"

He opened the car door and shoved her quickly inside. "We're going on a date," then shut the door on her surprised face.


Ah Ben (阿本) turned around, wanting to remind his cousin that they should probably tell Ting Wei (廷威) that they were going to be late coming home from school. But the bobbing head that was Gui Gui (鬼鬼) appeared to be missing in the group of giggling girls. "Um… has anyone seen…"

"Hey!" A-Wei (阿緯) turned around in a circle… twice. "Where's Er Ge (二哥)?"

"Who?" Da Ya (大牙) asked curiously.

"He means Wang Zi (王子)," Ao Quan (敖犬) explained, shooting his youngest brother a dark glare. "Ignore him."

Da Ya (大牙) eyed her boyfriend suspiciously, unable to shake the distinct feeling that he was keeping something important from her.

Grabbing his youngest brother by the neck, Xiao Jie (小傑) gave him a look that was meant to hurt and kill.

"Hey, where is that lousy Wang Zi (王子)?" Ao Quan (敖犬) asked, looking around.

"And where did Gui Gui (鬼鬼) go?" Ah Ben (阿本) asked, stopping Xiao Jie (筱捷). He had last seen his cousin with their youngest classmate.

Xiao Jie (筱捷) stared at Ah Ben's (阿本) beautiful face and stammered with embarrassment, "Um… um… um…"

"Um… he… they…" Xiao Yu (小煜) winced. He hadn't expected Wang Zi (王子) and Gui Gui's (鬼鬼) disappearance to be discovered so soon. He was a lousy liar at best.

"They probably went off to spend some time alone," Xiao Xun (小薰) guessed with a shrug. "Wang Zi (王子) and Gui Gui (鬼鬼) haven't really had any alone time together since they got together. This is the perfect chance for them to not cross paths with any of us while they're out." She nodded her head in approval.

"They're officially together now?" Ah Ben (阿本) asked in disbelief. He thought it was still in the discussion phase of things no matter what the rest of the class had said. Great, that mean that meant the school gossip will probably reach Ting Wei's (廷威) ears in no time. Oh he does not want to be around when that happens.

"How romantic," Ya Tou (丫頭) gushed. "They probably went on a date. Their first date together."

"Why didn't they say anything to us?" Xiao Jie (筱捷) asked curiously.

"Why would they need to?" Xiao Yu (小煜) replied with a bland look. "If I had to report my dates to my friends, I'd probably never date."

Mei Mei stared in disbelief.

"Must be a guy thing," Tong Tong (彤彤) said with a frown. "We girls share everything with each other."

"But Gui Gui (鬼鬼) didn't say anything either," Xiao Jie (筱捷) whimpered in disappointment.

Xiao Xun (小薰) giggled. "I don't think Gui Gui (鬼鬼) had any say in the date. Wang Zi (王子) probably planned it on the fly and dragged our Gui Gui (鬼鬼) off with him. She's most likely just discovering this now."

Xiao Yu (小煜) grinned. "Wang Zi (王子) says he apologies for disappearing on us."

"He told you?" Ao Quan (敖犬) asked.

Nodding his head, Xiao Yu (小煜) smiled at his eldest brother smugly.

Ao Quan (敖犬) muttered something unpleasant under this breath then rolled his eyes. "Well let's just hope he doesn't mess it up."

"He won't," the other brothers replied confidently.

Xiao Jie (筱捷) tiled her head and looked at them funny. "I wonder what kind of a date they will have."


"So where would you like to go?" Wang Zi (王子) asked as he shifted gears and sighed with relief. They had gotten away without anyone being the wiser.

"Anywhere!" Gui Gui (鬼鬼) was practically… no, actually she was literally bouncing up and down in her seat. She was so excited she couldn't even sit still. "I don't care where we go."

Wang Zi (王子) looked over and unsuccessfully suppress the smile of surging joy. He was so happy to just be alone with her that he really didn't care where they went either, just as long as it was the two of them and no thoughts of intrusion. "Would you like to go to an amusement park? Or how about the theatre, I know you like movies. I thinks there's a carnival on the other side of town as well. What would you like to do?"

She was grinning from ear to ear and laughed for no reason. "I don't care, what would you like to do?"

He shrugged and changed gears again, driving slower now that there was no rush to go anywhere. "I'm not sure either." He pulled to the side of the road, next to a nearby park. "I'm kind of flying by the seat of my pants here. I hadn't really thought this through before I asked you out, this seems like the only time I get to spend with you these days. You're going to be really busy with moving soon."

"Would you like to come over for that?" she asked innocently.

"I don't think your brother would like that very much."

"You can help," she suggested with a grin. "You can bring your brothers too. That way it doesn't look like you were coming alone. I'll ask the ten sisters to come too. We'll make a party of it."

Staring at her a moment, Wang Zi (王子) was amazed he hadn't thought of that. It was the perfect excuse to see Gui Gui (鬼鬼) and her new place without rousing suspicion. "I'd like that… if I can get the guys to do some manual labor."

"They can come for the food then," she suggested with a laugh.

"Then you better make plenty of it," he grinned, knowing his brothers' ridiculous appetite. Speaking of which, he had best tell Ya Tou (丫頭) about the getting more groceries. They were running out of food thanks to Ao Quan (敖犬) and Wei Lian's (威廉) midnight kitchen raids – he was considering putting Ya Tou's (丫頭) English vocabulary locks back on the refrigerator.

"Well if the food doesn't tempt then, I'll just get Da Ya (大牙) to ask Ao Quan (敖犬). That should do it, right?" she laughed

Truly impressed by her ingeniousness, Wang Zi (王子) nodded agreeably. "Especially since Ao Quan (敖犬) has been begging Da Ya (大牙) for more time together lately."

Gui Gui (鬼鬼) nodded and looked at the window at the kids playing in the park for a moment. "Hey…" tilting her head slightly.

"What is it?" looking out the window at the same scene.

"They seem so happy," she murmured quietly as she watched an older brother push his younger sister on the swing. "I wish I had gotten that growing up."

Wang Zi (王子) looked watched her, then the scene and back at her wistful face again. "Well, at least you've found your brother again… just like I did."
Gui Gui (鬼鬼) turned and looked at him with a smile. "Yeah… I was very lucky. We both are. We found a family, a real one, so late in life."

"We didn't really find it," he mused with a slight frown, "It was always there, just not always accessible to us. But yes, I agree. We are very lucky."

She smiled wistfully again. "I think I know where I'd like to go now."

Surprised and interested, "Where?"

She grinned and looked at him mischievously. "Promise you won't be disappointed?"

He raised a brow. "Um… okay…" he answered doubtfully. But in truth, he didn't care where as long as he was with her. That's really all that mattered, right?

"Drive," she instructed, pointing down the street. "I'll show you the way."

Intrigued now, Wang Zi (王子) nodded and started the car.


Da Ya (大牙) watched the rest of the class with troubled eyes. More specifically, she was watching his boyfriend with the other four guys he was transferred in with. The boys were rambunctious, loud and affectionate. Too affectionate for being just friends that banded together when they were new to the school.

And that was the where the concern was. She didn't know how to address this nagging suspicion that her boyfriend's ties to his friends weren't what they seem to be. It just wasn't natural all that time he spends with them. And as close as the ten sisters are, they didn't spend every waking moment with each other as the boys seems to do. If she didn't know better…

"What's wrong, Da Ya (大牙)?" Ya Tou (丫頭) asked quietly, licking the ice cream from her lips.

"It's nothing," not wanting to burden her friend, Da Ya (大牙) gave a reluctant smile and shook her head. "I'm probably just thinking too much."

"What are you thinking about?" Ya Tou (丫頭) asked, concerned written across her sweet child like eyes.

Shrugging her shoulder, "Nothing of great importance," she smiled and nodded her head. "I should just leave well enough alone," that last part more for herself than anything else. With all the ups and downs that's happened lately, she should just be grateful for the little peace they've achieved and not borrow trouble where there was none.

But still…


Wang Zi (王子) laughed as he helped to carry a tray of juice boxes to the outside table and watched his girlfriend play eagles catching chicks (老鷹抓小雞) with the dozen children gathered in the play area.

Was he surprised to find himself at the local orphanage on his first date with Gui Gui (鬼鬼)? He would be lying if he said yes. After all, this was Gui Gui (鬼鬼) they were talking about; he should have expected their date to be out of the ordinary. Okay, he was a little taken aback the first few seconds when they arrived at the old converted church; but it was only for a few seconds. After he saw the delighted faces of the kids inside, he didn't doubt for a moment that it was the perfect place for their first date.

"Thank you for helping us," the aged nun in the traditional black and white habit said quietly as she looked across the way at the shrieking, laughing children.

"Thank you for letting us," Wang Zi (王子) answered honestly as two of the children broke away from the line and made a dash for the 'safe' area. Gui Gui (鬼鬼) shouted encouragements after them, laughing as one of the kids was 'captured' by the eagle.

"Your girlfriend is quite a delight. They children positively worship her," the smiled as Gui Gui (鬼鬼) gathered up the children again for another round of games.

"She is certainly is a lovely person," he agreed with a nod and a gentle fond smile for the girl that continued to surprised, delight and exasperate him. "Does she come here often?"

"At least once a month," the nun replied and arranged cookies on a platter. "But this is the first time she's brought a friend." She gave him a significant look.

Feeling his cheek brighten in color, Wang Zi (王子) tried to resist the smile but found that he didn't really want to. "I asked her where she wanted to go today and she chose to come here. She a very special person."

"Yes, she is," the nun said quietly and watched the children play with Gui Gui (鬼鬼). "And the children are very fortunate to have a patron in her. She never fails to brighten their day with a visit."

"She never fails to brighten the day of anyone that is fortunate enough to have her in their lives," he added with a nod. "Thank you for allowing us some time here. I think it made our day very special."

The nun was looking at Wang Zi (王子) with soft eyes of wisdom. "I can see that you appreciate her for who she is."

"I didn't before – took her for granted," he admitted honestly with a guilty smile, "But I'm not going to make the same mistake again."

Seemingly satisfied, the nun nodded and rapped a ruler on the dangling triangle near the table. "SNACK TIME!"

The children shrieked with delight and made a mad dash for the snack table. Gui Gui (鬼鬼) followed them at a slower pace, eyes shining with joy as she came to stand beside Wang Zi (王子), a little out of breath from chasing the children around.

"Here," he gave her a juice box. "Stay hydrated."

"I'm fine," she assured him and put the juice box back on the table. "Save it for the kids."

He smiled and said nothing, watching the older children help the younger ones with their straws. Gui Gui (鬼鬼) jumped in to help with the stubborn snack bags that didn't want to open and the spilled juices that needed cleaning up. The children crowded around her, eager for attention. She took her time to talk to every single child, touching soft little cheeks that starved for affection and lavishing them with adoration.

Of those present, he was the only one she's not spent more than ten minutes with. And for a single ridiculously unreasonable moment, Wang Zi (王子) felt a stab of jealousy.

Then a little boy of five or six offered Wang Zi (王子) a bite for his cookie and made him feel like a slug. Gently refusing the treat, Wang Zi (王子) looked over at Gui Gui (鬼鬼) as she generously spread her time among the kids and giggled at the teasing she was getting from some of the older girls. They were obviously quizzing her about him and she was kindly rebuffing all inquiries to the nature of their relationship.

Feeling like he needed to make it up to the orphanage kids for some unspoken slight on his part, Wang Zi (王子) went over to join Gui Gui (鬼鬼) at the center of the tight little circle around her. Knowing the kind of reaction he would elicit, he gently encircled Gui Gui's (鬼鬼) waist with one arm and brought her close to his side in a gesture that was too intimate to be mistaken. The young girls shrieked with delight as Gui Gui (鬼鬼) flushed pink with embarrassment but didn't pull away.

Then the barrage of questions started.

It amazed Wang Zi (王子) how perfect strangers felt so comfortable around Gui Gui (鬼鬼) as to ask such amazingly intimate questions. And while he turned tomato red with embarrassment, Gui Gui (鬼鬼) laughed and fielded the questioned with teasing fun, evoking more screams of happiness and glee for her.

The old nun that ran the establishment watched for distance for a while before calling the children inside, bringing an end to the visit that both enlightened and delighted Wang Zi (王子). The children all bemoan the shortness of the visit (though they had been there well over two hours now) and extracted promises from both for another visit soon. Gui Gui (鬼鬼) was only too delighted to solemnly swear that she would come again and Wang Zi (王子) promised faithfully to bring her.

As they drove off with Gui Gui (鬼鬼) hanging out the window, waving madly at the crowd of children that had walked them out, Wang Zi (王子) felt his heart swell a little more. He couldn't quite find the words to describe why the date had been perfect, only that it had been and he couldn't think of any other place they could have gone to that he would have enjoyed more.


"Thanks for doing this," Gui Gui (鬼鬼) said finally sitting properly in her seat again, her pretty face aglow with joy.

"I'm glad we came," he told her as they headed further out of the city.

"Hey, where are we going?" she asked, looking at the passing signs on the road. "I live that way," jerking a thumb over her shoulder.

"I know," he smiled without turning. "Since we got to do what you wanted to do this afternoon, I thought we'd try something I want to do next."

"We're going on another date?" she asked, grinning like a child at the candy store.

"Let's call it an extension of this date," he replied and gun the engine. "It's not as great as your pick and I think you'll like it."

Gui Gui (鬼鬼) raised a brow in inquiry.


"She's not home?" Ting Wei (廷威) frowned at the receiver and made a quick noise with his throat. "Um… do you know where she went?"

"She's probably out with her friends," Wu Gui Ying (吳貴櫻) replied, juggling briefcase, phone and her shoes. She had rushed into the half packed apartment when she heard the phone ring. "It's not unusual and nothing to be alarmed about," chuckling at the concern she could hear in Gui Gui's (鬼鬼) brother's voice.

"Oh…" the doubt was there in his tone.

"She's not a child anymore, Ting Wei (廷威)," she replied, finally succeeded in getting her heels off and sighing silently with relief for her poor abused ankles. "And she's been spending most afternoons and evenings at home this past week packing for the move. It's not like her to be cooped up. She likes to spend time with her friends running around town as young girls do."

"Oh…" he didn't know what to say to that.

"I'll have her call you when she comes home, alright?" as a way of compromising. She had a feeling that it was going to be a while before both siblings get use to being in each others' lives again.

"Okay, thanks," Ting Wei (廷威) hung up the phone dejectedly, wishing he had gotten to see his sister at school. But with the midterms rolling around, he had spent a few extra hours after school with the rest of the class brushing up on subjects for the test. He couldn't wait until the weekend when Gui Gui (鬼鬼) would be living right next door and he would be assured of her safety every day.

A part of him knew that he was being the obsessive big brother (as his best friend keeps harping on) but he couldn't help himself. It's taken him years to find his little sister and he couldn't help but fear that she would disappear again. Okay, so he was being a little possessive but who can really blame him… except maybe his sister.

"Hey Biao Ge (表哥)," Ah Ben (阿本) greeted, taking off his shoes.

"Ah Ben (阿本), did you see Gui Gui (鬼鬼) today?" Ting Wei (廷威) winced almost the minute he had completed the sentence. Okay, he was sounding like a jealous lover now.

"You could just call her, you know," Ah Ben (阿本) grinned and sat down with a sigh.

"And where have you been?" glancing at his watch.

"The whole class went for ice this afternoon," Ah Ben (阿本) replied, stretching his muscles. He had been spoiled by his cousin, riding to and from school in that neat little sports car of his. The bus ride from the school seemed to take forever now though it was really only forty minutes.

"Oh," Ting Wei (廷威) sighed in relief. "So she was out with the whole class then."

Ah Ben (阿本) blinked and said nothing. He did not want to be the one to let his cousin know about Gui Gui (鬼鬼) and Wang Zi (王子) – they shoot the messenger sometimes.

"Did you see her home afterwards?" he wanted to know.

"Um… no." Well, it was at least an honest answer. He was never good at lying to his cousin.

Ting Wei (廷威) frowned slightly. "Maybe she did go out with her friends after all," he murmured and got up. "I'll… I'll call her later," he decided. He didn't want his sister to think he was hovering… which he was. The girl has her own friends, friends that were there before they found each other again. He didn't want her neglecting those friendships... even if he did want to manipulate her time a little right now. But there was plenty of time to spend with his sister in the future. Lots of time…

Ah Ben (阿本) stared after his cousin as Ting Wei (廷威) made his way thoughtfully to the bedroom. It was only when he heard the door close did he breathe a sigh of relief. He does not want to be around when Ting Wei (廷威) finds out that his sister has got herself a boyfriend. One that apparently didn't see anything wrong with spontaneously taking off with Gui Gui (鬼鬼) without some much as a by-your-leave for the rest of the class. But then again, Wang Zi (王子) was going to have to do some fast thinking and quick planning if he ever expect to get any dates – much less alone time – with Gui Gui (鬼鬼) from now on.

The fun times were just beginning.


"Oh my god," Gui Gui's (鬼鬼) hands tightened on Wang Zi's (王子) arm. "It's beautiful!"

Smiling with delight, Wang Zi (王子) clasped a hand over the ones Gui Gui (鬼鬼) had wrapped around his forearm with both fear and delight. "I thought you might enjoy this."

"I've never been up here before," she exclaimed and turned to him with shiny bright eyes that reflected the setting sun.

He grinned and nodded. "I've always wanted to come and thought that this would be the perfect opportunity." Pulling her hands from his forearm, he looped his released arm around her shoulder, pressing her tightly to his side. "Look!" pointing toward with his chin since she had taken hold of his free hand in nervous fear. "You can see the school from here."

At the top of the Ferris wheel, overlooking the city that was bathed in the golden rays of the setting sun, Wang Zi (王子) shared the view of the world with his new girlfriend. Though safely secured in their glass cage seats, Gui Gui (鬼鬼) still have an irrational fear of the height and clung onto Wang Zi (王子) since the moment they wheel began is slow ascent. Not that Wang Zi (王子) complaining…

"It's so wonderful," Gui Gui (鬼鬼) breathed as she drank in the slight of the city with all its shiny windows and light washed buildings. It was a breathtaking view of the world. And she was getting to see it with her beloved prince. "Thank you for bringing me here."

"Thank you for coming with me," Wang Zi (王子) replied softly and looked down at a mesmerized Gui Gui (鬼鬼) with a smile that was pure joy. "Hey Gui Gui (鬼鬼)?"

"Um?" she turned her head to look up at him.

Leaning down, Wang Zi (王子) pressed his lips against hers for a brief moment before rising his head again to look at her stunned silent face. "Happy first date."


Author's Note: Was that too abrupt of an ending?Sorry! This story is becoming too long and I've pretty much ran it to the ground now. So, I'm just going to end it on a happy note… and their first date. I think the rest of the story can continue on from the series starting with Episode 12 when they go to the water park. (I've pretty much set it up for it.)

I had a lot of fun writing this series and I thank all the people that followed me through the ups/down/good/bad chapters. Hope to be inspired in the future to write again!