" Dang she's hot " Wally thought as he licked his lips

The young teen stared and drool at his long time crush Kuki as she tried on different shades of make up .

" She doesn't need make up she's as good as she is " he said frowning

" Didn't know you were girl spying numbah 4" a familiar voice laughed

" Huh !? H-hey !" Wally said surprised

" Hi" smirked Hoagie

" Numbah 2 don't you eva do that again you almost gave me a cruddy heart attack !" Wally yelled

" And you're gonna make me deaf with all that yelling " Hoagie replied putting a finger in his ear

" Thank God that it wasn't Abby or Nigel that saw otherwise I would have been toast " he said

Hoagie stared at Kuki who was humming a tune .

" Well she is pretty " he said

Wally smacked Hoagie on the back .

" Yow ! What was that for ?" he asked rubbing his back

" Keep your eyes to yourself she's mine " Wally said smirking

Hoagie snickered as he stared at Wally's face .

"Man he sooo wants her." He said to himself

Wally's face then turned red , his smirk disappearing . How could he act so…perverted ?

" Cruddy hormones " he mumbled before walking off


" Oh numbah 5 this dress is so cute " Kuki squealed holding up the dress

The French girl looked up from her I touch .

" Girl you got taste but don't go wasting your money on all them clothes now . You need room for the accessories"

"I know I know but it's just soooooooo gorgeous " Kuki said again

Abby got up from the chair and took Kuki's hand .

" Come on girl lets go " she said taking Kuki away from the dress

The two teen girls walked outside of the store and into the mall .

As they were walking , they bumped into a familiar red headed girl .

" Hi Fanny" Kuki said waving

" Sup girl ?" Abby said

" Hey what are you guys doing here ? " she asked

" Going shopping " Abby said

" What a coincidence I was going to meet up with Rachel and we were gonna go to super smoothie together " said Fanny as she looked at herself in a mirror

" Well we'll tag along if that's alright" Abby said

" Sure lets go " said Fanny

The three passed knd girls walked off into the mall .

" Poned !" yelled Hoagie as he jumped into the air

" What !? No way ! I rock at rock band " Wally said crossing his arms

" Not anymore " Hoagie said doing a weird dance

" Please numbah 2 don't dance it's quite disturbing" said the old bald leader

" Nigel want me to kick your butt too ?" asked Wally smiling

" Uh no thanks numbah 4 I would rather have my buttocks un kicked " Nigel said looking down at his bottom

" You're so boring " mumbled Wally

" Hi guys " said Kuki as she entered the room

Wally's face turned pink .

" Dang it Wally don't lose it ." he said to himself

" What's up girls ?" asked Hoagie

" Dude do you know how gay that sounded ?" said Abby

" Really ? " said Hoagie his eyes a bit wide

" Why did you bring her along !?" shouted Nigel poiting to Fanny

" Because we all wanted to hang out . And it's none of your business numbah 1 !" Fanny shouted in his face

Nigel fixed his sunglasses and turned away .

" Hmph grump " he said smirking

Fanny glared at him and kicked him hard in the ribs .

" Mommyyyy !" whined Nigel holding his aching side

" That will teach ya not to mess with me " Fanny said turning away

Meanwhile , the young Aussie was busy staring secretly at his Japanese crush . Whenever she would look at him , he would slightly blush and turn away .

" You know I have to admit Wally's gotten cuter over the years….wow I never thought I would say that ." Kuki said to herself blushing at the end

" I'm gonna go use bathroom " Wally said getting up to leave the room

As he passed by Kuki , she felt something brush against her leg . When she looked down she saw Wally's hand behind his back . The young girl blushed .

Did he just touch her leg .