Cassie loved Adam. She was sure – there was the silver connection, and everything else. But there was something she didn't understand about him. They'd passed a month together, but there still was something that made her feel bad about them.

There was something bad in him, she knew. But at her eyes, he was so perfect that even if he had killed a baby she wouldn't have noticed. He was handsome, good, powerful in the coven, loved nature, loved her and had always been faithful (okay, well, he had been faithful only since he was with Cassie). She couldn't find any bad in him.

She felt so strange that before going to sleep, that night, she decided to help her dreams a bit, by putting a moonstone under her pillow.

And she found the solution, in her sleep. She found what the problem was.


When she was with Nick, Adam was so angry with him. Even if he had Diana then.

Why? What did he think, back then? That Cassie was meant to be single, for the rest of her life? Alone, with nobody by her side, just because she couldn't have him?

Her problem with Adam was that he was too much selfish. He wanted both Diana and Cassie, and he wanted them all for himself.

It was five in the morning when Cassie woke up, and she was confused. Now that she understood the true personality of Adam, she didn't know what her feelings were. Cassie got up and reached the window. Looking at the sea had always helped her clearing her mind.

She couldn't feel the silver thread anymore. It was gone. Her love for Adam was gone.

But… It was impossible. According to what Diana and Melanie had said, they were soulmates.

She needed to talk about it with somebody, the sooner.


No, she couldn't talk with her. Diana had sacrified herself for Adam and Cassie – Cassie couldn't just go to her place and say hey Diana, know what? I don't love Adam anymore! You can keep him if you want! You know, all you did for us turned up to be useless.


Hey Adam, what a beautiful night, isn't it? You're so selfish that I don't feel anything for you anymore. Bye, see you tomorrow at school!

What about Nick?

Hey Nick… Sorry, I hurt you so much in the past, but I'm not in love with Adam anymore and I had the need to tell somebody. You seemed perfect.

Ohh, yes. An ex boyfriend. What the hell she had in mind? She couldn't tell anybody.

She was crying when she went down to the beach. She had passed months and months thinking that Adam was the only one for her, and now all her feelings were gone. She sat down on the sand, looking at the ocean. It was so big, and full of surprises. As life is.

Sometimes my life will be calm, and sometimes there will be high waves, she thought. But I'll always be myself.


A voice she recognized. She didn't turn to look at the person who had called her, in that surprised tune. She already knew who this person was.