The Soulless

Darius Masachi

By Mckenzie Murphy


A young vampire called Darius stepped into the dark auditorium, he had been called upon by the elders of his clan who were called Marain, Satolia, Binaire, and Masachi. Masachi was his father. Four dimly lit lanterns hung from the wall behind each of the elders. As he stepped closer to the four ancient vampires, they began to speak in unison.

"Darius...we have chosen you to complete a task of great importance"

he stops and looks at the small group, his green eyes shining in the darkness "what will you have me do"

"you will destroy the opposing clan of darkness, only you can do this" they continued to speak as one

"but why me...I have yet to complete a single mission...and my training is still in effect" Darius replies.

his father stands up and walks closer to Darius "your power is greater than even that of the elders, at such a tender age the other clan of darkness will not think to stop you from entering their walls"

Masachi looks over his shoulders then leans closer to Darius, whispering into his ear

"the elders have decided that your strength is becoming a threat...we chose to send you on this mission alone in hopes of your death"

Darius looks at his father with fear and confusion in his eyes "but...why...I haven't done anything to deserve this...what gives them the right, and YOU...why can't you stop them you're an elder too" he cries quietly to his father.

Masachi closes his eyes and leans away from his son "because they fear that you will over throw them and take the title of leadership...I tried to dissuade them but it came to a vote...three to one says you must die" he opens his eyes and reaches into his dark cloak pulling out folded letter and hands it to Darius. Then turns around and speaks louder so that the elders can hear "he has accepted and will leave tonight".

A noticeable air of relief is felt from the elders as they speak "then all is well, we wish you luck Darius. Please return safely so that we may finish your training"

he nods once then turns around, slowly walking away from the gaze of the elders and out into the hallway. He sighs and leans against the wall next to the doors, his body trembling slightly.

With a shaking hand he unfolds his fathers letter

Darius My son

you must leave this clan before the sun sets

come to my home and I will have a team ready

to escort you from the village

This is all I can do without drawing to much attention

Please forgive me I never wanted to put you in

harms way

no matter what you think of me, know this

I will always love you my son

and I will always do what I can to protect you

Your father, Masachi

A single tear rolls down his cheek as he reads the last of the letter, then closes his fingers around it. Crushing the thin paper in his fist then storms out of the building.