Last Thoughts – by BandGeek99

Angsty little drabble written to coincide with the newly published chapter 104 of the Fullmetal Alchemist manga. I have never been so pissed at a mangaka in my entire experience. The only thoughts running through my head were a) GOD DAMN IT ARAKAWA! WHY?! and b) They never had the chance… *sniffs*


I don't own. If I did, this never would have happened. Enjoy.


It was a good way to go, she supposed. Not ideal perhaps, but…

Scratch that. It wasn't ideal at all. If Winry Rockbell had her way, she wouldn't be dead until she was at least eighty. Yes, sir, if the world were fair, that's the way it would happen.

But she would be old and ugly and wrinkly by then, she reasoned. Now, at age fifteen, she was young and pretty. Edward could always remember her this way, the way she wanted him to.

Edward… Her last thoughts drifted to him. She was stupid, she didn't leave, she didn't listen to him. He wanted her safe; she couldn't just go to Creta or some other foreign country with her grandmother, put his mind at rest. He would have found her; she never doubted that for an instant.

Maybe she would have told him how she felt. Maybe he would have accepted those feelings, even reciprocated. Maybe Alphonse would get his body back. Maybe there would be little Elric children running around the Rockbell property. Maybe the three childhood friends would live long enough to see the change they wanted in the world happen under the rule of a certain Fuhrer Roy Mustang.

There were many maybes and only one definite: she was going to die.

She would never work with automail.

She would never goof around with her mechanic friends in Rush Valley.

She would never pelt Edward over the head with a wrench.

She would never see Alphonse walk on his own flesh-and-blood legs.

She would never get married, nor have children.

She would never have the chance to tell him that she loved him.

Ed… I'm sorry…

And during the whole event, as his entire country was swallowed up around him, Edward could feel his heart wrench, as though something vital had been yanked out of his system, out of his very being. At first, he thought it was his soul; after all, the transmutation circle had been activated.

But no. He was still there in his own body, so that theory was soon disproved. And then it hit him. Winry. Winry, Winry, Winry, the girl who held a small part of himself, the girl whom he cared about more than life, almost as much as his brother…

Winry… I never got to tell you… I loved you…

So yeah. Full of death... and angst... and bits of romance...

I really hope this isn't the way it ends for Edward and Winry. Please, Arakawa, don't do this to us!!

Reviews are appreciated, flames will be used to warm my freezing fingers.