Black, the color of space and deep sleep, shone beautifully against the starry night. Almost becoming lost, if not for the eyes that spoke of fire and strength. Alec Ramsey watched The Black, a stallion of exotic origins, prance around the enclosed pen. Flecks of dirt were thrown into the air by the spry Arabian hooves. The arch of a muscular neck was thrown in sharp relief by a curtain of hair flowing above it. The gait quickened as Alec watched in appreciation.

It had been a long day for them both and now they were recharging their reserves of calm. Another race day over, another winning victory lap behind them. Alec smiled proudly at the memory of his Black standing at stark attention for the photo session afterward. They had been working on manners and it had paid off. Not even the hundreds of flashing camera bulbs had thrown the stallion.

Now, they could relax. Alec settled with his back against a fence post, it's comforting feel digging into his heavy coat. It was starting to get cold again, the days would get shorter soon. He wondered if The Black knew about any of it or if the world was a blur of emotions, events and places for the horse. Exhaling a cloud of air into the night, Alec let his thoughts wander to the beat of black hooves.