AUTHORS NOTE: So you all know I love my case stories and I so totally needed to have one up because it was killing me. I have an idea in progress but I do believe it's going to take me a while to get that one down in writing but this one was concocted today during a boring lecture about PDP's *dies* I've had that lecture about a million times! Give us a damned break!

WARNING: This is a sequel to Five Years Ago because I'm going to have the cold behaviour between Jackie and Robbie still but it's going to end and I don't want to get rid of Jenny :)

DISCLAIMER: I only own the OC's


[Murder #1]


The house was no different to the other terraced houses that were situated on the long avenue. It had the same warm red bricks that were starting to look a little dirty due to the amount of traffic that rattled down the streets at all hours of the day. The windows were a perfect white and blinds hung but were always shut due to their being no garden for distance between the residents and the outside world. The door was a clean white despite the dirt that covered the bricks and a shiny metal number "7" made it clear which house this was. It was only until you walked inside that you realised there was a difference to this house.

The hallway was empty apart from a small table and a long line of coat hooks. On the table rested a small glass bowl that laid empty during the day but come night time it was filled with condoms and car keys were also slung into it. The adjoining door to the hallway took you into the empty living room that was also a sterile white with a black fireplace, couch and rug laid across the floor. During the day a small toy box rested in the corner but after sundown it was hidden away so that no evidence of a child lived there could be seen. The kitchen was also a sterile white with a black granite counter and a ebony brown for the cupboards. The only difference to a normal kitchen was that this one contained two fridges, one for the everyday food and one for alcohol fun edible treats.

Upstairs there were four rooms including the bathroom. The smallest bedroom was occupied by both mother and daughter. The door stayed permanently shut with a "Do Not Enter" sign attached to it. This was where the young girl was told to stay after sundown and she never questioned it, she just put on one of her films and listened to the noises that came from the two other bedrooms. This bedroom was the only one with colour. It was a hot pink with multicoloured butterflies sketched all over the walls and shelves contained books and teddies that she associated as her only friends because she didn't mingle at school and she wasn't invited to anyone's house for tea.

The other two bedrooms were locked away from her but she had been in several times. One bedroom was simply a large bed with soft covers and pillows everywhere in the shape of hearts. The sign on this door simply read "The Love Room". Mummy told her that meant when visitors came they would understand what could happen in that room whereas the other door read "The Pain Room" and the little girl hadn't really understood why mummy had whips and chains in that bedroom or the thing hanging from the ceiling but seeing as she wasn't allowed in the rooms, she never asked her mummy either.


She sat in her room and heard the front door open, her mother's beautiful warm laughter as she welcomed someone into the house. She had heard the children at school whisper about how her mummy was a whore but she didn't know what that meant and when she'd asked mummy, mummy had just said it was the other mummy's just being jealous about how amazing mummy's job was. She had just smiled and gave her mummy a hug before moving up to her bedroom like she did every night after her favourite TV programme. She settled down on her bed, her favourite ragdoll resting on her knee as they cuddled up to watch one of her favourite films.

The sound of footsteps told her that her mummy was showing the visitor one of the rooms. She knew that when mummy went into one of those rooms with a visitor then she would be in there for nearly all of one film or maybe just over two. The little girl didn't mind because when her mummy came into spend the night with her, she cried at night and it kept her awake. She didn't like being kept awake the night before nursery, the teacher always yelled at her then for yawning.

She jumped as she heard a scream, her heart racing as she climbed off the bed. "Mummy?" She called out as she opened her bedroom door just to see the visitor running out of "The Pain Room". He froze as he saw her stood there but not for too long as he ran down the stairs. She leant over the banister and watched as he ran out the front door. She turned back to the room and pushed the door open with a gentle, "Mummy." She stopped walking as she saw her mummy lying against the bed covered in a red liquid. Her eyes were open as she stared over at the little girl and there was a horrible gash across her neck. The little girl whimpered before moving over and climbing onto the bed, her face burrowing into her mummy's chest as she let her tears fall.