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[The End]

Robbie smiled as he cuddled up to his two girls that night in the bed, their focus on the television that Robbie had lugged up to the bedroom so that they could curl up and watch Disney movies. Lenny was sat on his knee, her head resting back on his shoulder as Jackie curled up to his side, her head resting on his shoulder as he slung his arm around hers. He couldn't help but smile at the cute image that was playing out here as he groaned at his phone ringing.

"Just ignore it," Jackie whispered as she nipped her teeth along his jaw. "I'm sure it'll be just Burke checking in on us." She pointed out and Robbie agreed as he leant back on the bed, his other arm wrapping around Lenny's waist so she didn't fall off thanks to his movements. He turned to look at Jackie.

"I could get used to this," he whispered indicating the scene and she smiled as she reached out to smooth back Lenny's fringe from her face before nodding her own agreement. Once they'd sorted out their issues over her leaving for London, the ditching of her fiancé and the idea of Robbie always going to be in love with Ashley they had decided that they did love each other enough to leave these problems behind them.

"I'm already used to it," she whispered before groaning herself as the phone rang again. "I'll go get it," she said squeezing the hand on her shoulder before climbing out of the bed and running to where the phone was stashed on the drawers by the bedroom door. "It's Jenny." She told him before answering the call. She went to say hello but didn't have a chance before Jenny started a screaming tirade. Robbie watched as Jackie's face fell.

"What is it?" He asked keeping hold of Lenny, ignoring her protests, as he stood up so that he could move towards her. The phone dropped from her grip as she turned to look at him.

"There's a bomb in the house," she whispered shell shocked but Robbie couldn't help but spring into action as he handed Jackie Lenny.

"You two get outside. Grab your coats because it'll be cold out. Knock on the neighbours doors and get them as far away from this house as possible." He could still see that Jackie was processing the information so he took hold of her shoulders. "Jackie, you know how to deal with this situation. I know it's different when you're the target but you need to do this."

She took hold of his wrist as he removed his hands from her shoulders, "you can't stay. You need to come to." She demanded but Robbie just shook his head.

"I need to find it first and get photos for evidence. Jacks, I'll only look for a couple of minutes then I'll leave. Okay?" She looked at him before nodding her head. She took a firmer hold of Lenny and ran down the stairs, grabbing hold of two coats then running out into the garden banging on the bins as she went hoping to cause a fuss. Letting go of Lenny, she told her surrogate daughter to run and wake the left hand side neighbours while Jackie went to the right. Time was key here.

Robbie sighed as he searched every nook and cranny in the bedroom for the bomb. The bedroom was normally the most stereotypical place to hide a bomb but when he couldn't find it he decided to move downstairs. It was another common place as once the bomb went off downstairs upstairs was literally a prison unless you were brave enough to jump out your window.

Searching through every bit of the house, he finally found it in the kitchen under the sink. He swore as he saw that he only had two minutes before the bomb was going to go off. He had got the girls out just in time was his only thought as he grabbed hold of his mobile and started to snap photos.

The sirens were a comforting sound to Jackie as she stood at the corner of the street with Lenny in her arms and their neighbours. She was praying a silent prayer in her mind that Robbie would hurry up and get out of the house, tears filling her eyes as she stared at the house knowing that he'd burst through the door any minute. The car screeched to a halt next to them and she turned as she saw her three fellow detectives climb out of the car.

"Where's Robbie?" Burke asked gruffly and she pointed to the house causing him to curse as he too found himself turning to look at the house. "Right, I'll go in and see what he's up to. Jenny, you keep these people here and make sure no one tries to get on this street. Stuart, you keep on the damned phone of the bomb squad because we need to..." the words stopped as the house exploded.

"Robbie!" Jackie screamed through her tears but before she could even consider running towards the house, Jenny had hold of her arms so that she was stuck. "Oh god," she cried looking down at the floor. She should have made sure he came out with her. She should have demanded it.

"Stuart, we need an ambulance and a fire brigade here. Now." Burke instructed his own throat choked up at the idea of Robbie still being in that house. He should have known Robbie would try and play hero. It was a Robbie trait.

"Daddy!" Lenny called and everyone looked up to see a rather dirty looking Robbie walking towards them, his hand running through his hair as Lenny broke free and ran towards him. He picked her up and pressed a kiss to her cheek.

"You bastard," Jackie laughed through her tears as she punched him as he tried to wrap his arms around her. He stared at her in mock horror.

"Hey, I just nearly got blew up. I'd like a little bit of love and consideration..." his sentence was cut short by her lips taking hold of his, her arms wrapping around his waist as she smiled at the fact that he was okay. When they broke off, he smiled over at Burke. "Your suspect knew how to put a bomb together." He said throwing the phone over to Jenny so she could see the photos.

"Detective Scott, how can I help you?" The woman asked as the warden opened the door to the simple cell she was spending the night in before she'd be moved to the prison in the morning.

"I just thought I'd let you see the family that you tried to kill." She said before motioning Robbie, Jackie and Lenny forward. "You were really trying to kill this little girl?" She shook her head. "If this was America, sweetheart, you'd have a needle in your arm." She snapped harshly before indicating that the warden should shut the door again as she turned to look at the two detectives. "Well aren't we glad we solved this one."

"Yes, we are." They chorused as they took hold of little Lenny's hand and moved down the corridor.