To Die Like This, With a Last Kiss

A/N: This is a one shot D/Hr fic I was inspired to write after viewing a fanart piece by the amazing 3am. You can see this gorgeous piece for yourself here: .com/art/Die-Like-This-With-a-Last-Kiss-31264899

Enjoy the story!!

(Of course, I do NOT own the characters. I wish.)

Blazes of wand light shimmered and streaked by her in every direction. The screams and shouts, the smell of burning wood, the horror that surround her provoked her into moving faster. Hermione ran as fast as she could… there was a hut just up ahead. Only a few more feet. Lunging to the side, behind a tree, to avoid being seen by a Death Eater, she held her breath. She couldn't get caught… not now, not yet. Once the Death Eater had passed, not seeing any prey, Hermione rose and dashed into the hut, firmly shutting and blocking the door behind her.

Sliding to the floor, Hermione tried to relax her breathing, taking a second to figure out her surroundings… masks surrounded her on all sides. It could be considered a shame that masks disturbed her, which only added to the situation. Curling up and resting her head on her knees, she tried to will away the tears that wanted to fall. So many of her friends had already fallen- Ron, Arthur, Fred and George, Tonks, Remus… the list went on and on. Harry was fighting for his life, and everyone else's, against Voldemort, as she hid in this hut.

A hidden door on the side of the hut opened, letting a blast of cool air in. Hermione gasped, an involuntary reaction. A black-robed figure stepped into the room and shut the door again.


Hermione stood up quickly, staring in shock. "Draco?"

The robed figure pushed back the hood, shaking out platinum hair. Draco's gray eyes were filled with sorrow. "Hermione, love.."

Hermione tensed for a moment, then the tears started to fall slowly. "He lost, didn't he? Harry lost."

Draco moved closer to her, wiping away her tears. "Not quite… It looks like a close call out there…"

Around the hut, the sounds of battle drew closer, louder. Hermione offered him a smile. "I guess this is goodbye, then, isn't it?"

He half-smiled. "I guess it is…"

Hermione reached into her back pocket and took out a small vial of green liquid. She went to open the vial when he stopped her.

"Hermione, wait…"

She looked up at him, head tilted slightly. He hesitated a moment, then spoke. "If I'm never going to get a chance to say this to you again, I want to say it now. I love you, Hermione Granger. With everything I am."

Hermione smiled through tears, putting the vial down for a moment. Reaching up, she touched his face. "I love you, too, Draco Malfoy. More than you'll ever know."

Without a second's hesitation, Draco picked her up and kissed her. Hermione instinctively wrapped her legs around his waist to help keep balance, her fingers buried in his hair. They were too involved in the kiss to hear the door open, to see the shocked faces of his fellow Death Eater's, or hear the words that condemned them to death…..

Later, once the war was won, and the survivors searched for others, Harry Potter himself came across the hut and the bodies within. He had no tears left in him to cry, but if he could, he would have. For there, on the floor of the hut, lay Hermione and Draco, wrapped in one another's arms, expressions peaceful. Harry gently brushed a piece of hair away from Hermione's face.

"I'm glad you finally found love and peace, Hermione… I'll miss you… Wherever you guys may be, Draco, you better take care of her."

((For the best way to die, is with a kiss like this.))