prompt: "Five minutes of staring longingly into each others' eyes is canon, look it up." for kitty_alex

Sam was grinning ear-to-ear when Dean walked into the motel room. "What the hell are you grinning at?" he snapped when Sam just smiled wider looking at Dean.

"You know," he broke down into actual freakin' giggles, "you know- Shit give me a second," more giggles. "Okay, okay. You know the whole fanfiction thing." Dean nodded slowly unsure of where this conversation was going. "Remember canon and fanon? Like we'd be-"

"Dude," Dean held up his hand, "don't finish that sentence I remember."

"Well..." Sam looked at the computer then at Dean, "Y'know what read it yourself."

Dean and Cas are so canon; they're going at it any time Sam leaves the motel.

Five minutes of staring longingly into each others' eyes is canon, look it up.

According to Cosmo the mutual sharing of breath can be more erotic than kissing! They do that all the time.

Sam patted Dean's shoulder, "at least they've back off us, huh?" Sam laughed some more but tried to quiet it down when Dean glared, "alright," he held up his hands. "I'm going to go out. Don't have too much fun with your angel," Sam shut the door roaring again.

Dean smirked when he heard the familiar beat of wings. "He finally left," Castiel wrapped his arms around Dean from behind, kissing his neck softly.

Dean turned, "took him long enough." Castiel hmm'd against his lips. "At least Chuck didn't write his visions exactly like he saw them."

"Poor prophet," Castiel chuckled.

"Poor fangirls," Dean countered. Castiel nodded his head in agreement, "don't want to share anyways."

Castiel licked his lips, "no neither do I."

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