Hey! The characters are not mine. They belong to Stephenie Meyer. I'm only "borrowing" a somewhat different version of them to write what I hope will become an awesome story.

This is mainly written from Edward's POV, however, some characters will briefly get the spotlight now and then throughout the story. I hope you like it!

Enter The Machine

So there I was, finally sharing the stage with my favorite rock gods. I still couldn't believe my band was included in the summer's biggest tour of all. This was going to be epic. This was going to be memorable. This was going to be so awesome!

It took a lot of hard work but it was totally worth the effort. A few months ago, this year's spring, in fact, we got signed with a major record deal with the best international label. Not only that, but we are even scheduled to play other festivals in the main stage during the whole year. How could I not be stoked? This was all I've ever wanted. This was my life dream. THIS, was IT!

Five minutes until show time. I've already done some fret board and warm-up exercises for both hands. You can never be too sure that your dexterity will respond hundred percent properly onstage. Vocal work? Done as well. I can honestly say that tonight's show- the first one in the whole tour- will be great. My hands/head coordination couldn't be better. In fact, I can honestly say it is at an all time high and it can only get better from here, as I am – and so are my band mates – determined to push the envelope with every single brand new record that we unleash upon the world.

Two minutes before I hit the stage. Let's see. Guitar strap (it's actually a chain) – right on place. Axe –tuned. Stage attire – simply rocking. Arena – packed! (I LOVE sold out shows!) I am so ready to go and I guess so is the rest of the band.

I think I pretty much have all of my rituals covered. I have my lucky pick around my neck. I have listened to my favorite guitar track of all time. I have meditated for at least 30 minutes about how my idols, the guitar gods, got to achieve such greatness as I wonder if I'll ever be welcomed into their realm.

Yes, I even bit my nails a little bit because after so many years it's still pretty much my one tick, bad habit, or whatever you want to call that lets people know I'm nervous. Why now? I am never nervous. Ok, who am I kidding? This time it was SO justified to be nervous. If I was biting my nails, I could possibly imagine that some of my band mates are about to either wet or soil themselves. Well, no, not really, but their stomachs must be feeling at least a little queasy and not in a good way.

Biting my nails has always been a huge problem for me. It is the reason why I paint my nails black. Yes, I admit it! It has absolutely nothing to do with a rock fashion statement or a trend because it's just "the metal thing to do" nowadays. No, screw that, I'm not about that.

Once I meet my band mates outside this dressing room we shall do the last ritual of all. It is THE ritual if you ask me. The one that will honor the rock gods so they can give us another mighty chance to rock the world and blow people's minds.

"One minute and it's go time!" – That was our manager knocking on my dressing room's door.

What a great dude. Always taking care of us. He is not only the best, most responsible manager out there but he still knows how to party. Sometimes we even think that he might even be rowdier than us musicians. True story!

"Coming!" – I replied.

Thirty seconds to go and I'm walking around as if my body would stop responding at any second. That's enough. I have to get out of here. As I walk out my dressing room I see that the rest of the band is doing the same. The crowd starts screaming even louder as a sign that the lights have finally gone out, followed by our ear shattering intro piece. That was our cue. I wish everyone good luck on the way out after we've done our unique ritual that nobody but us –yes, not even the crew members – know about.

First goes the drummer. That dude can do horrible things to the double bass. I mean that in a good way, of course. In fact, I think I am lucky enough to have the best drummer on earth. Then, you see the bassist follow right behind him. That dude is the master of the low end hands down. He simply has no competition. Now it's my co-guitarist's turn. I don't really believe in the whole "soul-mate" thing, but if it actually exists, then you can rest assured he is my musical one.

And then it hits me. It's time to face the music. Literally! I keep walking closer to the stage, gripping my guitar so tight I thought it could actually break this time. I see the light, well, the lights.

"Ed, Ed, Ed , Ed!" – The crowd is calling my name. They cheers get way louder as I finally appear right on stage, front and center. It was about time a new lead guitarist named Ed dominated the scene. I have nothing against Van Halen, in fact, he was such a great inspiration when I was younger. All I'm saying is that it was about time I had my big break. Now that I bring him up I wonder where my abilities can take me as a guitarist.

Van Halen has contributed some kick ass, rocking tunes to the world such as "Jump" and "Panama". That got me all excited on the inside. It made me wonder about the type of memorable songs that I would leave behind for the rest of humanity to listen to once my flesh was no good and I could shred no more.

The light shines bright on my face and I can see the whole crowd as far back as possible. Wait, what's happening now? The distance keeps growing but now the audience is fading. What's happening? This is so not how I pictured my first time on a professional stage would be like.

All of those voices now turn into one familiar sound that keeps calling me louder and louder. I start shaking and moving away from the stage as if I were gliding. Where did everyone go? The voice is still not listening, instead, it keeps droning louder and louder inside my head.

"Ed, Ed, Ed, ED! Wake up!"

So, now that you've read the story please let me know what you think. I'd like to thank one friend in particular. She is the reason I decided to publish this work. Without her motivation and advice, this story wouldn't exist.

Tam, you rock! You are the best and my biggest source of inspiration for FanFiction writing. Thanks for everything!