The Remake of: THE KINGDOM HEARTS TRUTH OR DARE OF TOOOOORRRRTUUUUUUURRRRRE! Yes, I'm very happy to finally be remaking the chapters into story format. So that this can't be removed. Note to self: Save all current chapters and rewrite all existing documents. Enjoy!

The entire cast of Kingdom Hearts awoke in the foyer of a possible large mansion.

"Where are we?" Axel asked everyone groggily. "Wait, I thought I was dead. Wasn't I?"

"Yeah," Sora said, rubbing his head. "Me, Donald, and Goofy saw you die!"

Roxas shot up from his laying position on the floor. He looked down at himself, and saw that his clothes were torn up.

"What the!" He said angrily. "Okay, someone is doing this."

"Yes," A feminine voice said. "You are right, my Nobody friend. Hehehehehe."

"Um," Riku said, eyes scanning the place until they caught sight of a cloaked figure. "Just who the [beep] are you?"

"Why," The cloaked person said. "I'm the author of this Truth or Dare, Riku. My name is Dragonclaw-Phoenixstar1017. Also, I'm not part of this. I'm just here to give an intro to everything, so yeah, you won't see me again. Ever. I'll be mentioned, but no appearances after this."

"So who'll be host?" Demyx asked.

"Oh no host," DC-PS1017 said. "We have a hostess. Get it right, too. Also, she's very sensitive, likes yaoi, and is a hybrid and can wield a keyblade. One of which is in her possession."

"And her name is?" Xigbar asked.

"Her name is Dawn," DC-PS1017 said bluntly. At that very moment, a tanned skinned girl walked into the foyer. She had long black hair, which she had tied into a neat ponytail. She was smiling, showing off the fact that she had lion fangs inside her mouth. She was wearing a light blue tanktop. Her blue jeans happily matched her shirt. She had a scar on her right arm, heading upwards. It used to be a large gash, as the size of the scar was quite large. She trained her eyes upon the cast. They were as green as Axel's, but with a slight hue of yellow in them as well. Her pupils were in slits, much like a cat's.

"It's actually Dawn Tigress Wolfeon," Dawn said. "And it's pronounced 'wolf-e-on', okay? And if you want to survive past chapter one, you will not on your life call me 'Dawny'!"

"Do you want to pick a co-host from the cast," DC-PS1017 said to her. "Or do you want me to introduce one?"

"Um, I think I'll pick one," Dawn said. "No, wait, yeah, you can introduce one."

"Why are we here?" Axel piped up.

"Whereare we for one?" Kairi asked.

"Hush!" Dawn near roared at them. Riku snapped out of the trance the girl put on him when she laid her eyes on him.

"Make us!" He retorted.

Black fur pushed itself out of her skin. Her face elongated into a muzzle. A tail slowly forced itself out of her body. She roared loudly during the process, scaring most of the cast (namely Sora and Demyx). She fell onto all fours, her spine cracking slightly. Dawn sighed at the crack, before turning to Riku.

"Still want me to?" She asked him. Dawn growled in his face, which served to anger Riku even more.

"Bring it!" He yelled at the lioness.

"Knock it off!" DC-PS1017 yelled at the two. She was getting very angry at them. "Or else!"

Dawn reverted to her normal self. "I'll be good," She said.

"Alright, okay," The authoress said. "Please welcome your co-host whom is indeed male, Talon!"

A young brunette around Dawn's age walked in. He was wearing a black hoodie and brown pants. He had a scar over his right eye. That, and coupled with his piercing blue eyes and Keyblade made the young male look very intimidating. He growled deeply. Dawn looked at him and smiled brightly. She growled back happily. Talon smiled at the cast. Whatever Dawn told him, it probably meant hell for all of them.

"The name's Talon Hawk Midnight," He said very smoothly. To most of the females his voice was beautiful (Larxene wasn't really interested in him, and Yuffie was staring at Vincent, even though he really didn't appear in the games [as of yet]). "And I'm just like Dawn."

"I'm a three-way hybrid," She said. "My dad is a wolf-human crossbreed, and my mom is a full blooded lioness. So the lion dominates more of me but to blend in with people not from my world, my parents taught me how to have my human form be the default."

"She's also my cousin," Talon said happily. "Her aunt is my mom."

"So, you can dare any of the Kingdom Hearts cast!" The young authoress said, clasping her hands together. "Just don't over do it and give us an M rated dare. This is only T rated. Also, don't eat the soap. It looks like candy, but trust me it's soap."

At that very moment, Axel pushed something to the tip of his tongue and spat it out in disgust. A few seconds later, Axel hiccuped and soap bubbles flew out of his mouth.

"Hey, I did that once!" Dawn said, pointing at the red head. "Good times, good times."

"The other rules are: You, as in the cast, all have your ownrooms." Talon said, arms crossed. "Which means no going into someone else's room, even if you have to talk to them. You can wait until the damn morning."

Dawn had started to rub the back of her neck in an awkward fashion as she read from a piece of paper with rules on it. "The next rule is, well, kinda weird." She admitted. Dawn made a confused expression as she re-read the rule to herself. "You are not allowed to keep any surgery foods or beverages from the host and hostess." Suddenly, Dawn turned serious again, her eyes slightly glowing. "I'll take it from you, or for the guys, I'll take something 'mportant' from you." She raised her hand and cracked her fingers bringing them closer to her palm. "Alright?"

All the males, minus Talon, nodded and said, "Yes!", covering their privates in fear.

Talon chuckled. "Only my cousin could put that kind of fear into them," He mused to himself. "Next rules are that you aren't supposed to keep pets secret from us, so if you have pets, now is a good time to say."

Soraraised up a bird cage with a very small Avalanche Heartlessinside it. "I have this pet bird," He said, looking in to the cage. When the Heartless made a small happy like noise, Sora smiled at it.

"Check!" Dawn said.

Rikusmiled wickedly. "I have a dog," He said, holding up a Rabid Dog, or as it's known in 358/2 Days, a Bad Dog. It snapped angrily at Dawn. She, in turn, turned to face it and snapped back at it. However, the Heartless didn't back down. It barked viciously into the hybrid's face. Dawn barked/roared into it's face, and left it whimpering in it's master's arms. She wore a triumphant smirk upon her face.

"A okay," Talon said, nodding at him, purposely ignoring what had transpired between his cousin and the Heartless.

"I have a pet cat," Kairi said, holding up an orange tabby. It was a very young cat, probably no more than ten weeks old. Dawn quickly grabbed the kitten from Kairi and nuzzled it.

"Clear!" She said in a baby voice to the small poof-ball. She continued to make cooing noises at it until Kairi took it from her.

"Is that it?" Talon asked, Dawn shrugging.

"Can we keep Nobodies as pets?" The entire Organization XIII said in unison.

"Wanna know what happens when I get mad?" Dawn half asked half answered for them.

"Then that's our answer," Roxas said in a pout.

"As said before," DC-PS1017 said after apparentlydisappearing into the shadows. "I'm not part of this, so bye!" She disappered into a large pure black vortex, muttering something about clones and theives breaking into a lab.

"Well," Dawn cheerfully said. "Please send in your dares!"

"We can't wait until chapter 2," Talon said, smirking and scaring the cast at the same time with a demonic gleam to his eyes. "Anyone else?"

"Make us wait!" The entire cast screamed in fear.

"Shut up!" Dawn yelled back at them, cornering them and getting ready to pounce and kill every single one of them.

"Uh," Talon said quickly and in distrest. "Please review!" He ran over to his cousin trying to pry her off one of her victims, poor poor Riku. Dawn mananged to grab the back of Riku's pants and rip them off. Unfortunetly for Riku, Dawn also ripped off the back of his boxers. Everyone stared at his, Dawn staring hungrily at it. She started to claw at it before Talon carried her out of the room.

Hehehehe, Riku lost his undies and pants. Also, that might hint at the future romance of the two. Who knows? Not me, this is only chapter one. NO DARE REVIEWS, PLEASE! THE UPCOMING UDATES ARE REVISIONS OF ALL THE CHAPTERS! PLEASE DO NOT DARE AT ALL! THANK YOU.