This is going to be the new fan fic. I am writing this with "Enchantress in Black". We came up with this great idea while talking about the wolves. They are each individual one shots with the wolf pack. Tons of threesome action. Hope you like it!!

Chapter 1

I guess we should introduce ourselves. I am Aiyana, which is Native American for forever flowering and my sister Sinopa, which is Naïve American for fox is sitting here with me as I am writing about the crazy summer we had. We are both twenty-one. My sister and I are fraternal twins. We shared the same womb but we look nothing alike. Our mother is Quileute and our father is British. Of course Sinopa got the beautiful russet skin, long brown hair and gorgeous green eyes. I on the other hand got my father's paleness, curly hair which is a mess to handle and pale blue eyes. I am not saying I am not pretty, but no one ever believes me when I say that Sinopa is my sister. This past summer we moved to La Push. My mom lived here during her childhood and we wanted to see what the little town was like. We are writing a book on sexual pleasures. We both felt like a lot of couples didn't know how to please their partners. I figured this little town would be a perfect place for some peace and quiet. Who knew that we would get hands on experience for our book while we were here.

We unpacked our stuff a little and decided we needed a break. I saw a beach on the way in and we decided to go for a walk. It was kinda chilly, but the cold didn't bother me. The beach was beautiful but what we saw on the beach was indescribable. There standing on the beach surrounding a small bonfire were nine of the most gorgeous men I have ever seen.

"Sin, do you see what I see?" I asked my sister

"How could I not see them you dope. They stick out like sore thumbs. My gosh have you ever seen so much hotness in one area? Shit, I am wet just thinking about them!" She said. Sinopa and I didn't hold anything back. If it was on our mind it came out of our mouths. I cant tell you how much it got us into trouble.

The guys turned around and saw us and waved. I think I just died and went to heaven. They were all russet skinned, tall and muscular. I don't think there was one part of their body that didn't have some sort of muscle. YUM! We both immediately noticed the guy that seemed to be the leader of their little group. He had short black hair, was a little more muscular than the others, had deep brown eyes you could get lost in and a smile that lit up an entire room. He started walking up to us and my heart felt like it was going to beat out of my chest. I looked over at Sinopa and realized she was looking at the "leader" with the same look I was giving him. GREAT! I don't mind a little competition, but not with my sister.

"Hey there!" Mr. gorgeous said "I'm Jake. I've never seen you two before. Did you just move here?"

"Yes" My sister squealed. "I am Sinopa and this is my sister Aiyana"

Jake looked like he was slapped across the face. This was a look I was used to when she told people we were sisters. He motioned over to his friends to come meet us and my arousal was in overdrive. So many delicious men!

"Well girls, it is very nice to meet you. Let me introduce you to my friends. This is Paul, Jared, Seth, Sam, Brady, Collin, Embry and Quil. So where are you ladies from and how old are you?" Jake said. The guys were all smiling at us and I couldn't take it anymore

"Well we are from Houston. Our mother grew up here and we decided we wanted to see where she grew up. Plus we are writing a book and thought this would be a great place to start. We are both twenty one. How about ya'll" Sinopa stated. If she stared at the guys any harder her eyes would pop out

"Well Jake, Embry and I are twenty four. Jared and Paul and both twenty three, Sam is twenty two, and Brady, Seth and Collin are all twenty one." Quil said. Hew was pretty fine, but Jake and Paul were the hottest.

"What kind of book are you writing?" Paul said and I almost fell back at the sound of his deep voice. I didn't want to tell them what we were writing about. It was kinda embarrassing.

"We are writing about sexual pleasures." Sinopa shouted out. Jeez!

"Really?" Seth said "Could we help get material for your book?"

WOW! Did he just offer to have sex with us? Well not us. I love my sister but that would just be downright awkward. All the guys nodded simultaneously in agreement with Seth's question.

"Um……..are you serious?" I stupidly blurted. Sinopa glared at me like I was on drugs. What? It is not everyday that nine gorgeous men ask to have sex with you. Would we be sluts if we took them up on their offer? We could use the experience for our books.

"Of course I am serious" Seth smiled and the guys again shook their heads in unison. I couldn't help but ogle them. Sinopa grabbed me and pulled me aside.

"What are you thinking? Of course we want to have sex with them. And I already know what you are thinking and no it wont make us sluts. We are doing research. I want Jake to be my Guinea pig" She said with nothing but lust.

"Of course you do. You always want everything that I do. You can have any of them, just let me have Jake. Please?"

"No way sis! Maybe we can both have them. What if we had a few twosomes or threesomes and he was always the one to make up the pair or trio. Think how many times we could feel their hot bodies."

"Yum! They are just so delicious. Lets do this!"

We walked back to the guys and I could swear I saw Paul staring at me. He was so fine! I almost surrendered Jake to my sister, but decided against it. I wanted to know what it would be like to have them both in me.

"Why don't we go back to my place and we can hash it out" Jake said wiggling his eyebrows suggestively.

"OK" we both said in unison. We were gonna get some action. WOOHOO