Hunting, Killing and Stealing hearts.

Have you ever had something control your life so much that you couldn't remember what it was like to feel certain things? Like fun, happiness, friendship? Well, that was me. My life was consumed by hatred, revenge, anger that it took over me. Forgetting what it felt like to have real human contact. Let me explain a few things. If there's one thing in my life that I'm good at, it's hunting demons and anything else. It killed my parents. Destroyed my relationship between me and my sister and ruined my life. That is, if you call sitting in a dark barred cell with a roommate named Wanda while wearing an orange jumpsuit. Then yeah, your life is ruined. That's what I thought. My body had been possessed by a demon and my sister didn't even bail me out. She could have helped me! But she didn't! I had lost hope.

My sister and I only ever had one thing in common. Hunting. Our father died when we were young and our mother was killed a few months before my life sentence in jail. I had killed her. Or at least, that's what the cops thought. In reality, a demon had possessed me, taken over my body and killed my mother; while I watched. Danni came home with the house looking like a mess. Cops had raided our home and placed me in a car. The last thing my sister saw before the cops drove me to the station was the black demonic eyes that belonged to something else.

That was over a month ago. I tried calling Danni but she wouldn't pick up her phone. The thing that had possessed me was now gone. Incantations are never easy; especially when you have to do it on yourself. My roommate, Wanda, never looked at me the same again. Not that I minded. I hated her. The first shower I took in jail she started poking me with toilet brush to see if I would fighter. I didn't. But the demon did. It took two weeks before I could take over long enough to do an incantation. The demon wasn't gone but it was out of my body. The day I asked one of the other cell mates to give me a certain tattoo over my heart. Never again would I be possessed by a demon.

"Hey, Ellie." One of the guards called. I looked up from my bed, not really caring what he wanted. "You made bail." I shot up straight. Was he serious? Was I dreaming?

"Excuse me?" I asked. He unlocked the door and opened it for me to get out.

"Just get out before I change my mind." He sighed. I was escorted to the front room. I wasn't allowed to get my clothes back because they had been covered in blood and, therefore, evidence in my case. Wait awaited for me at the front nearly gave me a headache.

"What took you so long?" I asked folding my arms. It was so hard not to jump on her and strangle her to death. Danni Jacobs, aka my sister, stared back at me with a giant grin.

"I had to track down your judge and explain to him that it wasn't your fault. That you were innocent." She leaned in closer and I was able to get a better look at her. Her eyes were darker around the edges which meant she hadn't gotten much sleep at all. Her hair was a little messy but, all around, it was the same Danni I grew up with. "There's a black Impala parked outside. Get in the back and there will be some clothes for you." She winked and I knew she was up to something but I didn't argue. She stood up straight and tried to resume as if she hadn't said anything.

"Go wait in the car. I just want to talk to these lovely gentlemen." Danni smiled and looked around at all the cops in the room. They were smiling at her like idiots. But I was too quick for that. I looked at the small pendant hanging from her neck and I knew. They were under its spell. I ran out the door but stopped at the trash can. No one was around. Not to mention, I didn't care. I just wanted to get rid of the jumpsuit. I unzipped the jumpsuit and threw it in the trash. I kept the boots because they were comfortable. Now all I had on was underwear and white tank top.

A black Impala stopped in front of me. A guy winked at me and smiled. "Your chariot awaits, malady." I raised my eyebrow. Was this guy serious? This couldn't be the car that I was 'supposed' to get in. Another guy, who looked like the older one, leaned toward me. His expression was more softer and kinder than the first one.

"We're friends of Danni's. Where is she?" He asked as I jumped in the back. A pair of jeans and shirt was waiting for me on the seat. I grabbed the jeans and slipped them on. The guy in the front seat watched me through the rear view mirror. I kicked the seat, annoyed of his stupid smirk.

"Hey!" He laughed and rubbed his head.

"Dean." The younger one sighed. I got on my pants and he turned to me as I pulled the shirt over my head. The younger one turned back to me and handed me a pair of shoes. Boots. My boots. My favorite, actually. I thought I had lost them. "I'm-" He began but I interrupted him. I was fully aware who they were.

"Sam and Dean Winchester. I know." I said as I zipped up my boots. The black leather felt so good against my feet. These boots had been with me through tough times and they were my lucky boots.

"How do you know us?" Dean asked as he turned around. Before he could answer, Danni ran back out and joined me in the back seat.

"Let's get the hell out of here." Dean didn't need telling twice. He pumped the gas and sped off into the street. Thankfully, it was in the middle of the night and no one was on the road. Sam turned around; a stupid grin was plastered on his face.

"Your eyes are so beautiful. It's like staring at the starry sky on a clear night." Danni was shocked as well as I. Dean shot a look at Sam, wide eyed.

"Dude. Don't be such a chick!" Sam nearly punched him in the face as he shot him a glare.

"I'm not being a chick, Dean. "

"You're such a chick." Dean sighed. Sam punched him in the arm as Dean's remark. It was like watching a cat fight. Sam and Dean started yelling and cursing at each other. Dean was trying to make some sense out of Sam. It was almost like he was head over heels for my sister. I looked at Danni who wasn't sure what to make of Sam. From the looks of it, the three of them hadn't known each other for very long. I lightly tapped her arm and pointed to her necklace. Danni looked down and rolled her eyes at her forgetfulness.

"Dean, don't you dare-" Sam stopped midsentence as Danni took off the medallion. He looked, almost, disoriented. "What just happened?" He asked, a little fearful. I laughed and shook my head. Danni looked down at her hands embarrassed.

"I'd like to know that myself." Dean said and looked at both of us in the rear view mirror. Without looking up, Danni raised the medallion in the air to make her point. "I thought you still had it on."

"Wait," I stopped them. "Why weren't you affected, Dean?" Dean smirked and winked at me.

"Because when I'm smooth like that." He smirked. I rolled my eyes and looked at Danni for an explanation. I knew I couldn't ask Sam. He was too embarrassed by what he had said.

"He wore the necklace to get us some free food." I nodded understanding.

Dean drove for nearly two hours. Danni and Sam had fallen asleep. It was just me Dean. He looked tired but he was wide awake. On the radio, he played 80's rock music. Led Zeppelin. Good music. I leaned forward so I could whisper to him.

"So where are you going?" I asked. Dean rubbed his eyes and turned back to the road.

"Well, do you think we can stop in Lyon, Iowa? It's on the way and I want to pick up my car." Dean nodded and I sat back. He didn't ask anything further. Something was on his mind. I could tell. I leaned forward again, as I saw a sign for a motel. "I think we should pull in there for the night. I don't think you'll be able to last much longer."

"Yeah," He sighed and turned in. The motel lights blinked as they were going out. It was old but it was better than sleeping in the car. We got two connecting rooms and I plopped down on the first bed. I didn't care that I was lying on something that smelled like something dyed on it. I didn't care that it looked rusted. It was a mattress and it was soft. I was asleep instantly.

The morning sun beamed through the window. I woke up feeling refreshed and in need of something to eat. Something hot and something that actually looked like food.

"Danni?" I asked as I looked around groggily. No answer.

"Danni?" I asked a little louder. I walked into the bathroom but she wasn't there. I knocked on the connecting door, hoping someone would answer. The door swung open and Dean grinned at me. It was then I realized I was still wearing my tank top and underwear. I had stripped down to sleep more comfortable.

"Wipe that smirk off, Dean." I sighed and tried to rub the sleep out of my eyes. "Have you see Danni?"

"Yeah, her and Sammy went to get us some breakfast. Nice panties." He winked and I closed the door.

"Pervert." I hopped in the shower and stayed in there until all the hot water was gone. It was nice to be able to shower without having someone watch you. I changed into some different clothes that Dannie had brought me. Just as I was about to walk over to Dean to have a talk with him, the door opened and Danni was smiling as she raised an entire bag of McDonald's food for me.

"Bless you." I sighed and took it willingly. The food was delicious. Whatever they tell you about prison food is absolutely true. It never even looks like food.

After breakfast, we headed back on the road. Dean seemed more awake but I knew something was bothering him. I wanted to ask but decided against it. "Oh! Dean, don't forget to stop in Lyon, Iowa." He nodded and turned up the music as it was his favorite song. Danni didn't have to ask but Sam did anyway.

"What's in Iowa?" He asked.

"My car." I smiled. My car was baby. It was my most prized possession and I had missed. It only took us half an hour to get there.

"That's your car?" Dean asked as we stood in front of an old rusted truck. I shook my head and kept walking. It wasn't another 15 minutes before we finally found it. I moved some branches out of the way, with the help of the boys of course, and smiled at my baby.

"Is that what I think it is?" Dean asked, running his fingers along the hood. She was dusty from being under trees for so long but she was untouched.

"Yup. Nineteen Seventy-One Mustang." I smiled proudly.

"Hello gorgeous." Dean whispered and walked around. "Aw, she's perfect."

"The car or Ellie?" Sam laughed. Dean shot him a glare as he walked back up to the front.

"May I?" He asked, pointing to the hood. I nodded and sat in the driver's seat before pressing the button. Sam sat in the passenger side as he got a better look at it. "Sweet Holy Mother of all that's mercy." Dean sighed. "You really are perfect. Aren't you, sweetheart?"

"I think Dean likes you." Sam laughed. I ignored him and popped my head out the window.

"Hey, sweetheart? You want to get this show on the road? We still have ways to go if we're going to South Dakota."

"Sure thing, babe. Just give a few more minutes." It actually took ten minutes before I convinced him to close the hood and allow me to follow him. We all exchanged numbers and Danni and I hopped in my car.

"You never explained to me how you met the Winchester boys?" I said as we drove behind the Impala. Danni looked over at me as she had been glancing out the window.

"What? Oh, right. Well, I just bumped into them as I was trying to get the judge to sign your paper. They were looking for me actually. Said it was of some importance but they didn't really explain after that. They said it would all be explained once we reached Bobby's house." I smiled at the familiar name. So that's where we were going. After our father died, he had become like a father to me and Danni. We would see him almost every summer learning to hunt and kill demons. Our mother wanted us to be protected and safe.

We drove for another four hours before finally stopping in front of the familiar old house. It had changed over the years but it was still the same. As we pulled up, Bobby wheeled himself out of the house and smiled. I got out of the car and run up to hug him. "It's good to see you, Bobby." I said in the hug.

"Good to see you too, Ellie." I pulled back and looked down at his legs. I was about to ask what happened but he read my mind. "It's a long story.

"Hey." Dean said behind me. "How do you know Bobby?"

"It's a long story." I smiled and walked inside the house. Sam and Dean grabbed our bags and walked in the house. Bobby's house was just the way I had left it. It had been a few years since the last time I came to see him. I would have come sooner but something had kept me back. Something told me not to see him. At least, not at that time. The boys, Danni and I sat on the couch.

"Alright," I began. "Danni tells me that you boys came looking for me. Well? Start talking."