We searched everywhere for that bottle. It was nowhere to be found. We tore that room apart but still….no bottle. The House Keeping people weren't very happy when we finally left. The four of us left the motel and headed back to Pam's house. Hopefully, she would have another bottle.

"Cass, it's me." I said into the receiver. Danni and I had taken my car and were driving right behind Sam and Dean. "We need your help."

"What do you need?" I heard behind me. I jumped and nearly swerved off the road.

"Geez, Cass! Can't you, at least, warn me when you're going to do that?" I threw my phone on the floor of the car and tried to calm my rushing heart beat.

"Sorry." Castiel said. "What do you need?" I told him everything we knew, which wasn't much. I told him about the werewolf and the potion and how it was missing this morning.

"Do you know who might have taken it?" I asked. Cass sat in the back thinking for a bit. Of course, it could have been anybody. Angels were known to pop in and out everywhere whenever they pleased. Cass had proven that to us.

"Well, there are hundreds of people who might have taken it. The only question is who." Cass said. Well, we already knew that. But how were we-

"Wait, can you sense who did it? If you go back to the room, that is?" Cass thought for a minute before he nodded and vanished. I rested my head against the seat. I didn't understand why I was so stressed about this. I took a deep breath still trying to calm down my heart rate but I wasn't left with a lot of time before l could feel Cass reappear before he even said anything.

"Nothing. Pam might be able to help though." Cass's expression was hard to read but I could imagine what he was thinking. Within less than a second the seat was no longer occupied. Danni and I remained in the car by ourselves. I knew Cass wanted us to save that soul but we couldn't save the man's soul without the potion.

I followed Dean back to Pam's house. She was waiting outside and she didn't look happy. Pam stood on her front porch with her arms crossed.

"I take it you know." Dean stated as we walked up to her.

"You let them take it." Pam huffed and shook her head. She couldn't believe it. I was still at a loss.

"Wait," I said. "You know who took it?"

"Honey, I know what you two were doing before you even realized the potion was gone." I could feel my cheeks blushing over what Dean and I "did" which wasn't really that bad; nothing worth being embarrassed about or even a good reason to blush. And yet, here I was; turning redder than a cherry.

"What were you two doing?" Danni asked me suspiciously, though she still smiled. Well, smirked was more like it. Sam looked at Dean and Dean just shrugged as if this was a normal thing. It hurt.

"Nothing, Danni. We were doing nothing." I told my sister but she still kept a small smirk on her face. We all followed Pam inside to discuss a plan 'B.' If there was even a chance at another option. "Pam, do you have any more of the potion?"

"That wasn't just any old potion you can get down at the Piggly Wiggly." Pam retorted. Dean ran his fingers through his hair as he paced back and forth.

"Ok," I said trying to urge her on, "so who took the potion?"

"An angel. Not sure which one, though. Then again, they're all the same SOB's if you ask me." Dean took out his phone knowing the only connection we all knew to any other angel. Pam understood as well but she wouldn't have it.

"Oh no," she began shaking her head, "no angels in my house; especially that one." Dean sighed and started heading out of the door.

"Thanks Pam." He said but we all knew he didn't really mean it. The rest of us followed after him. I was about to say something but he opened his car door and didn't even look at me. "Just get in the car and follow us back to the Motel." We all did as Dean ordered. The drive back was quiet. Danni and I didn't really exchange words for whatever reason.

Once we got back, I had never seen Dean get out of his car so fast. Sam stayed in his seat for another moment because he was as shocked as all of us. Dean stormed into the room and we all followed him. Castiel was already waiting for us but Dean didn't stop there. Instead he headed for a secret stash he had been hiding.

"Oh no you don't." I said as I grabbed the bottle from him. "You and drinking don't mix well. Castiel, please tell me you have something."

"I do." Castiel said in his deep raspy voice.

"You should sit." I told Dean. Sam and Danni walked in. Clearly, they had been talking about something. Over the past few days I had noticed the two of them getting closer and closer. I worried for Danni. She always gave her heart away so easily to rotten men and always got her heart shattered into pieces. I didn't want her to go through that again.

Dean tried to grab the bottle from my hand but I fought to keep it away from him. I hated seeing him drink. I had seen what it did to him and I never wanted to see it again.

"Alright children," Danni sighed as she stared at us both. Dean sat down, frustrated. I poured the rest of the contents into the sink, still not happy that he had a hidden stash. I turned to Dean with the empty bottle still in my hand.

"Is there any more?" I asked. "You better tell me right now!"

"Ellie!" Sam called. "Look, I don't like Dean drinking this much either but we don't have time. The sun is setting in a few hours and we still don't know who took the potion. Castiel, what information do you have?" Castiel looked at me and Dean to make sure that our argument was finished. And it was….for the time being.

"All I know is that it's not a Demon but something else. An angel, most likely." It didn't make any sense. Why would an angel try and steal something from us? I thought angels were supposed to be good. Then again, Gabriel was an angel and he didn't seem all that nice.

"Wait," I paused as I tried to think. Stealing the bottle could have been a pawn in his little game. "Could it have been Gabriel? He is known as the Trickster. This does seem like something he would do." A pair of hands starting clapping behind me. I turned around and another angel in the room. Gabriel sat on the dresser as if making himself right at home.

"Nice guess, Ellie." Gabriel smiled. He stopped clapping and jumped off. "But I didn't take it. Although, I can tell you who did. On one condition. Everyone should know what I'm talking about. Am I right?" Gabriel looked at all of us but stopped when he looked at me. "Come on, Ellie. You said you would be my little helper. Now help me out." I clenched my fists. I wanted to punch him but odds were he would disappear and reappear.

"I never said I would be your little helper. I never agreed to anything." Gabriel disappeared but I felt him reappear behind me. It almost made me jump but I stood still.

"Convince these boys and I'll give you the future you wanted. And I'll tell you who took the bottle." I swung my arm around to his him but he was gone.

"Now, now, Ellie. Let's not get feisty. I'm only trying to make a deal here. You convince Dean and Sam to become vessels and I'll give you the bottle and give you the future you wanted."

"I thought you didn't take it." I replied. I didn't like any of it one bit.

"I didn't. But I can get it back so long as you convince these boys to say yes." Gabriel sat comfortably on top of the bathroom sink as he awaited my answer. We had to save this Frank guy but I couldn't bare either one of the boys to say yes. Who knew what would happen? Who knew what the future would hold?

"We're not saying yes Gabriel." Dean informed him. Gabriel's eyes never left me. As if he was awaiting for my answer only. I wanted to see the future; to know if Dean and I were really going to have Katie and if Sam and Danni were both going to be there. And we needed to help Frank. We needed that bottle. Either way I had to make a decision.

"You heard him, Gabriel. Now get lost." Gabriel glared at me and vanished with a blink of an eye. I wanted to collapse on the floor, my legs felt so week. I couldn't have either one of them saying yes. Not yet. Not until I had my own answers. I sat on the bed, no longer able to stand on my own two feet.

"So what now?" Danni asked. I looked at Castiel in hopes he would have an answer. Castiel looked at me and sighed.

"Zachariah took it." I waited for someone to explain but no one seemed to want to.

"Dam," Dean sighed and ran his fingers through is hair.

"And he is….." I egged on.

"Castiel's superior." Sam informed me. Perfect. And I could take a wild guess as to why he took it.

"Man," I sighed, "these angels just won't give up. And you're absolutely sure he took it?" Castiel nodded which didn't make anything better. We needed a plan and we needed one fast. But what? There was no way Castiel was going to sneak up behind Zachariah and, somehow, take the potion from him.

"There's gotta be another way," Sam said as he sat down at his computer.

"There isn't another way," A voice said. We all looked up to stare at some weird looking guy. I assumed he was an angel by the way he just popped out of nowhere.

"What the hell, Zachariah? Give us back the potion!" Dead insisted. I nearly gawked. This was the infamous Zachariah? He wasn't really what I expected him to be with his business suit, half bald head and a joyous smile. Not even Castiel knew how to smile. Zachariah caught me staring. He knew something was on my mind but I decided to ask a different question.

"Why did you take it?" I asked. Zachariah put his hands behind his back. He was enjoying this way too much.

"Because Mr. Tobin needs to stay a werewolf. We have plans for him." He said simply. Plans? What kind of plans? Killing humans? Making other demons his chew toy? I had remembered Danni telling me something about werewolves. They could scare certain demons as well as feed on some of them. But most demons always took over human bodies. It was rare for a demon to appear in its true form.

"So basically, you want to protect your little guard dog?" Dean asked, annoyed. Zachariah's smiled faded at Dean's snide remark. Clearly, they had done this little tango before.

"Leave, Frank Tobin alone. Don't try and cure him. It's not in the plan. Just yet." I blinked and Zachariah disappeared. This was more aggravating than before. Now I understood why they hated him so much. He really was a pain in the rear.

Sam and Danni both searched and searched for hours on Sam's computer. Dean and I waited outside, both of us needing air. The thing was, we weren't even close to each other. Dean was leaning against his car and I was just leaning against the wall. The rejection from Cupid had really done a turn on him. Who knew how long it was going to take before he would even look at me again. Even I was feeling the rejection from those arrows though Dean had gotten the bigger hit.

Every now and then I would walk back inside to check up on Sam and Danni. Occasionally, they would switch spots. Danni would rest her eyes and Sam would keep searching for an hour and then Sam would rest his eyes and Danni would continue the search. Eventually, I just stopped checking up on them.

The sun was going down so fast; we were running out of time. Sunset coming and soon Frank Tobin would become a beastly animal killing everyone in his path that even resembled demon blood.

"I got it!" I heard Danni yell inside followed by Sam yelling with a loud thump. Dean and I ran inside. Danni was trying to help Sam up off the floor. It appeared she had startled him from his nap. "A silver cane. That's what we need. We need to hit Mr. Tobin on the head with a silver cane." I wasn't too sure. There really weren't a lot of stories where a werewolf curse was saved by someone hitting them on the head with a silver cane but it was the best idea we had.

An hour later, we were sitting in Mr. Tobin's living room just sitting and waiting. This was starting be the most awkward thing I had ever been through. Sam and Dean both had silver staffs; not easy to find in Kentucky. Danni and I, on the other hand, held shotguns full of silver bullets just in case. I tightened my grip on the shotgun on my lap.

We were all nervous about what was about to come. Frank was the worst of us all. The man rubbed his hands together nervously as his eyes burned holes in the floor. I could tell his palms were sweaty. This was really it. This was the night whether he lived on as a free man or he would die without a single drop of cursed blood left in his body.

Frank Tobin was a scrawny man. He looked just as bad as the rest of us. He hadn't gotten much sleep over this. The only difference was he looked as if he hadn't eaten in days. He looked so pathetic; I was tempted just to put him out of his misery and shoot him right then and there. Get this whole thing over with. At least, it would calm my nerves.

It wasn't the fact that I was nervous about shooting a human turned werewolf that could possible kill us. I was nervous for Danni. Danni wasn't the type of person who could put down an animal let alone a person. Sure, she could take down demons without killing the human body but this was a man that was going to be an actual werewolf. This was no demon. This was just a simple curse.

Suddenly, the room got a little brighter as the clouds moved away from the full moon. Frank grabbed his stomach and collapsed on the floor. None of us moved to help. This was it. I motioned Danni to get back. The further away she was from the werewolf, the better. Sam and Dean gripped their staffs ready to strike.

Hair started to grow all over his body. Bones cracked as limbs grew longer. A tail lowly snaked its way out of the man's pants. The rest of his clothes were tearing away, not able to hold the amount of mass that was growing. We had to wait until he had fully changed before whacking him. Otherwise, it wouldn't work and we would only piss off a werewolf.

The animal just sat there huffing. It seemed it took a lot for a transformation to work. Again, none of us moved an inch though I saw Sam and Dean lock eyes with each other. They were about to strike when the wolf howled so loud I had to let go of my gun and cover my ears. The boys moved in fast and wacked the animal on the head.

I had never seen an animal that pissed off before. The beast growled and slowly moved toward Dean for his first victim. It seemed spending some time in Hell gave off some kind of demon aroma. That meant I was next.

Danni suddenly scrambled through her bag until she opened a small bottle. The smell was so strong even Sam could smell it from across the room. The wolf sniffed the air and turned toward my sister. This wasn't good. I grabbed my shot gun ready to aim but Danni shook her head, eyes still on the wolf.

"Don't," my demented sister ordered me. "I have another plan. Meet me in the grave yard." The grave yard? Was she insane? That was almost a death wish. Practically was if she was going to lead the wolf away.

"The hell you are!" I almost shouted. The wolf turned to me and growled. It seemed I had gotten his full attention. I pointed my gun at the wolf ready to fire at any moment. Suddenly, I couldn't do it. I knew Frank Tobin was in there somewhere. I hated having a conscience.

The beast whacked the gun out of my hand as he got closer. Slowly I backed my way up as far I would go.

"No, no" My sister said as if talking to a puppy. "Come here, sweetie." The wolf turned its attention straight back to my sister. I hadn't noticed but she was standing at the, now, wide opened door. "See? This is what you want." Danni took a sniff and tried to make it seem as if it was pleasant. But it was only pleasant to the wolf. "That's it. Guys," she said in the same voice, "meet me at the graveyard." I shook my head and was about to get the wolf's attention again but it was too late. Danni was out the door.

The wolf bolted out the door so fast I nearly screamed for my sister. The rest of us ran out and headed straight for the Impala. It would get us there faster than Danni. Even though I hated angels, I prayed to whoever was up there listening to protect my sister. She was all I had left of family.

Dean sped off down the street. The closest grave wasn't far in a car but on foot it must have felt forever. I was the first one out of the car, shot gun in hand. Now I didn't care who that beast was. If he hurt Danni in any way, that beast was getting a silver bullet straight to the heart. It was a good thing I was such a good shot.

I stood in front of the forest waiting for any sign of Danni. Suddenly, I heard a wolf howl in the distance. It couldn't be. I wasn't going to accept it until I saw it. Trees began to move, twigs began to break as someone, or something, began to move closer.

My sister, sweaty, tired and a little bloody, ran through the trees and until she stopped next to me. The bottle was almost empty but it still smelled of demon blood. The wolf's eyes gradually appeared out of nowhere as the animal grew closer. I could see his features more clearly in the moonlight.

The beast was bigger than Frank Tobin. It would explain the breaking bones and growing limbs. His mangy fur spread across his body. His front arms were almost apelike; part human part wolf to which he walked on his front knuckles. The back legs were full on wolf; only bigger.

Danni grabbed my hand as we both moved back toward the grave. Neither one of us looked away from the wolf. It seemed the wolf couldn't really sense anything about the grave yard though I figured it would in time. The wolf growled louder as saliva dripped from its hungry mouth. Great. Now he was salivating.

Inch by inch we continued our steps backwards toward safe ground; though I still didn't understand why. We were almost to the middle of graveyard circle as the wolf hadn't stepped one foot inside.

The wolf came to an abrupt halt as he suddenly became aware of where he was at. Somehow, he knew one step on the holy ground and something bad was going to happen. The wolf started to back up and about to turn away. Danni grabbed my arm and held it out, the demon blood bottle only inches from my body.

"Know that I love you, ok?" Before I could even ask what she was about to do, she poured the demon blood on my head. I thought I was going to throw up as the dark liquid slowly drizzled down my almost clean hair but the wolf sniffed the air again. It seemed the demon blood on top of whatever demon aroma I had on me had increased. But still the wolf wouldn't cross that graveyard line and I could tell he was hungry.

"Come on you stupid beast!" I suddenly shouted. What was I doing? If Danni had a death wish, then so did I it seemed. "Come and get me! Chicken!" The wolf was getting more furious by the second. "You think you're tough? Please, you're like a puppy. A pathetic little wolf pup!" The wolf leaped across the tombs only to land a few feet in front of us. "Now what?" I asked Danni. The wolf's feet were smoking but the animal didn't seem to care. It was too mad to even consider a burning pain on his feet.

This whole time I had been so focused on my sister and the wolf that I had completely forgotten about Sam and Dean. Just as I was about to take a shot, the Winchester boys ran from the forest and jumped on the wolf trying to hold him down. Danni and I jumped on to add our own weight but it wasn't enough. The wolf flung us in different directions as if we were simply toys. I was thrown back toward the forest against a tree. I felt something break but that would have to wait; even if I was in pain. My shot gun was nowhere to be found.

Instantly, the wolf howled in pain. It tried to escape the graves but it seemed to be too weak. Its body was smoking from every inch. The wolf slowly lowered its tired body onto the ground. The fur dripped off its body as if it was only water. Human skin began to reappear and it seemed the form was getting smaller. Frank Tobin was coming back.

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