Here's more and hope Ashleigh Piccino likes as Rose will have to adjust to having a sibling but Briana will need to learn to adjust to her birth family as she hasn't been there in a long while.

I hope you love.

Rose woke up but was curious seeing another ogre girl with wavy hair but wondered where she came from but didn't know it was her sister but was hungry as she wondered if her parents were up yet as she went to check but Brogan smiled seeing her knowing that she'd found out about Briana and knew that he and Cookie needed to talk to her.

"Daddy there's a strange ogre girl asleep in my room.

Where did she come from?" Rose asked.

"It's okay Rose, she's safe.

She's your sister Briana.

We're going to talk about it later.

Let's get some breakfast." he said to her.

She nodded in reply as she followed her father into her mother's kitchen but knew she wasn't up yet but Brogan let her play until Cookie woke up as the young ogre girl was making music using pots and pans as Brogan smiled.

He knew that Rose was being cute but was looking forward to getting to know Briana but knew that Rose would need a little time to get used to having a sibling.

Cookie's eyes fluttered open hearing noise from her kitchen as she had a feeling Rose was playing in there as she rubbed sleep from her eyes going into the kitchen but saw Rose playing drums using pots and pans but Brogan kissed her seeing her enter but Rose was quiet but he told Cookie that she found out about Briana but understood she was confused and not used to it but she and Brogan knew that in time, she and Briana would be good siblings.

"Come on honey let's make some breakfast and then wake Briana.

She's going to need help adjusting to life here." she said.

"Why Mommy?" Rose asked her.

"Because she was raised by humans most of her life." she said.

Rose made a face hearing that as Brogan sighed.

He knew that it would take a long time to get used to Briana.

But he knew they were family.

Briana was nervous as she woke up remembering that her birth parents had picked her up from the swamp but she was nervous seeing Brogan enter as he knew she was used to Cookie but understood knowing that this was all new to her but saw her look nervous as she hadn't been around her own kind but understood knowing that it would take some time for her to get adjusted.

She smiled shyly seeing Cookie but was hiding seeing Rose as she was nervous but Brogan bent down to her level as he knew that she was scared but needed to assure her things were okay.

"That's Rose.

She's your sister." he said.

"My sister?" she asked.

Brogan nodded in reply.

"Yes she's your sister.

She's nervous about you too." he said.

She was stunned in reply.

Rose wondered why Briana was sad.

But she understood hearing her father say Briana was nervous.

She then found her hiding under the table.

But Briana wasn't looking at her.

"How come you're shy?" she asked.

"B-Because nobody likes me.

My old parents liked me.

But Lunia and Cretia didn't.

It's too much." she said.

Rose understood.

"But we like you." Rose said.

Briana smiled hearing that as she came out of hiding.

But she then decided to learn about them.

She hoped things would be okay...