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The Heart Of The Crimson Dragon

-Chapter 01: A Girl From Oblivion-

It was a cold night, as a girl around her teens, with beautiful blond hair, and pale skin tossed and turned as she lied on the boat under the stars, as she dreamt a terrible dream.

"Hikari! Hurry, to Satelite! Hikari, don't turn back just RUN!" the voice shrieked, in a scared tone thus causing her sapphire orbs to open. She sat up and tried to breathe to calm herself down, and wipe the sweat away from her forehead. She was definitely feeling restless, and scared.

'What was that? Was that a dream? Hikari? Why is she calling me Hikari? Is Hikari my name then?'

The girl tried to recall the last words, which is the only part she remembered as questions started to flow in to her confused mind.

"Hikari! Hurry to Satelite, Hikari! Don't turn back. Just, RUN!"

'I wonder where am I right now and what I'm doing here? How come I don't remember anything at all?' she thought, then she glanced on her surroundings, seeing that she was on a boat, off to an island. 'Ugh, my head feels blank.'

The boat wasn't that big, since it's about the same size as a yacht, but not as beautiful as a yacht though more like a fisherman's boat style. From the corner of the boat, she noticed a group of men as they talked happily with each other.

The guys were wearing normal clothes, just a pair of jeans and plain colored t-shirts. One of the guys was fat with no hair, the other was a bit thinner, and had ample flat black hair, while the other who's size just right has dark brown hair. Then the one with the brown hair suddenly turned its head towards her direction.

'Who are these people? Was I kidnapped? But, if so why would they kidnap me?' she thought, then the guy who stared, motioned towards her, and knelt in front of her without a word as he placed his hand on her forehead.

"I guess you're okay now. A while ago you just collapsed, and when we tried to carry you, you seem to run a fever. Still feeling a bit dizzy, there?" he asked, he's somehow kind and not the type to be a kidnapper should, but the girl didn't let her guard down. Despite the fact that she seems to not know a thing, she at least have enough common sense that being with a group of guys alone is definitely not safe.

"A fever?" she uttered weakly, as she touched her forehead as well, then the guy looked skeptically at her.

"Are you sure you're okay?" he asked for assurance, then the girl just stared at him blankly as she examined him.

"Yeah, I'm fine. But, may I ask, what am I doing here? How did I get here?" then the guy, just stared at her in surprise, 'is she nuts?' the guy thought. "Ummm, why what's wrong?" He tried playing along with the blonde's sudden weird actions.

"I don't get you," the guy just stated flatly. "Well, a while ago, you were like so full of energy as you ran towards our boat and begged us to bring you to Satelite, and now that you're here, you don't know anything?" She tried to dig in to her mind, but none came up, except the dream she had, which she also barely remembered, thus making her sigh.

"I'm sorry, I don't. Maybe something happened to me, while I was on my way here," the men didn't mind her since they can't do anything to whatever happened to her, but they were kind enough to be concerned though.

"Well, whatever happened to you, I guess you'll be okay now since we're here in Satelite already, just happen to land a few minutes before you wake up,"

"We're already here?" she asked as she glanced outside the boat, the place they call Satelite wasn't very nice at all, even though it's on the shoreline the place looks dark, and lonely. The skies above were grey, and the place was just filled with buildings, that looked condemned, and seemingly abandoned whilst some looked partially destroyed. Even from here you can see fissures on the ground, but they're not that big enough to be unsafe. "This is Satelite?" Was all she can say somewhat surprised a bit since she never really expected this, as the guy laughed at her. "What's so funny?" she asked in an irritated tone.

"What do you think about this place? Heaven? If you're surprised, then I guess you definitely know nothing all then."

"Well, how can I if I don't even remember anything at all." she uttered in a sarcastic tone peevishly.

"Whoa, chill girl! Well guess what, if you want, we can bring you back to Neo Domino City, but we have to leave tomorrow morning though. Oh, yeah almost forgot here's your bag you might forget it," he handed her a pink bag, she quickly took it as she scanned the contents, only to see a laptop, a few sets of clothes, a duel disk with cards placed on it, a bottle of tablets, and a card. She quickly took out the card which seems to serve as an I.D. it shows her picture and a few information about her as well.

Name: Hikari Yuki

Age: 13

Address: Tops, Neo Domino City

'This seems to be the place where I was from.'

And that's about what it states.

"You got some good stuff there." the guy uttered. "So, what will be your choice then?" the guy asked, then Hikari placed the stuff back inside then glanced back at the lonesome city.

'Well, judging from what just happened now, I guess that dream must be a fragment of my memory. If I stay here I might get a clue of what it is, and it seems to be important that I'd stay here.'

"Maybe, I'll stay." she stated, as she quickly stood up and got off the boat.

"You sure?" the guy called out again.

"Yeah, thanks for giving me a ride. By the way, is it okay if I get to know your names?" she asked out of the blue, making the guy chuckle a bit.

"Sure, no problem, My name's Jun, the fat guy there's Masao and the other is Taro, since we told our names, you might as well tell us yours."

"I'm Hikari, once again, thanks." She smiled at them gently as she carefully got off with her bag carefully and securely placed on her back.

"Are you really sure about this? Since Satelite's not that really safe."

"I'll try and manage." she stated abruptly.'There's no turning back from this.'

"Okay, if you say so, if you change your mind, just come back here, and we'll be coming here at the same time you arrived here and we'll bring you with us, okay?" then Hikari nodded as she went her way. "Take Care."

She walked and walked, without knowing where to go somehow making her feel lonely and a tid bit scared since she doesn't really know what to expect, where to go and what to do.

'I guess they're right about Satelite not being safe after all,' she thought as she notice dangerous looking people walking here and there, some stared at her as she walked on the streets whilst some didn't care. She felt uneasy as she turned to a corner to hide from those stares.

'Darn, where the heck should I head to. I don't even know a single person here, and if ever I did, I definitely don't remember them. Ugh, this is kind of stupid.'

The path she turned to was definitely dark. As she walked in further, a set of footsteps became audible as if someone was following her.

'Damn, I hope I just hearing things.' she thought as she walked faster, but the sounds of the other set of footsteps also became faster. This made her more anxious and walk faster, which lead her to a place filled with heaps and heaps of things in short a dump. She has nowhere to go, as she looked back, only to see that there is actually someone who's following her, as he grinned at the sight of her who looks like a trapped rat.

"I finally got you," the man stated. The man was really scary alright, with his big muscular built, markings and piercings on his dark hair. His hair was spikey with red highlights just like the usual hoodlum you'd see lurking in the streets at night.

"Wh-what do you want with me?" She voiced out, but stuttered a bit in fear.

"What I want? Hahahaha! You'll see little girl, just come with me!" the man said as he tried to grab her with his big arms.

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