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Title: Blood of Salazar
: Harry Potter (Balthezar Slytherin), Salazar Slytherin, Voldemort, Godric Gryffindor, Rowena Ravenclaw, Helga Hufflepuff, Albus Dumbledore, Hermione Granger, Ron Weasley, Draco Malfoy, Lucius Malfoy, and Severus Snape
: Lily/Voldemort, and Lucius/Severus
: M
: prologue
: Supernatural
Words per Chapter
: 1,921
: AU, time travel, slash, het, violence, language, foreign languages, paganism, changed identities, character death, and the standard whatever else this demented author thinks up.
: Lily was not who everyone thought she was, but she would do anything to protect her baby. Yet, on that fateful Halloween night, ancient magic of the Slytherin family saves Harry and now he's to grow up in another time. He's raised by his ancestor. What happens when he rejoins his time?
: Doing a lot of research and spending time going through my linguistics notes and medieval history, I have gotten together the languages spoken in the 10th century, which is where this story takes place. For clarification purposes, Salazar is from Scotland, specifically areas where the Norse were living, so he speaks a dialect of Old Norse, but because of Rowena and Helga, he is also capable of speaking Old English as was more common in the England area of the British Isles. Godric is from Wales, and as such is speaking Old English from some of the settlements in the area, he is a Celt. So he also speaks Old Welsh. Helga and Rowena are the ones from England proper and being from the aristocracy, also speak Latin and Old English. Harry will know all of these from having heard them all growing up. He'll only learn modern English when a spell is cast on him in the present. There will be signifiers to indicate which language is being spoken to help make a good differentiation. There will also be consistencies to help.

Modern English: "…"
Old English: ^…^
Old Norse: -…-
Old Welsh: *…*
Latin: ~…~
Parseltongue: Bold!


Lily lay on her side as her fingers carded through the salt and pepper coloured hair of her lover. She smiled a slight bit as the man opened his crimson eyes. She kissed his nose. The man pulled her against him, eliciting a squeak. She gave him another smile. Lily did not move as she waited for the older man to do something. His hand made its way down her clothed back. She jumped a bit at the fact that it tickled. "Tom, come on, it is early in the morning."

His eyes flashed a deeper crimson for barely a second. "And for you my dear, it is a too early to be hearing that name, even if it is from your pretty rose coloured lips." She laughed at his compliment. She did not have any doubts about the compliment; it was just rare that he gave them. Usually he would show her little things that would mean something to her. One of those things was letting a Muggle or Muggleborn go. She didn't like how he tortured people, but was glad that at least one could get let go off now and then. Of course she got away with letting pretty much all of them go.

"Well my dear snake, you seem to be suffering from a lack of sleep." She laid her head on his shirt covered chest. "I keep saying this, but you're not the person everyone thinks you are." She let out a sigh of contentment. He looked at her. He knew that something was going through her mind, but he didn't know what it was.

He rolled Lily onto her side of the bed and sat up. Lily watched him as he climbed out of the bed. "I don't have time for this. The world is not going to wait." Lily scowled. She turned over with a humph. This wasn't a first for her, and she was use to it.

"Fine, but even I like some attention now and then." Lily was acting a little too strange for Tom right then. He wasn't sure what to make of her odd behaviour. She refused to face him when he touched her shoulder. "Just go away Tom." He scowled and did leave, not wanting to deal with her mood.

Lily lay on the bed in silence, running a hand over her face. "There is absolutely no way I'll ever get to tell him. I doubt that he'll even listen." She sat up, but a wave of dizziness caused her to tip back. A groan escaped her lips. "Oh this is getting worse. Either I need to tell him or hide." A sob passed her lips. "I don't want to leave Tom, but he'll give me no choice. I don't want to lose my baby." She carefully sat up, avoiding the dizziness that time. She finally stood to pack. "Oh Merlin, please allow me to make it out of here. I need to keep my baby safe." She continued to stuff clothes into a conjured suitcase.

The Potter Home

James sat all alone, his home quiet. He let out a sigh as he looked at a photo of a brown haired woman and him on their wedding day. It was the only picture he had of his wife before she died. He picked the picture up and stared at the woman who leaned in to kiss his picture self. He didn't know how she had died, but he could guess.

James' head snapped up at the sound of a knock on the door. He set the picture down. "I'm coming." Another knock resounded throughout the house, a bit more urgent that time.

He finally opened the door to reveal Lily on the other side. He was shocked at seeing the woman that had disappeared after graduation. "Lily, where, how?" He wasn't sure what question he needed to ask first. Lily had a cloak wrapped around her shoulders. She shivered a bit. It wasn't from the cold, but James didn't know that.

"May I please come in James; it is a little cold out here." James stepped aside to let her in. She came in and pulled her wand out and pointed it at James.

He stepped back the moment her wand was pointed at him. He hadn't been expecting that and didn't have his own wand in hand. "Lily, what are you doing?" He reached for his own wand. He didn't want to fight her. He was the kind of man who didn't like fighting women.

Lily on the other hand already knew what she wanted. "Obliviate!" The curse hit James before he could move out of the way. She waited for the spell to be completely in effect. Once she was sure, she let out a breath. "I am your wife, your only wife. We're also going to have a baby." She lowered her wand. She would wait a bit for the words to sink in.

James shook his head again. His hazel eyes focused on Lily and he smiled. "Are you alright Lily?" She nodded. He kissed her cheek. "Good, I have to go and do something." He then left. Lily watched him leave the house. She glanced at the picture of James' wedding with his real wife and wiped it out. She planted a false image in its place. She would not have him questioning the modification if she could control it.

A Year and a Half Later, October 31, 1981

Lily sat in a rocking chair, her child in her arms. She smiled at the baby boy, receiving a smile in return. The young redhead sighed. She brushed her son's black hair off of his forehead as he cuddled into her. Her son was completely oblivious to her secret.

She kissed his head. "Little Harry, you're so innocent. It's quite difficult to keep secrets from those you love. If James knew what I had done…He would turn his back. You're the son of someone everyone considers evil. He's not all evil Harry; he can be a loving man. I wish you could know him. Of course he didn't want children." She kissed his forehead and stood. She set him down in his crib that was nearby. He stood up, holding his arms out to her. "No sweety, you need to go to bed." He made his noise that she knew meant to pick him up.

A crash resounded throughout the house. Lily spun around. "Lily, it's HIM get Harry out of here." Lily's breath stopped short. She hadn't seen her lover and Harry's true father since she had left him before the boy was born.

She went to pick him up, but the door burst open and landed with a resounding thud. Lily spun around to see her love standing in the doorway. His red eyes narrowed at her, briefly sliding to glance at Harry. He did not leave his eyes on him for long. He would have seen the resemblance if he had. "Well if it isn't the traitor. That's what you became the moment you took up with that…Potter." His nostrils flared a bit, though he had yet to raise his wand to her. Lily dropped had dropped her own the minute that she heard Tom was in the house.

She slid in front of Harry. She knew that it was him he was after. "Tom, please listen, I didn't betray you. I can't." The man scoffed at her words. She didn't move.

"Move out of the way and I may take you back. That Potter brat cannot live." Lily's stance became even more firm at those words. She knew what that likely meant, but, while she loved Tom, Harry was her life. She stood in defiance. "I said move woman!" Tom did not look happy.

She raised her chin. "No! You cannot harm Harry, not him." Tom's eyes narrowed at her. She knew James was dead, having protected a child that wasn't his. "Go ahead, kill me! Kill me Tom! You want my son; you will have to kill me!" Her eyes were shining at Tom, tears forming in the corners.

Tom's scowl deepened. He was a little hesitant about raising his wand at her. It was that moment when something entered the room unnoticed by the two. An apparition, ghost like but unable to be seen, watched as Tom had an internal struggle against killing Lily. The figure looked at the child in the crib. He was hidden by his mother's body. He reached out and touched the child's head. The little one didn't notice either.

The apparition's head snapped up as words were spoken by Tom. "Fine, be that way! You want to die for that worthless child, I'll let you, but he shall join you soon." He raised his wand towards her. His eyes showed a bit of regret, but it disappeared quickly. "Avada Kedavra." A green light sped from his wand and hit Lily in the centre of her chest. All life dulled from her eyes. Tears still glistened in the corners. Her body fell to the ground like a rag doll. He gazed down at her lifeless body. "I'm sorry Lily, you gave me no choice." He walked closer to the crib. Harry had begun to cry when he saw Lily go down. It was like he knew what had happened.

Tom scowled at Harry and lifted his wand. "You are going to die Potter; Lily cheats on me and has you with that fool. Now they say you're supposed to defeat me, an infant." He snorted. "We'll see about that. Avada Kedavra!" The green light left his wand again. The apparition had enough. He muttered something none of the living people could hear. A light glowed over the two. Tom saw the light, his eyes widening. He did not notice his own glow. His spell hit Harry, but did not touch him. Tom's jaw just about dropped, yet he kept it from doing so. "No, this light…It's only on Slytherin family members!" His spell suddenly reflected back and hit him before he could get out of the way. Tom screamed as his body practically pulled itself apart because of the things he had done to ensure his life.

He fell, a dark shadow leaving his lifeless body moments before it turned to ash. The whole process looking like some sort of twisted exorcism mixed with a vampire slaying. Harry was still crying. The spectre that had been watching became solid. A sigh escaped his lips. The sound stopped Harry's sobs. He watched the strange man. He shook his head. -Well young one, you are surely in a predicament.- Harry watched him in confusion, he hadn't understood what was said. It was another language. -You'll learn in time. Hm...There is an idea. Ah young Harry, I'll take you to myself when I was alive. You'll be in much danger if you remain here.- He picked the toddler up and with a flash they were gone, leaving two bodies and a pile of ash in their wake. Neither were there to see the aftermath, but the spectre knew. He was taking Harry somewhere safer, it was his duty. He took that duty seriously. He would keep him safe. If only someone had told people, but it was his family and Salazar Slytherin was always serious when it came to family. This senseless killing had left Harry as the last of his descendants, and he would keep him safe.

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