Chapter 10:

He felt a moment of resistance as his blade pierced through flesh. He had done it. He finally got her. He could hear blood splatter on the ground at his feet. Slowly, he opened his eyes. Once he did, his gaze found a pair of black-clad legs standing before him, soaked with blood. But this was perplexing. Hanabi wasn't issued a Soul Reaper uniform yet. She was still wearing her usual colorful kimono. Suddenly feeling sick, Ichigo looked up into the face of the one he stabbed. Blood dripped from the wound and his mouth, his turquoise eyes staring straight ahead.

"To… Toshiro…"

Fresh blood gushed from the wound under his captain's jacket, Ichigo's sword still sticking out just below his collar bone. He had stepped in front of Hanabi at the last second, taking the hit to protect her. It wasn't a fatal wound, but he was losing a lot of blood. If it didn't stop soon, he would bleed to death.

Ichigo wrenched the sword from Hitsugaya's body, sending his blood splattering across the ground. Without the blade to hold him up, Hitsugaya fell to his knees and onto the ground. "Toshiro! I'm sorry! I didn't mean to! I was trying to-"

Hitsugaya turned his head to look at the one standing unharmed behind him. "Are you ok?"

Hanabi smiled. "Thank you, Toshiro. I'm fine thanks to you."

Smiling, Hitsugaya fell face-first into the blood-soaked ground. He had protected the one he loved at the cost of himself.

A distance away, Rangiku stood transfixed at the sight of her captain lying in a pool of his own blood. Her jaw dropped. "Captain…" Her lips trembled. "Oh, Captain..!"

Ichigo could only watch. What was he to do? He still had a fight to finish, but Hitsugaya was hurt bad. But he didn't have any healing skills so what could he do to help him? Not only that, but he was also beating himself up over his mistake. If only he had been looking. But if he had done that, then she could have controlled him like the others and would have been turned into this. But in not looking at her, this happened. Maybe he should have listened to Rukia on this one. He hated to admit it, but she was right most of the time when it came to things such as this.

A sound distracted him. It was laughter. Someone was laughing. Without even looking, he knew who it was. "Hanabi…"

Her laughter faded away and he could feel her gaze on his back. "Yes?"


"How what?"

"How could you…" He clenched his fists. "How could you just stand there and laugh like that? He's you're love-slave, isn't he?"


His rage was building. "Don't you even care?" His voice was beginning to raise as well. "He's hurt and you don't even care?! Don't you feel anything for him or what he did for you?"

"And by that you mean..?"

He pointed at Hitsugaya lying on the ground. "He just took the hit for you! If that was a fatal blow, he would have died just now! He's hurt and you don't care at all, do you?! If he dies, would you even care? Would you feel for him?"

"I'm grateful that he saved me, but that's his job. I expected him to do it."

"Is that all he is to you- just a tool? Is he just a tool for you to use and then cast aside when it's no longer of use?"

A short pause and then she answered in one word. "Yes."

As hard as it was, Ichigo forced himself not to look at her. He wanted so much to glare at her. It would feel so good if only he could show her his eyes so that she could see exactly what he was feeling at that moment. He thought he was angry before, but that was nothing compared to right now.

"You're right, Ichigo. I don't care about him. Not at all, really. But it doesn't matter. Even if I were to treat him like dirt, he'd still throw himself in front of your sword. If I were cruel and heartless to any of them, it wouldn't change anything. They'd do anything for me. They love me no matter what. Men just can't resist a helpless, beautiful woman. Hitsugaya is no different. He's a powerful and useful guy to have around, but there are dozens just as strong under my command now. He is expendable. He is nothing more than a tool to me. I'll use him as I see fit and throw him away once I'm done. If he is of no further use to me, I'll get rid of him. It doesn't matter. I have plenty more men to choose from. I can have anyone I want. He means nothing to me." Her voice became very cold. "He served his purpose. That's all he is to me. Just a tool and a bodyguard. Nothing more than that. I have plenty others. I don't need him. As long as he is able to serve me, I'll keep him around. Once he can't do that, I'm done with him. I couldn't care less if he lives or dies."

He could feel his blood boiling in his veins. He felt like his skin was going to melt off his bones. He was furious. "I see… You don't care… Not at all."


"Hanabi…" he hissed through his teeth. "You're a cruel, cold and heartless person…"

"Why, thank you." Her voice took on the likeness of a sadistic child.

"That wasn't a complement." Ichigo grasped the handle of his sword. "Even Hitsugaya's cold, but at least he has a good heart! You can't just use people like that! They have lives and feelings, too!"

"What do I care? To me, they're just tools. I'm only using them."

"Using people… Just like him." Ichigo lowered his eyes. "You're so much like him. You're just like Aizen."

She laughed. "That's a complement. I'm here to impress him. To hear that we are so similar is a complement. Thank you."

Facing the ground, Ichigo kept his voice as calm as possible, but it was still shaking. "Shut up."

"Hm? What was that?" she asked sweetly.

"I said shut up!" Ichigo unleashed his rage and pounced. Fueled but nothing but white-hot rage and a thirst for revenge, Ichigo took up his sword and got ready to sink it into her chest.

She side-stepped and pulled out her own sword, slicing open his chest as he came soaring by. As he turned in the air, she stabbed him in the gut, spilling blood everywhere. "Now this is more like it. I'm having fun!"


"Please stop it, Byakuya! It's me!" Rukia screamed to her older brother. "It's me, Rukia! Don't you know me? Please stop this! You don't want to-"

"Oh, yes, I do!" He slashed at her again. "You're an enemy of my beloved. Sister or not, you're dead to me now. I'll teach you to threaten Hanabi!"

Looking around, Rukia could see that all the other women were having trouble, too. Each one of them was pinned up against a captain or a teammate. Nanao was fighting her own captain as well as Hisagi. Soi Fon was going up against her own squad, including Kira and Kenpachi. Now she was stuck fighting her own brother. It was horrible.

So this is Hanabi's plan, is it? Rukia thought. Use them to fight for you and force them to fight their loved ones while you watch? Then you can either take them back to Hueco Mundo with you or let them fight to the death and die here. You make me sick! She narrowly avoided Byakuya's blade for a millionth time. She couldn't hope to fight him and win. Besides, she knew what that would take… She would have to kill him.

With a loud battle cry, it had become a tag team. Renji had appeared at Byakuya's side and was ready to fight and bring Rukia down, too.

"I can't do this..!"


It was worth it. As long as she's safe... Hitsugaya thought, bleeding out of his open wound. I protected her. She's safe. I did my job. He had heard every word she had said; everything she had told Ichigo, but none of that mattered to him. So what if she didn't love him? So what if the feeling wasn't mutual? Big deal. He still loved her. That's all that mattered. I did it. I saved her. I protected the one I love. Even now, I still love her. I always have… If I die here, that's just fine with me

But, Captain, you haven't even met her yet. He could hear Rangiku's voice echo in his head.

That's right. He hadn't loved her at first. In fact, he didn't even trust her. What had changed?

Sing, Amourdoki

Oh, yes, that's right. Her spell. She had cast her spell upon him in the office. He was forced into this feeling of love. He was being controlled like the others. But he still didn't care. Even if it was fake love, he was in love and it felt so good.

I don't want another repeat of what happened with Aizen. I won't let Momo get hurt again!

Oh, yeah. Momo… He had promised to protect her no matter what, too. And that promise was from long ago. Much longer than this one to Hanabi. Momo was his dear friend after all. But he cared for Hanabi, too.

Little Shi… I mean, Captain Hitsugaya… When you find Captain Aizen… Are you… Are you going to kill him?

Momo had asked him that when he was in the World of the Living. Even after all this, after everything he had done to her and everyone else, she was still in love with him. She was in love with Aizen…

… Just as he was with Hanabi.

It hit him and it hit him hard. He was under a similar spell as Momo. He was being manipulated by Hanabi and Aizen was still manipulating Momo. They were both being fools.

He wasn't as strong as he thought. He had fallen for the trick, the very trick he had sworn not to fall for. He was under her control, fighting his own people. He was being used. If this continued, he might end up fighting Momo just as she had done to him. For all he knew, Hanabi was plotting it at that very moment.

Hanabi was using him. He was fighting the wrong people. He was being controlled. He was protecting the enemy. He was injured because of her. Aizen was enemy number one and he had hurt Momo and fooled everyone. Hanabi worked for Aizen.

And with that, Hitsugaya woke up.

His turquoise eyes narrowed and he grabbed his sword. "I'll kill her..!"


Ichigo was sent careening down to the ground smashing face-first into the ground. Before he could get up, Hanabi kicked him again, slicing his cheek open with her heel.

"Why don't you look at me, Ichigo?"

He heard her coming from behind and felt her heel sink into his spine.

"How can you fight what you can't see? Turn around and look at me!" She sounded like a little girl playing hide-and-seek. "Come on, Ichigo. Take a little peek. It won't kill you… But I might!"

As he turned, her heel found his chest again and she kicked him into a pile of sharp rocks. Shakily, he stood up, his body torn up pretty bad. He coughed and blood shot out of his mouth and onto the ground at his feet. She grabbed his neck and threw him to the ground.

He stuck his hand out to break the fall. "I won't lose to you..! No matter what, I won't lose!"

"But you already have!" Her heel made contact with him again. "Just imagine how handsomely Aizen will reward me for your head…"

She had an animal-like appetite for killing, even if it was not by her own hand. She felt no need to justify or defend her behavior. Feeling, mood, chance… those were the factors that caused her to do the things she did, taking for herself and then lose interest just as quickly. And in the end, she felt no responsibility for her crimes. But it was more than that. She was also an attention-seeker. Her zanpakuto was proof enough of that. Having hundreds of lovers at her side all the time. She controlled people with love. She also did these things for one person other than herself: Aizen. She was doing this for him. She was going to take over the Soul Society for him, thus earning his acceptance; maybe even his love. For all they knew, she was doing this to win him over.

It was clear to him now. "So that's it, huh? All of this is for Aizen, right? Well, guess what? He doesn't care about you at all. I met the guy and I can tell you one thing… To him, you're nothing more than a tool. He'll only use you and toss you aside the moment he's done with you!"

Hanabi spun around and kicked him in the back of the head and sent him into the ground. "You know nothing…" Her heel sunk deep into his back. "You sound just like him. You sound just like Gin… That's just what he told me before I left…"


She had only looked down for a moment to back up her belongings. There weren't many. As soon as she looked up, she found herself face to face with Gin. He was still smiling that same smile at her. That was something they both had in common. They both smiled a lot, especially when they were hiding something. Hanabi always had mixed feelings about him. She knew he couldn't be trusted but she also considered him an alley and Aizen's closest friend. Surely Aizen wouldn't let him hang around if he couldn't be trusted at all.

Alone in her spacious marble room, Gin continued to stare at her as if expecting her to speak first. He didn't give her the chance, though. After a short staring contest, he spoke up.

"You realize, of course, that Aizen doesn't care about you at all, don't you?"

Hanabi stopped packing and straightened up. "What are you talking about?"

"It's obvious that he's just using you as a tool just like all the others. You mean nothing to him."

She couldn't believe her ears. Aizen was the one who took her in out of the kindness of his heart. He gave her a place to stay and food to eat. This was her home and Aizen was the one who gave it to her. How could someone like that not care about her in the slightest as Gin was suggesting? "That's not true, Gin! Take that back!"

He leaned down into her face. "Why? You know I'm right. He's just going to use you until you're of no further use to him. Whether you live or die has no meaning to him. He's only keeping you around because you're useful to him. But once that's over, he'll cast you aside. He doesn't even expect you to make it back here. Neither do I , for that matter."

The ground shook beneath her feet, moved by her rage. There was no way Aizen saw her that way. She was no tool. She was useful and he kept her around because he cared about her. She was powerful and intelligent, and nothing and no one topped her beauty. How could she be so easily replaced?

"You have a unique talent. You're just like cupid." Gin's smile seemed somewhat genuine this time. "But let's face it. You mean nothing to him. You're just a tool to keep at his side until you're of use. Your position here is more or less conditional. If a tool is broken or of no further use to him, you're done. That's fact. I'm not trying to be mean or anything, but that's how it goes. Everyone here has some use to him. That's why he keeps us around."

"And you, Gin?"

He smiled deeply at her. "I mean more than that to him. We share the same views. We have a lot more in common than you."

"Sounds to me like you're just kidding yourself. Aren't you a tool, too?"

He straightened up, still smiling. "I know my place and my fate. But do you know yours?"


"You're a fool, Ichigo! And you sound just like him!" She took Ichigo's sword in her hand and plunged it down, piercing his left hand. He cried out in pain, but knew better than to move. "Saying such things about things you don't even know!"

His vision became blurry and he tried to ignore the sharp in his hand. "I never thought I'd say this, but… I side with Gin on this one."

She took her own sword and stabbed him in the back, pinning him down. He coughed up blood and gagged. "You're the fool! Do you really think that I'm just doing this to win him over? He's too smart for that! He's too smart to even fall for my tricks! That's why I can't effect him."

Blood dripping down his chin, Ichigo asked, "Then how did you manage to trick everyone here? Toshiro's a genius and I'm pretty sure that the Head Captain's smart enough to see through deception. Byakuya, too. How'd you manage to fool them?"

She stepped on his head and forced his face into the ground. "The release form can effect any man, regardless of their will. It was simple enough. But Toshiro was a bit of a pain. He's so young and intelligent… I had to go all out in order to effect him. He just wouldn't fall for me without a little push." She let out a sigh. "But Lord Aizen knows too much about my power already. Plus, he could always use his power to fool me. Then when I think I shot him with my arrow, he could be standing behind me with a sword of his own and cut my throat. I'm not stupid. I know never to underestimate him."

Ichigo pulled his head up off the ground a little to speak. "Then why are you doing this? If what you're saying is true and that I don't have the whole story right, then why are you doing all this?"

"Yes, I am doing this for him, but I'm also doing it for myself."

"Personal gain, huh?"

She pulled her sword out of Ichigo's back and held it over his head. "I'm doing this because it's fun. Plus…" She leaned her head down to him and whispered, "… do you have any idea what awaits me when I return?"

He spoke through a mouth of dirt and blood. "No."

She lifted herself up and shouted it down to him. "Everything!" She sounded like a commander giving a pep-speech to her troops. "I'll have everything I could ever want! Before I was just admired for my looks, but now I'll be recognized for my talents!" She increased pressure on his head, pushing him further into the ground. "When I return to Hueco Mundo, I'll be welcomed back like a queen! Before, Aizen treated me like a princess, now I'll be treated like a goddess! I'll be a goddess in his eyes from this moment on! He'll realize that I have the power! More power than he ever gave me credit for. His throne will become mine and I'll sit upon it from now on. And he'll be the one sitting on the arm at my right! And Gin… Oh, Gin will be my own personal footstool! From now on, they serve me!"

She lifted her foot off Ichigo only for a second to kick him in the face. Hanabi grabbed a fistful of his hair and pulled him up to her eye-level. Ichigo closed his eyes, refusing to look at her.

"And it all starts here…" she whispered in his face. He could feel her hot breath on his cheek, cooling the blood running down his face making him shiver.

She threw him to the ground, his body twisting away from the sword still sticking out of his hand, tearing the skin. He grimaced in pain. Ichigo lay in a pool of his own blood, groaning in agony. She was far stronger than he had thought. She didn't just make people fall in love; she was a fighter, and a strong one at that.

It became clear to him at that moment that he just couldn't win. He couldn't beat her. He had never given up before and he wasn't going to now, but he just couldn't do it. It hurt to move, he could barely see, he had lost so much blood, leaving him feeling dizzy and weak. He had never faced an opponent he couldn't see before. He couldn't defeat her alone. He needed help.

Hanabi ripped the sword from Ichigo's hand and cast it aside. Then she took up her own. Ichigo could feel her gaze on his back.

"It's over, Ichigo. If only you had become my slave, you wouldn't have had to die." She still had the voice of a sadistic child. Sweet and angelic, but cold and icy. "You've lost. Every single one of you…"

Her once beautiful voice suddenly became a gargle of words. She slowly looked down at the blade protruding from the center of her chest. Carefully, Hanabi turned her head to look over her shoulder at the owner of the weapon.

"You…" She spoke the word through bloody lips.

The Soul Reaper had stabbed through Hanabi's back and out her chest. Her long ginger locks curtaining her narrow features. Her light blue eyes met Hanabi's emerald ones.


Her eyes never left hers and kept a firm grip on her blade with both hands. Her blue orbs were filled with, not hatred, but sorrow. "It's sad…" she whispered into her ear. "I actually thought that we could be friends."

Even with a sword in her chest, Hanabi somehow managed a smile. "I have to say… I never expected you to be the one to bring me down…"

Her eyes didn't waver. They still held onto hers as she spoke. "Nobody hurts my captain."

And with that remark, Rangiku gave her zanpakuto a twist and ripped it out through Hanabi's back. A fresh gush of blood poured out through her wound, soaking her kimono. With a shallow gasp, Hanabi fell to her knees and from there toppled over backwards onto the cold ground. Rangiku stood over her fallen body, her blade still red with her blood. It dripped from its point and gathered to form a red pool by her feet.

Hanabi lay motionless on her back, staring up at the sky. She slowly turned her head to the right. Ichigo followed her gaze to the zanpakuto still clutched in her hand. The cause of all this disorder and chaos now lay useless in her hand.

Ichigo staggered to his feet and shuffled over to her, hand clasped over his wounds. He stood on Hanabi's right and Rangiku on her left, eyes still focused on the enemy.

It was very faint, but Ichigo could hear her utter her final words.

"… Aizen…"

It sounded like a whisper on the wind.

A smile, her last smile, played across her bloody lips as her emerald eyes began to darken.

"… I guess… you were right…"

More blood dribbled down her chin and onto the ground. Though she was staring at her sword, Ichigo knew that she was looking beyond that, to a scene he could not behold. She tightened her grip on the hilt and gave her last lament.

"Without… this blade… I am nothing more… than a pretty face…"

Hanabi's chest convulsed one final time and then lay still in a pool of blood. Her rein over the Soul Society was now over. She was defeated.

Rangiku cast her eyes away with a sigh. "It's over."

She was right. With Hanabi now gone, her spell was broken and all the love-slaved men were free. All at once, their battles stopped and they looked around in confusion.

With his blade held high over Rukia's head, Byakuya spoke coolly. "Feel honored that you died at the hand of my… Rukia?" He blinked and looked into the eyes of the girl he held down. "What… What am I doing? Are you alright?" He helped her up.

Rukia let out a long sigh of relief and allowed herself to be pulled up by his hand. "I'm ok."

Renji was scanning the battle field with his eyes. "So… What the hell just happened?"

"Don't you remember anything, Renji?" she asked.

He shrugged. "Well, I know that we were fighting but I can't remember why."

A smile spread across her face. "He did it. That idiot won."

Ichigo could finally look upon her face without fear. She was pretty, but not really much else. She was so misleading. She had fooled everyone. Even he had fallen for her tricks.

"You alright?" The question came from Rangiku.

"Yeah, I'm fine."

"Then let's go." She walked away without another word.

Ichigo took one final look at Hanabi and put away his sword. "See ya, beautiful."


"You wanted to see me, Captain?" Rangiku poked her head into the office.

Hitsugaya stood by the window looking out at the setting sun.

Things had gone back to normal ever since the battle had ended. Hanabi was gone and the men were freed. They had cleaned out her room and confiscated all her belongings. Most of the men were in mourning, not for the loss of Hanabi, but for their empty wallets. For them, the worst part was not being able to return any of her gifts for cash. Renji had actually got down on his knees and begged them to let him keep the gifts he had given to Hanabi so that he could sell them for the money he spent. He wasn't granted this.

Most of the men were silent after the battle, mostly due to their humiliation of being so easily tricked and turned into love-struck fools. Byakuya wouldn't come out of his room. But when Rukia showed up to speak with him, she found her brother staring intently at the photo of her departed older sister. She thought it best to leave him alone after that. Yumichika and Ikkaku hadn't changed much as a result of what had happened to them. Ikkaku went on like the whole thing never happened while Yumichika bragged about how he had gotten plenty of kisses from Hanabi. He had hoped that all the dates and make-out sessions he had with her would put aside any further belief that he was gay. Obviously he was not, especially if he had gotten more kisses than Ikkaku from the same woman.

Ichigo had returned home for the time being. He still couldn't look Uryu in the eye and the two avoided each other completely. So really, nothing had changed between them. However, when Rukia had showed up at his window and greeted him in a very Hanabi-like tone, Ichigo instinctively hid his face under the covers. When he finally came out, he shouted at her to never do that again and that it wasn't funny. To her it was but mostly because of the look on his face. She knew that it was red from embarrassment more than it was from rage. She thought it was cute.

Hitsugaya turned and looked at Rangiku.

"How's your arm?" she asked.

He glanced down at the bandages covering his left side. "Fine. Unohana said that I wouldn't have full use of my left arm for a few more days. Can't be helped. It doesn't hurt as much anymore."

"That's good." She didn't want to admit it, but she was worried about him. When she saw him take the hit for Hanabi, she felt sick to her stomach. She knew she wouldn't lose him so easily like that, but the possibility was always there. "What did you call me in here for anyway?"

He looked back out the window. "Why…" He trailed off. He was unsure how to phrase it. "You took her down."

Rangiku stared at his back.

"You did what no one else could."

"I had to, sir. You know that. It was my duty."

"I know. But…" His eyes floated back down. "I heard what you said."

"Hm?" She blinked, not knowing what he meant.

"Back with Hanabi, when you stabbed her."

Nobody hurts my captain.

"Oh, that."

"What you said… I'm not asking you if you really meant it. I know the answer to that. I just want to know why you said it."

"Because I was taught that it's a lieutenant's duty to protect her captain no matter what. I was doing my job."

He still didn't look at her. "But you were specific. You said 'she', didn't you? Were you talking about yourself or all others in your position?"


"Never mind. Forget I asked." He returned his gaze to the sky. "Thank you."

The quiet words made her jump. He never thanked her before. Even if he had, it was never this clear before. She felt the need to say something, but no words came to mind. Not even 'you're welcome' were sufficient enough in this situation.

But he still didn't turn around. "Sir, are you sure you're alright?"

Finally, he spoke. "I was right."


"I was right all along. I was right about Hanabi the same way I was right about Aizen, and still no one believed me." He continued to look out the window, Rangiku's eyes fixed on his back. "If only someone had listened to me in the first place…"

Rangiku couldn't help but feel a little guilty herself. She had been the one who told him that she was harmless and that everything was going to be ok. She had been fooled, too. She even wanted to be friends with her, a fact that made her sick to her stomach even now. She should have trusted her captain's judgments more. He had been right all along.

"I'm sorry I didn't listen to you, Captain."

"It's not your fault. She had everyone fooled. Even me for a time."

No one spoke.

Then Rangiku looked at the pile of papers on the desk and sighed heavily. "I suppose all these forms are for the incident, correct? Even in death, she makes work for us. I'll get started on these, I guess."

"That's ok. You don't have to."

She paused and looked up at him. "Excuse me?"

"I'll take care of it."

With her hands still outstretched towards her stack, she asked, "What do you mean, sir?"

Hitsugaya turned his head slightly to one side to glance back at her. "I'll do it for you. Go have a drink."

Her jaw dropped. "Who are you and what have you done with my captain?"

His eyes narrowed. "Very funny. I mean it. I'll take care of it. I need something to work on anyway. Go have some fun."

It became clear to her at that point. He was doing this for her. He was repaying her with a kind deed. He truly was grateful to her for bringing down Hanabi and for the thing she had said about him. That simple sentence, 'nobody hurts my captain', must have meant so much to him. This was his gift to her, but she knew that the offer wouldn't last long.

So she took it.

"Thank you so much, Captain!"

He nodded and pulled the stack of papers towards his side of the desk.

"But you know, sir…" Her voice had become slightly more serious, though not by much. "You were right all along. You saw through her deception and this is your second time being right and proving everyone else wrong. I know you've been right before about so many other things, but you know what I mean. You should be happy. I know when I'm right about something, I just have to celebrate. Why don't you? Treat yourself to something nice."

He lowered his gaze. "Because there's nothing to celebrate."

Her smile went away. Then she had a thought. "But wasn't her plan to weaken the Soul Society? It was a fail. She didn't win and that attack only made us stronger."

"I suppose…"

She smiled and gave his head one single pat, which he allowed for once. "I'll buy you something nice." She turned and started toward the door, then stopped. "Oh, and by the way… I've known you long enough to know how you feel about certain things. I know inside you are happy that you were right. It wouldn't hurt to let that out once in a while."

By the time he had looked up, she was long gone.

The clock on the wall ticked slowly. He looked left, then right. Then Hitsugaya let out a breath. Maybe she was right for a change. He did want to express his feelings and now that everyone was gone from his sight, he was free to do so. So after a moment, Hitsugaya jumped onto his chair and let it all out.

"I was right! I was right all along! Who's the child now, huh?! Who's the child now?! I had you adults pegged! 'He's a child! He doesn't know any better. What does he know?' HA! I was right all along, you idiots! I was right, right, right! Show me a little more respect! I won where you lost! And you know what else? She needed to go all out in order to effect me at all and you adults went as soft as a marshmallow in a second! Not only that, but I also broke her spell on my own and you guys didn't! I rule! I'm awesome! And you all suck! Gonna listen to me from now on, huh?! I was right! I was right! I WAS RIGHT!"

Just as quickly as he had let himself loose, he sat right back down in his chair and grabbed his pen. He had regained his composure and started filling out paperwork as if nothing had happened.

So that's what he does behind closed doors…

Hanabi is gone, thank God! She deserved it after what she said about Shiro-chan!


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