His voice was hard to hear over the heavy rain pouring down on them but she had heard him. Slowly she stopped walking but she didn't turn around...No, not this time. Her breathing was deep and the rain mixed with her tears. For that she was grateful, she didn't want him to see her cry. She heard his hurried footsteps coming to a halt behind her.

"Bloom….baby please don't do this" He grasped her shoulders and buried his face in her neck. He kissed the raindrops on her skin lingering longer than the last. His powerful chest pressed against her back.

She lowered her head. "Sky, just leave me alone" she pleaded trying to sound stoic but her voice betrayed her.

His heart shattered.

No, he wasn't going to lose her. Especially for something like this that wasn't at all what she was thinking.

"She kissed me, Bloom…..I pushed her away. You can't leave me for something that I didn't do" his voice was almost desperate now.

She ripped herself from his grasped and turned to him. Sky's heart broke even more when he saw the tears falling from her eyes…her beautiful eyes. The usual bright sapphire replaced by a deep blue…they were beautiful even when she cried.

"That's not why I'm leaving" she yelled at him.

He looked at her confused.

"I'm leaving because I'm tired, Sky" her voice broke as fresh tears spilled from her eyes. She couldn't hold on any longer.

"I watched you leave with her when I found out she was your fiancée. I watched you say you love her in front of everyone….and even then I WAITED FOR YOU!"

She breathed in deeply trying to control herself. Her head lowered and her eyes were closed "…I fought for you Sky, hard and now I'm exhausted" her voice was quiet and defeated

She lifted her gaze to his. She ignored the pained expression on his face. She ignored his soft hands grasping her tighter but mostly she ignored the way he made her feel.

"I'm done" she whispered. She pulled his hands off and then turned away and left. He tried to pull her back but she put up a force field.

"BLOOM!!!" he shouted but this time she didn't stop or even look back. 'I love you' was his last thought. She had disappeared from his view. There he stood in the rain with a broken heart.

He heard clicking of heels behind him. He knew who it was. 'That bitch'

"Good Riddance" he heard her say. Anger boiled up inside him 'Her…SHE RUINED EVERYTHING'

He turned to her fire burning in his usually kind eyes.

"YOU!...I SHOULD HAVE YOU KILLED" his voice dripped with venom

Diaspro stepped back terrified, she had never seen him like this. Sure he had always gone out of his way to avoid her and get rid of her but never had he directed anger at her.

"Sky, we belong together" she timidly stepped back.

"NO! You are nothing to me. Just because our parents made some stupid arrangement doesn't change the fact that I can't stand you. I belong with Bloom. She's the love of my life. I was supposed to be with her…..AND YOU RUINED EVERYTHING." He paced towards her and she fell backwards.

He leant down to her eye level and said with so much hatred. "If you ever come near me or Bloom again, I'll destroy you" his eyes showed he was serious. He straightened up and left her their in the rain without a second glance. 'No matter what I'm going to get you back Bloom'. "Now if you'll excuse me I have to fix the damage you've caused." Sky thought determinedly as he headed back inside to start planning.

Diaspro watched him leave. Her hair was flat and lifeless. Her makeup ran down her face. She wasn't a natural beauty like Bloom. Diaspro needed the clothes, make up and hairspray. When she had run outside after Sky she saw him holding her obviously trying to explain things, it was then she took a good look at the girl who stole who fiancée's heart. She was beautiful even in the rain she was the most beautiful girl you would ever see. She had noticed this the first time she met the red head but she ignored it. Royalty always prevails she had told herself but when she finally took the time to assess her competition she knew she couldn't compete with Bloom.