Damon picked the apple off from the tree he was resting in, it looked delicious. At the same time…it looked repulsive. What if there was a worm inside it? Or some kind of veleno? Like the one in Snow White. He would've much preferred an orange if he could get one. A sudden shriek erupted from the house as it tore him from his thoughts, it was Vickie. Poor girl, she had never been the same after Katherine got her…her life was tainted with the nightmares of that bitch. Not that Damon cared. He just thought it was sad that Katherine had to go and mess up someone like Vickie's life…even if it was going nowhere. Just like his life…from what piccolo fratello had told him.

He could be doing other things right now, but St. Stefan made him go watch Vicki while they go deal with Klaus. What if he wanted to go and kill Klaus too? It just wasn't fair; he didn't even have the chance to protest. Stefan just goes and commands him what to do, like a damn dog. He wasn't a dog.

All of a sudden, something fell and hit him on the head, "Fottere!" he cursed, and he picked up the item and examined it, an apple. He always knew there was something wicked about these fruit. He furiously threw it against the house and crossed his arms in anger. Today was just not his day. It probably wasn't going to get any better either.

A scream rippled out from Vickie's bedroom as blood splattered against the window. Stefan was so going to murder him.