Okay, so I was bores one night and then thought, Hey, why not do a DP/Twilight crossover where Danny has even more cool powers?! So I went ahead and wrote this! Hope you like!

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Phantom Moon


The Native American boys gathered around the newspaper clipping Sam had placed on the table. After a moment of staring, Jacob spoke.

"Is it him, Sam?" he asked.

"I think so," Sam replied.

"Should we contact him now, or let him come to us?"

"We'll contact him, telling him to bring all his stuff, and one friend, if he wants, on his 15th birthday, which is tomorrow."

The boys dispersed, leaving the picture from the newspaper on the table. It showed a raven-haired boy with ice-blue eyes wearing jeans, a red-and-white T-shirt, and red-and-white sneakers, standing in front of an invention with his parents. His name was Danny Fenton, known to the pack as the lost werewolf. And, unknown to the pack, another secret hung over the boy, threatening his very existence almost every single day.

Chapter 1

Danny Fenton stared out the plane window. It was a small plane, meant for only a few passengers and the pilot. He and his girlfriend, Sam Manson, sat together. There was an elderly couple and a lone young man as well, along with the pilot, and that was all. The bleak-looking forests of Forks, Washington whizzed by far below, a green and brown and gray blur. Danny sighed.

It was the day after his fifteenth birthday, which was arguably one of the worst birthdays so far. His parents had chosen that day to admit he was adopted, a Native American from a Native American reservation in Forks called La Push. They had gotten a letter in the mail telling Maddie and Jack that Danny should come immediately, and with a girlfriend if he wished. Tucker and Jazz were in charge of ghost management while Danny was off, though he did plan on returning. He had taken Sam out of lack of anyone else who was willing to come.

"Danny, it'll be OK," Sam said, breaking the silence on the plane. "We'll be landing soon, and the motel we're staying at is supposed to be nice. And I'm sure there's a reason behind your real parents wanting you back, anyway."

"But they died, Sam!" Danny exclaimed. "My real parents died after I was born, and that's why I was adopted. The tribe wants me back so I can learn about my heritage and stuff. But why?!"

"Danny…" Sam began, only to be cut off by the pilot saying, "Attention all passengers, we have landed. Please exit in an orderly fashion. You will receive your belongings outside. Thank you for flying with us."

"Come on, it can't be that bad!" Sam tried again, but when they stepped out of the plane, they were greeted by a cloud of mist that started to soak through their clothes. Danny rolled his eyes.

"Nice place," he grumbled. Sam took to it instantly, he noticed; but, then again, she was a Goth, and preferred darkness over sunshine.

They grabbed their stuff and looked around the parking lot. There was almost no one there. Then a young Native American man, around 16, pulled up in a car. He walked over to them.

"Are you Daniel Fenton and Samantha Manson?" he asked. Danny and Sam nodded, and he smiled. "Great. I'm Jacob Black, but my friends call me Jake."

"I'm called Danny," Danny said, shaking his hand. It felt strong, but also strangely warm. Jacob noticed Danny's hand felt strong, too, but strangely cold, not warm like he had been expecting.

"And I'm called Sam. Don't call me anything else if you want to keep your head," Sam said, shaking his hand.

"Is she serious?" Jake asked Danny in a whisper. The raven-haired teen nodded. And Jake forced a smile.

"Well, you guys can hop in. We should be there in no time," Jake said, motioning to his car. They piled in, and Jake drove off towards La Push.

His hand was colder than it should have been, Jake thought, confused. It was colder than a human's, possibly colder than a vampire's. Why wasn't it warm if he is one of us?

Why was his hand so warm? Danny thought at the same time. It was warmer than Sam's hand or Tucker's hand or Jazz's hand. Why? What's going on?

The answer was something unimaginable to even the great Danny Fenton/Phantom.

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