So, uh...hey guys. I'm sorry for the long absence - with this and all of my stories. I don't think I've updated any major stories in a few months - in some cases, years. O_o

Hopefully this will make it up to you...I've got another chapter. Albiet, it's short. But anyway - I've decided to divide this story now into parts. How many, I'm not sure. Hopefully I'll actually be able to get it done though...

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Maybe this will make it up to you, maybe not - but if you guys get impatient with me again, feel free to swamp me with messages demanding more updates, or even take this idea and make it your own. (My computer crashed last year and my notes on how this was going to end were wiped out in the process. So I'm currently winging it.)

Now, enough of my author's note that may end up being longer than the chapter. Here's the long-awaited update!

Phantom Moon

Chapter 6

"Still nothing?"

"Still nothing."

"He's been hanging around the bloodsuckers for a while - that ought to trigger his change soon."

"One would hope..."

"It's strange. I still can't see his future."

"...Wolf blood, perhaps?"

"Maybe...this interference is similar, but something else is contributing to it."

"But is he a threat to Bella, or us?"

"That, I cannot tell you. We'll just have to wait and see."

A few weeks had passed since Danny and Sam had stayed in Forks. Danny liked the town – there were no ghosts, for one thing – but he did miss his friends and family back home in Amity Park. He hoped Tucker and Jazz were alright, and able to handle any foes – with the 'help' of Jack and Maddie, of course.

But still, Danny's mind was racing. He tossed and turned, wondering why he couldn't go to sleep. Perhaps Nocturne was about? No, Nocturne would make it easier for him to sleep, so the ghost of dreams could feast on his nighttime thoughts…

And then a pain arched through Danny's body. The pain reminded him of electricity, of the shock he'd gotten after the accident. But there was no ghost, no portal, no source for this sensation…except for himself. What-?

His thoughts were cut off as the pain intensified, and a warm sensation began to spread along with the pain. He struggled to fight it, gripping onto his ice core…but it wasn't enough.

In the room next door, Sam was jolted awake by an earsplitting scream that slowly morphed into a bone-chilling howl.

End Part 1